Which Is Better: Vertdesk V3 Or Jarvis? [#1 Recommendation]

Which Is Better: Vertdesk V3 Or Jarvis? [#1 Recommendation]

Confusion is inevitable when the competitors are Vertdesk & Jarvis. Both have their own fanbase (but for different reasons). One is more reliable, and the other is more aesthetic & affordable. Now, the question is, which one is ultimately better for you?

Vertdesk wins with flying colors in the stability test. The frame quality is top-notch. But Jarvis has a more flexible height range (25” to 52”). Also, Jarvis desks can lift more weight (up to 350 lbs).

There’s no one desk that is 10 out of 10 in every department. Just because we are recommending a desk doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Our goal is to help you find a desk that doesn’t have issues that’ll affect your work experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Vertdesk V3 appears more stable than a Jarvis desk.
  • Jarvis desk gives up its stability after 42.5”.
  • Even though Vertdesk’s frame supplier is a Taiwanese company, the final assembly occurs in the United States.
  • Jarvis has a better height adjustable range.
  • Vertdesk is easier to put together.

Vertdesk V3 Electric Desk

How Stable Is It?

If there’s one reason why you should go for Vertdesk V3, it would be its excellent stability. It’s not like there’s no movement at all (there is). But among all the standing desk stability tests we have seen, this one seems safest to put your expensive computers on.

Total WeightHeight SettingComments
100 lbs27”Rock solid
39”Still no movement
42.5”  Back-and-forth: noticeable movement
200 lbs27”Rock solid
39”Left-to-right: Still stable   Back-and-forth: very little movement
42.5”Left-to-right: very little movement Back-and-forth: unstable

The stability test starts with putting 100 lbs on the desktop. Up to 42.5”, the desk doesn’t bulge regardless of how you push it. After that point, you can see slight movement through back-and-forth rocking (left-to-right is still stable). And, as usual, it becomes weakest at its max height (47”) like any other desk in the market.

Moving on, the examiner puts 200 lbs on the desktop. This time also, we see very little (almost negligible) movement below 42.5”. The intensity of the wobble increases due to the change in weight. But we find it tolerable. At least you don’t have to worry about the desk losing balance and damaging your belongings. Overall, we are very satisfied with VertDesk V3’s performance.

How Much Weight Can It Lift?

Vertdesk V3 has a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs. That’s almost 125 kg. We know it doesn’t look enough compared to what some premium brands like Uplift offer. But even they clearly mention in their manuals not to load the desktop with more than 200 lbs of weight. Plus, the stability of those desks highly reduces as we put exactly 350/355 lbs on top of the desktop.

But the stability test we performed on Vertdesk V3 tells a different story. It surely wobbles at maximum height (47”) when the weight on the desktop is 200 lbs. But it’s still way more stable than the Jarvis one when the weight increases to 200 lbs.

It’s up to you to decide whether Vertdesk V3 has a good enough weight limit or does the number mean the most to you.

Which Is Better: Vertdesk V3 Or Jarvis? [#1 Recommendation]

Who Is The Original Manufacturer?

The original frame manufacturer for Vertdesk is K&A MFG. It’s a Taiwanese manufacturing company specializing in office furniture. They have been in business since the 80s and produce some of the high-end electronic components for Vertdesk.

Do you know which other brand receives their frames from K&A MFG? According to our reports, New-Heights is also in a partnership with this manufacturing facility. And, we guess you already know about the top-quality and durable frames New-Heights has.

So, it’s a big opportunity for you to get similar frames for your standing desk without spending a ton. Also, you will be happy to hear that the final assembling task happens right inside the U.S.A (in Wisconsin). That might be a huge relief for someone who doesn’t like the final finish of most desk frames produced and assembled in China.

How Flexible Is The Height Range?

Vertdesk falls short in this department. We see a height range of about 27” to 47”. It’s enough for a majority of users. People usually don’t need more than 45” from a standing desk, even if they are tall. So, a 47” cap is definitely good. But there are other desks, including Jarvis, that go beyond the limit when it comes to height adjustability.

Desks like Flexispot, Vari, and Uplift offer a maximum height limit of 50” to 51”. You might be expecting the same from your Vertdesk V3 as well, only to be disappointed. The same goes for the minimum height setting as well. Vertdesk V3’s lowest height is 27”. With a thick desktop; it only gets higher. However, nowadays, users prefer standing desks with a minimum height of 25” or below.

If you are not too keen on having a higher travel range, this might not even be an issue for you.

Is The Warranty Satisfying?

Vertdesk V3 comes with an attractive 10-year warranty for the frame. But the electronic parts are only covered for 5 years. Warranty is a good predictor of a product’s lifespan. So, a desk with 10 years of durability is more than satisfying to us. Considering all the positive reviews on the product’s stability and highly-responsive electronic parts, we think your office essentials are in good hands.

How Does The Desk Arrive?

The desk arrives half-assembled. Yes, the manufacturers attach a support frame underneath the desk. You just have to be careful while ordering how much width you want. The only thing left for you to do is connect the legs to the frames using a hex key. It’s pretty straightforward.

We would definitely recommend you look for desks that are pre-assembled, like Vertdesk V3.

Is It Too Costly?

Vertdesk V3 is on the pricier end of standing desks considering its weight capacity and design. You have to pay more than $800 for the unit. But if you are lucky and have a discount coupon, the V3 can be available at only $735.

