How Much Should You Spend On A Standing Desk?

How Much Should You Spend On A Standing Desk?

Have you decided to create a healthier workspace for yourself? Well, congratulations. In that case, a sit-stand desk must be the number one thing in your mind. But nobody shops for furniture without getting some prior information about the price, right?

So, here comes the big question: how much should you spend on a standing desk?

A highly adjustable electric sit-stand desk can cost you from $480 to $2000. Depending on the customization and number of features, the price can sometimes go as high as $3000. But you can save at least $100 to $500 or more sticking with the classic pneumatic design. 

Throughout this article, we will analyze the price point for each type of standing desk. Along with that, we will also cover the repairing issue and whether the investment is worth it or not.

Does it sound useful? Then, let’s start the discussion without further ado.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Standing Desk?

The market is full of various types of standing desks. And, the price point differs for each kind. No worries. Here, you will get to know about the most popular types of standing desks and their price range.

Electric Sit-Stand Desk

An electric sit-stand desk can cost you up to $2000. The price can fluctuate depending on the quality of the material, motor, and warranty. If you want to stay on the cheaper spectrum, there are a few pieces available for $350 only. However, those cheaper desks are manufactured outside USA (mostly China). Since, the factory is not same, you can’t expect a long-term service from these units.

On the other hand, ergonomic desks designed and manufactured in the USA would require at least $500 to $3000 depending on the size, features and customization. So, what exactly are those features that require the extra money? Let’s take a look. Shall we?

  • First of all, we have the digital memory. This is the must-have feature in your new electric sit-stand desk. It allows you to save a specific height to the core memory of the system. That way, the next time you want the desk to move up or down, one tap would be enough. Otherwise, you would need to input the height every time you want it to go up or down. That’s a lot of work if you like to change posture after every 30 minutes.
  • Another important feature is the keyboard tray. Not every standing desk comes with one. It helps you to make room for other important desk items. Plus, you can get away with a smaller desk size if it includes a keyboard tray. Most people feel comfortable typing in a keyboard that is placed slightly lower than the desk surface. So, it’s up to you how you want to save money.

Pneumatic Standing Desk

Pneumatic desks come at a significantly lower price point. The premium ones can range from $350 to $1500. The exact price depends on the material and the motor size. You see, it’s fairly easier to manufacture and use a pneumatic sit-stand desk. All you have to do is pull a lever. The desk legs will start increasing in height until you give a stopping cue.

The whole mechanism depends on a piston and the air inside the chambers. As you pull the lever, it forces the piston to move inside the air chamber and increase pressure. To balance out the increased pressure, the air swiftly relocates to another cylinder. This new cylinder then expands its size to make room for the air. That’s how, the desk expands its height using nothing but pneumatic pressure.

The operation is super quiet and efficient. Especially, if you are looking for durability, this ergonomic furniture won’t disappoint. Pneumatic desks don’t require as much repairing due to less complexity in the inner chambers.

 The only drawback is that you can’t add a digital memory here. We guess that explains why you have to pay less for this one. 

Non-ergonomic Standing Desk

Now, here comes the cheapest option. You can buy a traditional static stand desk for as low as $100. If you want to improve the exterior of the shape, the price still won’t go above $200. It seems like the most affordable desk out there.

But, there’s a catch. Static standing desks do nothing more for your health or body than a regular office desk. You see, neither prolonged sitting nor standing is good for your body. Standing for a long period can cause your leg to feel sour. That would ultimately strain the body. So, the situation hasn’t improved at all.

We think that spending even $200 on a static desk would be a waste if your goal is to improve your productivity and health in the long term. Try to stick with the other two options above.

What Is The Average Repairing Cost For Standing Desks?

Repairing cost is not particularly high for standing desks. It depends on the complexity of the issue and the amount of time required for fixation. So, all you can do is estimate the labor charge.

For example, if the electric sit-stand desk is having trouble moving up, it might just need a reset. It can take 25 to 30 minutes to get the job done. Since you can’t pay less than an hour’s worth of labor charge, it might cost $50 to $100. The cost also depends on the expert’s skill and reputation. We encourage you to hire a professional instead of following some DIY tricks. 

However, it’s important to check the motor life-cycle before appointing an expert. Sometimes, the high-tech furniture can be 100% fine and still refuse to react. That’s because it has completed the number of cycles assigned to it. It can be 5000 to 20000 depending on the quality. In that case, you need to pay for a new motor along with the fixing charge. 

How do you calculate the motor life-cycle? Well, you can follow our article on the topic. We have shown the calculation technique here in detail.

Is A Standing Desk Worth The Price?

