How Long Does It Take To Put Together Flexispot Standing Desk?

How Long Does It Take To Put Together Flexispot Standing Desk?

A large number of office workers are switching to standing desks. And, for all good reasons. If you also want an ergonomic desk experience, you can try the high-quality and adjustable standing desks from Flexispot.

But, as much as we all love flexibility, many of us are afraid of setting it up by ourselves. It seems pretty tiring and intimidating. But, how long does it actually take to put together a Flexispot standing desk?

It can take 45 to 60 minutes to fully set-up the Flexispot standing desk depending on your expertise level. If it’s your first time, we would suggest going slowly and paying attention to every detail. Knowing which types of screws fit where will help you get a sturdy desk.

The more confused you are, the more time it will take. That’s why we have provided an easy-to-follow and straight-to-the-point tutorial on the assembly. Don’t skip anything if you want to save time and get a perfect result at the same time.

What Do You Get Inside The Flexispot Standing Desk Package?

You will receive the order in two different packages. The first package includes the tabletop itself. And, the second box contains all the necessary equipment. Take a look at the tools below. So that, you don’t get confused while setting everything up.

  • Instruction manual
  • Feet stand with adjustable height x2.
  • A cable box including

29 Volt 6-pin adapter, 7-button control panel, Power Cord, Cable tray

  • A Cross Beam with an attached control box
  • Two Side brackets
  • Two Lifting Columns
  • 5 types of screws
  1. Type A- 4 screws
  2. Type B- 4 screws
  3. Type C- 8 screws
  4. Type D- 12 screws
  5. Type E- 14 screws
  • An Allen Wrench

Four Extra Tools You Will Need

Apart from all of these essentials, you’ll need some extra tools during the process. Such as:

  • Big cardboard that can fit the tabletop
  • Electric drill machine
  •  Cross-head/ Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Measurement Scale

Make sure you have got everything at hand before starting the set-up. Also, it’s important to check whether any part got damaged during the shipping or not. If you find anything missing or damaged, contact Flexispot’s customer service ( 

How Long Does It Take To Put Together Flexispot Standing Desk?

It usually takes between 45 to 60 minutes to complete the whole process as a first-timer. If you are an expert in electronic equipment set-up, you might get it done within 30 minutes or less. However, the key to a faster assembly is to follow every step correctly. So, here we are with our 7 steps tutorial. Have a look.

Step 1: Connect The Brackets To The Crossbeam

  • First of all, place a piece of cardboard on the ground. So that, none of the parts will get scratched.
  • Now, place the crossbeam on top of that board. Make sure the black grommets are facing upwards.
  • Grab one bracket and place it at the end of the beam. It should make a “T” shape. Just as before, the black grommets should be facing you.
  • As you can see, there are two small holes in the brackets. You need two A-type screws for that.
  • Use your hand to secure the screws and then, use the drill machine. 
  • Repeat the same process for the other side bracket. 

Step 2: Install The Lifting Columns

  • Once the brackets are tightly secured, turn the crossbeam upside down. 
  • Grab the lifting columns and place them within the beam one by one. As you have noticed, the columns come with attached motors and cables. You have to make sure the motors of both columns are facing each other (inward direction) and not the other way around.
  • After that, tightly secure the columns using type D screws. Each column requires four screws. So, that’s a total of eight fasteners.
  • Just use your drill machine like before to establish the structure. 

Remember that, lifting columns are the most crucial factor for a sturdy standing desk. If you fail to secure the screws thoroughly, you will end up with a wobbly desk.

Step 3: Attach The Feet Stands

  • Grab one of the foot stands and place it on top of the lifting column. Which stand you pick doesn’t matter. 
  • As you can see, there are four drilled holes on the stand. We will be using the “X” technique for this. 
  • Just take four screws from the type C packet and fill the holes with them. Then, start drilling with the machine. Make sure to follow an “X” pattern while drilling.
  • Finally, don’t forget to hand tighten everything. Because these stands carry all the weight you put above the desk. If it’s not tightened properly, the computers or other gadgets might fall.
  • Repeat the same process for the other stand.

Step 4: Install The Desk Top

We are finished with the critical part. It’s time to place the desk cover on top of this structure. Did you know that you can change the tabletop according to your taste? Yes, the setup is pretty straightforward. It should work just fine if you use another table top instead of the ordered one.

Here’s how you do it.

  • Place the cardboard sheet on the ground. Next, lay down the tabletop so that the pre-drilled holes are facing you.
  • Now, grab the structure we have just established and turn it upside down. Place it on top of the table carefully.
  • At this point, you have to do some measurements. How wide do you like the columns to be? For example, if the table is 48 inches wide, you might like the width of columns to be 44 inches. That leaves some extra 2 inches on each side of the table for you. It depends on your preference entirely. We will show you how to stretch the beam according to your measurement.
  • Firstly, place the bracket’s edge on top of the pre-drilled holes. Grab two type D screws. Use a screwdriver and manually secure the screws through your hands. The purpose is to keep it loose enough to allow further changes.
  • Now, one side is secured. It’s time to stretch the middle part. Use the Allen wrench and loosen up the screws on the base. A couple of turns with your hand is enough. 
  • After that, the base will become adjustable. You can increase or decrease the length as much as you would like. Once you are happy with the result, use the same Allen wrench to tighten up the screws again.
  • It’s time to attach the other end of the bracket to the tabletop following the same method. 
  • Finally, hand tight both ends one last time.

Step 5: Connect The Controller

  • You have a controller that allows you to change the height according to your need. If you are a left-hand user, you will find a pre-drilled section on the left and vice versa.
  • Place the controller on that specific part of the table. The controller has pre-drilled holes. Place two screws in them and snug them up using the machine.

Step 6: Hook Up The Controller

  • You can see four slots on the controller. They are labeled as “HS, M1, M2 & DC.”
  • Grab the cord from the motors that come with the lifting columns and insert them into M1 and M2 respectively.
  • Secondly, the two cords from the control panel would go into the “HS & DC” slots.
  • That leaves us with the power cord. It goes into the backside of the control box. You can’t miss it.

Step 7: Cover The Cables

You have attached all the cables. It’s time to cover the black wires. Just place the cable tray on top of the beam. Secure it using type-B (two) screws on each side of the tray. Use the Allen wrench to hand tighten everything. Avoid the drill machine since you don’t need an extra strong attachment. Plus, the electronic machine can damage the tray.

Now, all you have got to do is flip the table over. And, there you go. Your adjustable Flexispot standing desk is ready for action.

Final Note

The time required for this ergonomic table assembly is different for everybody. But we simply don’t believe that doing it faster can be considered an achievement. Because one small mistake like not tightening the screws properly can make the whole unit quite flimsy. Since you will be placing some expensive items on top of the desk, it’s better to take your sweet time. 

That being said, we have tried to showcase the whole setup in this article. So, that you don’t get stuck in the middle and waste time. Moreover, knowing all the steps will make the process ten times easier. 

With that we are signing off for today. Thank you for staying with us.

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