Particular ModelsPrice
Vertdesk V3 (2-legs)$832
Vertdesk V3 (3-legs)$1494

 We would say the Vertdesk V3 is definitely costly. In fact, none of Vertdesk’s models come in the $300 range. And the V3 with 2-legs is one of their most affordable options. If you are looking for something fancier, the ones with hardwood tops are priced at $1494.

Which Is Better: Vertdesk V3 Or Jarvis? [#1 Recommendation]

Jarvis Electric Standing Desk

How Stable Is It?

The Jarvis desk showcased inconsistency in the stability test. As you can see, the rocking motion started appearing even at 37” height. At 39”, it became highly noticeable. And, after 42.5”, it just kept getting worse. You can already guess what happened when the weight was increased further. We detected the first rocking motion at only 34” height.

Total WeightHeight SettingComments
100 lbs25”Rock solid
39”Slight movements
42.5”  Noticeable wobbles and rocking motions  
51”Unstable (risky)
200 lbs25”Rock solid
39”Noticeable wobbles and rocking motions  
51”Highly unstable (risky)

And, the desk becomes highly unstable at its max capacity (51”). Even if you choose Jarvis, we recommend you avoid increasing its height up to 51”. Stay within 42.5” for a more stable experience.

However, Jarvis has recently introduced a new line of desks called Jarvis Extended. They have used new wedges in the frame to stop the desk from wobbling. And it actually works. The stability has highly improved up to 39”. But we do see rocking motions after that point.

How Much Weight Can It Lift?

Jarvis claims their desks can lift as much as 350 lbs easily. In fact, the model we tested earlier has the same weight capacity. It’s a lot in comparison to the Vertdesk V3. But here’s the thing. We cross-checked and found something interesting. Jiecang never officially claimed any of their frames to be able to lift 350 lbs. According to them, the frames can only handle up to 281 lbs without any issues.

If you overload the desk beyond this limit, there’s a high chance of encountering technical glitches. Even in that case, 281 lbs is higher than what Vertdesk V3 has to offer (275 lbs).

Who Is The Original Manufacturer?

Both Jarvis and Uplift receive their frames from the JieCang manufacturing company. As you can already tell by its name, the supplier is a Chinese firm. Sadly, all of the production of electronic components as well as the assembly, happens inside China. Only the final customization (producing desktops) is left for their U.S. factories. So, if you didn’t know you were about to get a Chinese desk frame, now you know.

The problem with frames produced by JieCang is that they have focused too much on cost reduction. So much so that they mass-produced some critical electronic components. Even the control box circuits don’t look well-connected.

But JieCang is not the worst desk manufacturer out there. their frames are way sturdier than a typical iKea one. So, you will be getting some value ( at least) for your money.

How Flexible Is The Height Range?

Compared to what we have seen with the Vertdesk V3, Jarvis definitely has a more impressive height range. The desk starts from 25” and travels up to 52”. Yes, you hear it right. Jarvis frames can lift the desktop up to 52”, which is one of the highest points for any brand in the market.

As we have said before, you will hardly need that much height, even if you are 6’3” tall. Still, since you are paying money, you better get those extra inches as well.

Is The Warranty Satisfying?

It says on the website that Jarvis provides a 15-year warranty on all electronic parts. However, the warranty is limited to 5 years for the table-top. The warranty terms look too good to be true. So, we dug deeper.

Turns out the original frame manufacturers only provide a 5-year long warranty. So, don’t assume the desk frames are going to last 15 years (due to the warranty). 5-years is a pretty average warranty term for ergonomic furniture and nothing to be too excited about.

Which Is Better: Vertdesk V3 Or Jarvis? [#1 Recommendation]

How Does The Desk Arrive?

The desk will arrive completely unassembled. You have to build it from scratch. The manufacturers don’t even attach the support frame under the desktop to attach the desk legs. It’s probably one of the most mentally exhausting tasks in the whole process. You need to mark how wide the frame should be, then drill the small pieces into the desktop one by one.

There’s a huge chance that you will miscalculate something. Oftentimes, these installation mistakes lead to all the wobbliness you might complain about.

Is It Too Costly?

Compared to Vertdesk V3, Jarvis seems like a more affordable option. The model we described earlier (during the stability test) is priced at $539. You can get it for $509 during a discount offer. Yes, for some users, that’s not affordable.

But Jarvis is more versatile in their price range than Vertdesk. You can even find some $400 to $350 desks with awesome features. So, if you are trying to save some bucks, Jarvis has more to offer you.

Our Recommendation: Which One Do We Like Better?

This is always the most difficult part. You have seen a detailed review of both Vertdesk V3 and Jarvis. But in case you failed to make your mind (like many of us), we will share our personal opinion with you.

We liked the Vertdesk V3 better. The reason is simple; it’s stable at different height and weight settings. The frames are warranted for 10 years. We don’t think you need anything more from an electric desk. Even though some of you might complain about the height range, we think the problem can be fixed by just increasing your chair’s height. As for the standing height, 47” is enough, even if you are more than 6’3”.

Before You Leave!

Got some time? Then check out our other detailed comparison article on Uplift VS Jarvis VS Vari. Even if you have already settled your mind on a particular brand, a little more research never hurts, right?

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