How Much Does Varidesk Weigh?

How Much Does Varidesk Weigh?

Do heavier desk frames assure you regarding their stability? Or, do you like an easy-to-move/handle desk in your office? No matter your preference, you need to check the product weight beforehand to ensure your needs are being met. We won’t say otherwise, even if you are considering a premium brand like Varidesk. You still need to ask, how much does Varidesk weigh?

Varidesk models range from 70 lbs to 140 lbs. The average weight of a high-capacity standing desk is usually between 100 to 111 lbs. Most Varidesk products lie within this specific weight range to ensure the best performance.

“Varidesk weighs more”- you must have heard it a lot from people. But an intelligent person will always verify this information. And so should you if the product weight is a deal-breaker for you. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Okay, that’s enough intro. Let’s get into the real discussion.

How Much Does A Varidesk Weigh?

If we are not discussing Varidesk specifically, the standing desk’s weight can be as low as 40 lbs. Don’t be surprised. Even with such a low weight, most ergonomic desks can handle multiple monitors and other accessories. But it’s not about just carrying/lifting the items. Users desire stability during the transition and at its top height. That’s kind of difficult to achieve for most lightweight and flimsy standing desks.

Varidesk manufacturers focus more on performance and comfort than product weight. We have divided Varidesk products into two categories and enlisted their final weight as well. Let’s find out how much a Varidesk product actually costs.

Category 1: Electric Standing Desk

Suggested ModelsProduct WeightLifting Capacity
Varidesk Standing Desk 60×30.”126.10 lbs200lbs
Varidesk Standing Desk 72×30.”136.19 lbs180 lbs
Varidesk Standing Desk 60×24.”107.52 lbs200 lbs
Varidesk Standing Desk 48×30.”114.27 lbs220 lbs
Varidesk Ergo Standing Desk 54×26.”104.07 lbs200 lbs
Essential Electric Standing Desk 48×24.”70.78 lbs150 lbs

It must be very clear that the “Essential” series from Varidesk offer comparatively lower product weight. It’s the only model in the whole list to have less than 100 lbs in weight. But there’s a catch. The Essential series is designed to make the final outcome affordable for everyone. That’s why you lose certain features available in other Varidesk products.

For example, the lifting capacity of the Varidesk Essential standing desk is only 150 lbs (much below any other model). Plus, the usual max height limit stands close to 50 to 50.9” for most standing desks. But if you choose an Essential model, the height can only go up to 47”. You must let go of these attractive features in exchange for the low product weight.

How Much Does Varidesk Weigh?

Category 2: Desk Converter

Suggested ModelsProduct WeightLifting Capacity
Varidesk Pro Plus 3046.39 lbs35 lbs
 Varidesk Pro Plus 3652.15 lbs35 lbs
Varidesk Pro Plus 4860.28 lbs45 lbs
Varidesk Essential 3653.32 lbs25 lbs

Considering the weight of your desk riser is even more crucial. No matter what you say, a desk riser will ultimately stay on top of another desk. If the pre-owned desk is not strong enough, there’s no use buying a 60 lbs desk converter is no longer possible for you. Even if the two or three-tier desk converter is stable, you will feel it wobble due to the old desk.

We suggest you estimate the strength of your regular office desk first. Then, find out which of these converters perfectly matches the weight limit and size.

Is Varidesk Too Heavy?

We have seen how Varidesk’s models weigh in comparison to one another. But what about other renowned brands? Do Varidesk models weigh more than similar desks from other labels? Well, you have to see it for yourself. In the table below, we have enlisted three standing desks from Varidesk, Flexispot, and Uplift. Remember that the desktop dimension is 60×30” for all three of them. Let’s check out how the frame’s weight differs.

Suggested ModelsProduct Weight
Varidesk Standing Desk 60×30.”126.10 lbs
Flexispot E7 60×30.”54 lbs
Uplift V-2 Adjustable Desk 60×30.”117 lbs

It’s unsurprising that Varidesk’s 60×30” adjustable desk comes out as the heaviest. The difference between Uplift and Varidesk is subtle and easily avoidable. On the other hand, Flexispot does a great job when it comes to minimizing the product’s final weight. Astonishingly, Flexispot E7 provides (theoretically) 355 lbs of weight capacity with such a light frame.

So, if you are wondering if Varidesk models are heavier, we have to say yes. Compared to Flexispot and some models from Uplift, Varidesk designs products with a heavier frame. It’s all about the type of customers each brand is trying to target.

Varidesk tries to cater to users who like heavier frames under the desktop. It means sturdiness and more lifting capacity. Especially if you are about to put exclusive electronic items on the desk, you have to be sure the desk can carry them without fail.

Is It Good To Have A Light Standing Desk Over A Heavy One?

Heavy desks have always been a great indicator of stability and durability. And these two characteristics are must-haves if you are buying a standing desk (especially an electric one). However, we can’t neglect the minority of users who choose a different path. Here are five reasons why you might want a light-standing desk over a heavy one.

1. Lower The Shipping Cost

It makes sense for you to want a lighter-standing desk if you live in another country. Even though Varidesk provides international shipping services for the customers, you have to pay extra money. Suppose it’s $1.30 per pound, a 100lbs desk will cost you over $100 for shipping. That’s quite some money.

2. Ease Of Handling

Another important reason is the comfort during installation. If you have built a desk before, you will know how tiring it can be. The heavier it is, the more time and energy it demands. Especially if you don’t have a partner to help you out during the process, it’s a good choice to stick with a light desk.

How Much Does Varidesk Weigh?

3. Protect You Floor

Is your office floor made from marble or expensive wood? Then, you better take care of it. Placing a desk with heavy legs on such flooring can cause severe damage. You might not notice it within one day. But, over the years, this desk will leave countless dents and scratches in that particular area.

4. Overall Cost

Usually, a heavier desk requires more material than a lighter one. So, the final cost will definitely go up. That’s why people with a tight budget prefer something on the lighter side.

5. Portability

There are various reasons why a person wants to use a standing desk. The purpose is not always to put it in an office. If you are an artist and want your desk to move with you, the weight factor is quite important to you. Check the dimensions as well as the product weight.

Before You Go…

Varidesk’s weight range might have impressed or saddened you. But we urge you to check out the lifting capacity before making any decision. For that, you don’t have to look anywhere else. Here’s our finding on what is the weight limit of Varidesk.

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