How Much Does The Flexispot Desk Weigh? [Weight Chart]

How Much Does The Flexispot Desk Weigh? [Weight Chart]

Flexispot is your go-to brand for customizable electric standing desks. Not only do the desks look like they are out of a magazine, but the performance is also top-notch as well. But what about the weight? Do Flexispot desks weigh more than regular desks or less?

An average standing desk weighs around 60-75 lbs. while the heaviest Flexispot desk weighs 88 lbs and the lightest one weighs only 23 lbs. the range is definitely expanded by Flexispot.

There’s no clear rule for what you should be looking for at a standing desk. for many people, it’s the looks or height adjustability. While others focus on the loading capacity and desk weight. If you belong to the second category, don’t skip this article.

What Is The Average Weight Of A Standing Desk?

An average standing desk weight can range from 60 to 75 lbs. If you order a heavy desktop, the weight can increase further. You can expect at least 150 lbs of loading capacity from such desks.

In a sense, there shouldn’t be so much fuss around the weight or weight capacity. Imagine you are a regular desk worker. You need a laptop, keyboard, mouse or perhaps a lamp for your job. If you add the weight of these particular objects, it might total around 10 pounds (considering a laptop is 2lbs). If you have a full PC set, let’s make it 30 pounds. But that’s all. you might not need more weight capacity than this.

But even the lightest desk from Flexispot can carry more than 100 lbs. That way, weight shouldn’t be an issue at all. Still, people look for light desks with lots of loading capacity. That’s because a desk with a high loading capacity doesn’t wobble at all in the highest position. It’s like a guarantee for stability.

The same goes for weight. Some customers prefer heavy-weight desks because it indicates the desk is not flimsy at least. Lightweight is often confused with cheap.

On the other hand, the other group of customers wants to avoid heavy desks since it’s harder to handle alone. As you can see, the opinions are endless.

How Much Does The Flexispot Desk Weigh? [Weight Chart]

How Much Does The Flexispot Desk Weigh? 

The heaviest Flexispot desk is around 87 pounds. If you are wondering why this desk weighs more than an average standing desk, here’s why. Most of the heavier Flexispot desks including the Odin use 3 stage lifting strategy. Instead of one motor to monitor the whole up and down motion, Flexispot desks have one motor for each leg. That increases the desk’s stability, speed, and overall performance.

However, there is no rule that says heavier standing desks are better. But it surely hints at something. For example, heavier desks mostly come with heavy desktops made from wood. Such materials last longer and don’t break so easily.

Here is a weight chart of the famous Flexispot desks for better insight. 

Flexispot DesksWidth & DepthWeightMaximum Weight Capacity
E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk48” x 24”87.0lbs355lbs
E547.2” to 23.6”65lbs220lbs
EW8 Comhar47.3”x23.7”39.6lbs110lbs
M18M Desk Riser30”x18.9”23lbs22lbs

Are Heavier Flexispot Desks Also Stronger?

Anything above 70 lbs should be considered heavy. Normally, standing desks don’t cross this limit. But even if they do, there must be an attached feature causing the weight to increase. otherwise, the desk looks quite inefficient, to be honest.

Any Flexispot desk falling into the heavy category maintains this rule. For example, the E7 Pro Plus standing desk weighs around 87 lbs. But it operates using a dual motor and 3-stage lifting technology. It ultimately contributes to the extra weight. And, as compensation, you are getting 355lbs of carrying capacity which is very rare for electric desks.

In short, heavy desks don’t necessarily mean they are strong unless you notice extra physical features which will lead to better performance.

Does The Weight Matter At All?

The weight doesn’t matter. What you should be more concerned about is the weight or loading capacity. That indicates how much stuff you can put on top of the desk without fearing damage.For example, a desk with 355 lbs of max weight capacity is definitely stronger than one with 110 lbs capacity. Then, why do people give so much importance to desk weight?

First, users like heavy desks when they want to be sure about the material quality. A light desk is often confused to be a flimsy one with less potential. This notion drives people to focus on the desk’s weight before anything else.

That being said, Flexispot doesn’t produce cheap quality sit-stand desks just to keep it lighter. There are some lighter desks like the M18M but they are all super sturdy and durable.

Is It Okay To Buy A Lightweight Flexispot Desk?

Well, why not? It’s actually easier to keep any desk heavyweight. While a lightweight desk requires smart and precise engineering. Being lightweight doesn’t take away from the strength of the desk. Take the EW8 Comhar all-in-one standing desk for example. The frame is built with industry-grade steel. It even comes with a storage drawer for extra facilities. 

Despite all of this, the desk only weighs around 39.6 lbs which is pretty lightweight in comparison to all the other models. Still, the desk proves to be a favorite for cozy areas. Here’s why.

How Much Does The Flexispot Desk Weigh? [Weight Chart]

1. Easy To Assemble

Any standing desk including the Flexispot ones come in separate parts. You have to install it yourself at home. Having a lightweight desk helps you manage the whole assembling process better. For the heavier units, it becomes harder to build the whole frame without multiple assistants.

2. Minimalist Vibe

21st century is all about creating the minimalist aesthetic. A light Flexispot desk like the EW8 Comhar is a perfect example of that. With only 40 lbs of weight, it looks sleek and perfect for a modern environment.

3. Portable

Another great facility of having a lightweight Flexsipot desk is that you can move it around easily. We know that’s not important for many people. However, we have seen people ruining their standing desks with improper transportation. If you don’t have a fixed office location, a lightweight desk would be a blessing in disguise.

Before You Go!

Most of these queries come from a fear that your precious standing desk might wobble or become unstable. This fear is real even if the desk is from Flexispot. To be honest, it’s not uncommon to see people struggling with a wobbling desk. For that, check out our guide on why your flexispot desk might wobble and what to do about it.

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