How Much Does VariDesk Cost? [Updated Price Chart]

How Much Does VariDesk Cost? [Updated Price Chart]

Vari Desk quickly grabbed a lot of attention due to its high-quality electric sit-stand desks. The pro-plus to the essential series is a treat to have. But there’s one complaint against Vari Desk for its comparatively higher prices. That scares off many interested individuals who otherwise like the vari Desk’s features. So, how much does VariDesk actually cost?

VariDesk sit-stand desks and converters start from $99 up to $1000. The Essential series is the most affordable one, with every product priced from $99 to $300.

No matter how much you like a standing desk, it should fit your budget. Only then can you commit to the desk. So, let’s see how much Vari desks cost and which one will best suit your need.

How Much Does A VariDesk Cost?

Pricing is still the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about making a purchase. And it’s even more logical since the investment for even an average-quality standing desk is huge. To understand the pricing, we have to divide the desk section into two categories: electric standing desks and desk converters.

Standing Desk

As you can see, we have enlisted five best-selling desks in this section. The most expensive one so far is the electric standing desk with a 72×30 inches desktop. It’s the most spacious working platform you could ever ask for. The price is $950. So, if you love playing around with stuff, it’s your call.

Product NameDesktop SizePrice Key Feature
Electric Standing Desk 72×30 inches$950Lots of workspace
Curve Electric Standing Desk 60×30 inches$895Passthrough grommets available 
Ergo Electric Standing Desk54×26 inches$795Designed for curved monitors
Essential Electric Standing Desk48×24 inches$375Low price
Essential Electric Standing Desk Split Top48×24 inches$299Very easy to assemble this split-top desk.

Secondly, we have a curved electric standing desk. The specialty lies in its desktop design. The contoured edges make working comfortably during long hours. So, technically, the price would go higher. However, due to a smaller desktop size, the price is settled at $895. 

You can also check out their essential series. Both Essential Electric Standing Desks with and without desk split top is budget-friendly. The split-top design is especially helpful for users who hate manual installation of every part by themselves. In this case, the desktop is already attached to the legs and shipped together in the same box. On top of that, it’s only $299. That’s the lowest you can go with an electric standing desk.

How Much Does VariDesk Cost? [Updated Price Chart]

Sit-Stand Desk Converters

Next, you can choose a sit-stand desk converter as well. It’s more useful when you don’t want to replace the existing desk. The pricing for such converters starts below $100. But that’s very basic.

If you are a little tight on space, the vertical lift desk converter from the Essential series costs around $199. The mounting stem requires little space on the desktop. It expands vertically.

Also, there is the famous Cube plus, which costs around $475. The price is higher than some low-quality full electric desks. The reason is that you can use multiple monitors with this desk riser without losing stability.

Product NamePrice Key Feature
VariDesk Cube Corner$525Compatible with contoured (L-shaped)desks.
VariDesk Essential Vertical Lift$199Designed to fit a small space
VariDesk Cube Plus$475Compatible with multiple monitors
VariDesk Pro Plus 30$425Comes with a posture curve
VariDesk Tall 40$595For tall users

Finally, you have the VariDesk Tall 40. It’s considered one of the best ergonomic work-platform for the taller demographic. It comes with 9 different height adjustments and weighted legs. The $595 might seem too expensive. But it’s really hard for taller workers (as much as 6’6”) to maintain their natural posture with most kinds of desk risers. If it works for you, the comfort will compensate for the cost.

How Much Does VariDesk Cost? [Updated Price Chart]

Is It Okay To Rely On The Affordable Options?

At least we are clear that Vari Desk has both expensive and affordable options. It depends on you whether you want unmatchable features or a cheaper price point.

But even if you choose the latter (essential) category, will you compromise too much? For that, let’s take the Essential Electric standing desk for $375 as an example. It has a maximum lifting ability of 27.5” to 47”. You get T-style legs for better stability even with 150 pounds on top. If you want lots of memory settings, then it has you covered. With 4 memory pre-sets and an LED display screen, you can’t be happier. So, Vari Desk definitely provides you with the best quality even when the budget is restricted. Good to hear, isn’t it?

Here is a list of some affordable and classic VariDesk options.

Product NamePrice
VariDesk Pro 30 TM$230
VariDesk Pro Plus 30 TM$281
VariDesk Pro Plus 36 TM$361
VariDesk Pro Plus 48 TM$446

Before You Go!

Now that you have sorted out how the pricing works for Vari Desks, we want you to move further. The next step would be to find which desk provides the most weight support. For that, check out our discussion on what is the max weight limit of VariDesk.

Article link: what is the weight limit of varidesk.

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