$1000 or even $500 might seem like a lot to invest in a standing desk. After all, what are its other benefits than being able to shapeshift? Well, keep reading to find some of its other advantages. Then, you can decide whether the money is worth it or not.

Overall Health

Staying in a chair for the most of your work-day is bad for health. We guess you already know that. Researchers have connected prolonged sitting to high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and so on.

Guess what? You can get away from the curse of “sitting too long” by a standing desk. Well, it has to be ergonomic for you to reap the benefits. Otherwise, you might face knee or leg pain due to prolonged standing. And, we don’t want that.

Upper & Lower Back Health

Maintaining a lordotic straight posture is the key to a healthy spine. And, that’s only possible when you keep the spinal cord straight all the time. We all know that’s not doable. People tend to slouch a little while working for several hours. 

However, that can be eliminated by a standing desk. It allows you to leave the chair and stand up straight. According to scientists, you put the least stress on your spine while standing on both feet. 

That’s the reason, employees are encouraged to change position (sit to stand) every hour to improve their musculoskeletal condition.

Increased productivity

Most offices suggest employees take breaks from time to time. It keeps them refreshed and energetic throughout the day. Well, taking a 5-minutes break every one hour isn’t too much, right?

Well, let’s get a little closer. According to a recent study, it takes an average person around 20 -22 minutes to get into the same productivity level before he took the break. Now, we can add the extra 5 minutes of stretching or tea break with that. That leaves us with only 35 minutes of productive work within every 60 minutes. So, we are losing 41% of our work day just to get back into the productive mode. That’s a shame.

Instead, smart people are depending on ergonomic sit-stand desks. You can go from sitting to standing with just one tap. As a result, your body is not fatigued and there is no need for small breaks. Imagine the level of productivity you can achieve. Isn’t it great?

How Much Should You Spend On A Standing Desk?

Repairing VS Replacement: Which One Is More Cost-Effective?

The average lifespan of a standing desk determines whether to repair or replace it. Of course, both require a huge chunk of money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cut costs. All you have to do is calculate the desk’s current age and subtract it from the total lifetime. If the existing life seems long enough, it would be wise to repair it. On the other hand, if the desk has used 80% of its life, it would collapse even if you keep fixing it. So, save the money and gift yourself a new model.

Now, what’s the average lifespan of standing desks? The companies claim that a premium quality standing desk can last as long as 30 years. In case, the desk has more than half of its lifetime intact, don’t think about replacement. If the desk works on a pneumatic mechanism, you can easily reach the 30 years threshold through regular maintenance and care. 

However, the electric desks have a reputation to show errors within 4 to 5 years. We always advise our readers to not fall for the marketing claims. Instead, check the warranty limit on the manual. Most electric sit-stand desks from Ikea or Amazon come with a 5 to 10 years warranty. Whereas the uplift V2 desk backs you up for 15 years. That says a lot about the estimated lifespan according to the manufacturer.

Don’t worry. You can fix those small issues within a few minutes. Just like that your electric standing desk is ready to serve you for several more years. 

Are Standing Desks Overrated?

Since the pandemic began, standing desks have become a must-have in every home office setup. We understand what the hype is all about. Employees are simply trying to reduce the health risks caused by prolonged sitting. But, is it effective? 

To be honest, people sometimes have wrong expectations from this office furniture. And, that makes it seem like an “overrated” product.

For example, many people want to get rid of their obesity. They blame their 9 to 5 desk jobs for that. At last, they put their complete trust in a standing desk only to get disappointed again. 

You see, standing burns pretty much the same calories as sitting (only 4 calories more per hour). That means you can’t get fit overnight by using a standing chair. Plus, you can’t even stand for more than 30 minutes without being fatigued. So, the hype is overrated when it comes to shedding body fat through standing. 

However, if you are more into productivity, the sit-stand desk will be a great choice. It eliminates the need for stretching breaks. Moreover, you don’t see a decline in energy due to prolonged sitting/standing. You can continuously change positions.

 And, according to studies, it helps you to engage more in the work and increase your problem-solving ability. Not just that, the sit-stand desk improved the upper back and lower back health conditions of the employees.

Final Note

The work-from-home trend is here to stay. So, it makes sense that employees will try to find new ways to bring comfort into their typical home office. A sit-stand desk is one such attempt. 

As far as the price is concerned, electric ones remain at the higher end. But you can minimize the price by choosing a smaller size, lowering the motor life cycle, and eliminating the keyboard tray.

Hopefully, that ends your curiosity regarding how much you should spend on a standing desk. Thank you for staying with us!

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