T Leg vs C Leg Standing Desks: Differences Explained

T Leg vs C Leg Standing Desks: Differences Explained

Standing desks has revolutionized the typical sitting position. With their rising popularity, there are a lot of standing desk options to choose from. A standing desk frame plays an important role when it comes to choosing a standing desk for yourself. T leg and C leg standing desk frames are popular and most demanding ones because of their customization.

The T leg standing desk frame consists of the regular height adjustable design, which works by positioning the legs over the feet. This type of standing desk is the most common one you will find on the market. The C leg standing desk on the other hand consists of aluminum feet. The legs are positioned at the back of the desk. This adds an extra layer of stability to the desk.

The user experience of these two types of desks will not be the same for everyone. Some prefer the T leg while others prefer the C leg for extra stability.

In today’s article, we will discuss the T leg vs the C leg standing desk and the main differences between these two. So, let’s get started.

What Is The C Frame Vs T Frame?

The T-legged standing frame is the most typical type of frame you’ll find out there. It uses the regular type of desk leg setting. Mostly it is made with bent steel to keep it steady. In the T leg, the centering is done by keeping the legs over the feet.

If you have never had a standing desk, then you can imagine it with its name, the T leg standing desk. The legs are actually centered over the feet which gives it the T shape. These types of desks are ideal for easily adjusting the heights.

The C leg standing desk is often made with curved aluminum feet. The joints of the legs and feet are almost the same as the T leg. But the positioning is different than the T legged standing desk.

In a C leg standing desk, the legs are placed at the back of the desk to join with the feet. This is what gives this standing desk the shape of a C. And this is why it’s called a C leg standing desk.

T Leg vs C Leg Standing Desks: Differences Explained

Main Difference Between T Leg And C Leg?

The main difference between these is in the leg positions and also the way these two sit on the floor.

In the T leg, the leg and feet and connected as a T shape. This is the most common type of desk position you will find. Because of its central position, some users find it difficult to keep it steady as all of the T leg standing desks have front-to-back tilting and wobbling.

If you keep your monitors and other stuff at the rear of the table, it tends to wobble a little at the front. And when a person leans on it, it tends to move forward slightly. This little movement can be very annoying over time for any user.

But when it comes to C leg standing desks, they already have support at the rear, so you can easily place your stuff at the back and it will not wobble that much. The support doesn’t mean it will stop wobbling completely. But at least you will not face the annoying situation of watching it move every now and then.

But with C legs, you have to keep in mind that over time these desks might lean forward a lot because of the user’s body pressure. So, we would suggest you get something sturdy which will not wobble or get curved over time.

What Should I Look For In A Standing Desk Frame?

There are many things you can look for on a standing desk. Here are some of the things you should be looking for when buying a standing desk.

1. Does The Size Fulfill Your Needs?

You will find different varieties of standing desks starting from small to large. But before you buy it, make a list of things you want to keep on your standing desk or you will be keeping in it. Leave some extra room for other kinds of stuff that we tend to keep in our desks while doing everyday chores, like a coffee mug or water bottle.

This way your standing desk will have extra room and it will not look congested.

2. Is It Customizable?

This is something that should be your top priority besides size and others. Standing desks are better known for their customization as it is used to keep us stay healthy and focused during work.

Always look out for how long you can stretch it. Make sure you can adjust it well for your comfort while you work.

3. Height

Look out for the perfect height you need. In the case of height, the more customizable options you have the better.

4. Durability

Of course, you don’t want to change your desk now and then. So, look out for the specifications very well. And try to take those desks with warranty.

T Leg vs C Leg Standing Desks: Differences Explained

Do Doctors Recommend Standing Desks?

This might be a controversial question to ask about standing desks, but it’s also fine. Though doctors don’t directly recommend using a standing desk, they do discourage working all day by sitting.

Sitting all day is no fun, for you and also for your body. But if you do need verbal assurance from a doctor then you should try talking to your doctor.

There have been studies to see if the use of standing desks actually increases our productivity or not. And the results are nothing but positive. Our suggestion would be, to use your common sense and logic to think about standing desks. 

Final Words

Standing desks are proven to improve our productivity and prolonged use can actually help us improve our health. Sitting for too long was always bad for our health, and a huge number of the population still suffers from back pain due to a long time of sitting.

But now, we have standing desks. Which can help us keep our health and our life on track. So, we should make the best use of it. if you want to know more about standing desks then check out this article on 2 Stage vs 3 Stage Standing Desks [Which One’s Better?].

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