Flexispot E7 vs E8: Which One Is For You?

Flexispot E7 vs E8: Which One Is For You?

While comparing two ergonomic desks, we check their construction materials, variety of colors, and functionalities. But, what would you do if both the desks come from the same factory with the same accessories? Yes, we are talking about the E7 and E8 standing desks from Flexispot. According to customer reviews, both units are great. But which one will work better for you?

Flexispot’s E7 pro desk comes with more weight capacity than the E8. If you need a lot of equipment around you while working, choose the E7. On the other hand, Flexispot E8 offers one extra inch to the max height level. If you are taller than an average person, going for the E8 makes more sense.

Don’t worry. We won’t leave you with this short recommendation. In this article, we will dive deep into the differences between E7 and E8 desks. By the end of this article, you would know which one is better for you.

So, let’s jump straight into it.

Flexispot E7 vs E8: One-On-One Comparison

Before we start our comparison, let’s give you an overview of the E7 and E8. Both units have pretty much the same construction material and accessories. For example, you get a child lock feature, 4 memory pre-sets, cable management trays, LED keypads, and so on. To be true, all these similarities make it even more difficult to choose one over the other.

But they are not 100% the same. Check out our quick comparison chart below to find out what makes them different from one another.

Flexispot E7 vs E8: Quick Comparison Table

FeaturesFlexispot E7Flexispot E8
Minimum Height22.8 inches23 inches
Maximum Height48.4 inches49 inches
Weight capacity322 lbs240 lbs
Transition Speed1.5 inches per second1.4 inches per second

If these numbers don’t talk to you, you can check out the explanation below. 

Flexispot E7 vs E8: Which One Is For You?

Flexispot E7

Flexispot E7 vs E8: Which One Is For You?

Flexispot E8

Flexispot E7 vs E8: Which One Is For You?

My Favorite Standing Desk From Flexispot!

If you want my only recommendation for a standing desk that befits your home office, I’ll recommend the Flexispot E7. Why?

  • Flexispot E7 is super stable as it is BIFMA certified.
  • The E7 features thicker leg columns and has been scientifically designed with a column gap of 0.05 mm for optimal smooth movement of the stages.
  • The E7’s base is constructed using solid carbon steel, which has reached automotive-grade quality for enhanced durability and sturdiness.
  • Industry-leading laser-welding technique & holeless leg design offers a sleek contemporary aesthetic and durability.
  • Features high temperature-resistant and anti-wear coating for amazing color consistency.
  • Superb sustainability due to the Nordson Enviro Coat powder spraying system.
  • 15-Year Warranty

And all this at a cost-effective price! To know more, check out my detailed article on this standing desk!

Weight Capacity 

Weight limit is the biggest difference between the E7 & E8 desk. As you have seen on the table, the E7 pro standing desk can carry up to 322 lbs easily. On the other hand, you can’t keep more than 240 lbs on the E8 one. 

The major advantage of both models is that they are quite sturdy. The desk won’t wobble as long as you stay within the weight range. Both models were tested for stability at their highest level. The desks were slightly wobbling. Because at this point the crossbeams are the farthest from the legs. It’s pretty common with any other ergonomic furniture.

To be honest, you won’t even feel it wobble without shaking it frantically. Since the E7 was designed to carry more load, it would be more stable than its counterpart at any given weight limit. That’s important if you want to put heavier objects on the desktop. Follow this article, if you want to know why Flexispot desks wobble.

Maximum Height

An average male with 190 cm height, can use the E7 desktop comfortably. It has a minimum and maximum height of 22.8 inches and 48.4 inches respectively. Whereas the E8 pro desk comes with a minimum and maximum height of 23 inches and 49 inches.

It’s clear that the E7 standing desks are made for a comparatively shorter user. If you are a female with a height lower than 160 cm, it would be better to stick with the E7 desk. That way, you can take advantage of the lower height adjustability of this unit.

However, if you belong to a taller demographic, you would love the desk to go slightly higher while standing. Flexispot E8 motorized desk adds one extra inch to its counterpart’s maximum height level.

Noise During Operation

Both units prevent loud noise during the transition period. But one of them is better at noise reduction than the other. You must’ve already guessed it. It’s the E7 pro standing desk. Manufacturers designed this particular desk to carry more weight (322 lbs). As a result, the desk motors are capable of lifting up to 322 lbs without any significant noise/sound. 

Now, the E8 desk comes with the same noise-reducing feature as the E7. But at any given weight limit, it will generate more sound than the E7. That’s because of its lower weight limit. Keep in mind that, the noise-reducing capacity decreases if you add more weight to the surface. 


Last but not the least, both desk units differ in their price points. We can’t mention a specific price because it depends on the marketplace. However, you will have to spend significantly higher for the E7 desk. Taking all the features into consideration, we think it’s quite predictable.

On the other hand, the E8 standing desk is somewhat more affordable (below $500) considering a lower height range and weight limit. 

Flexispot E7 vs E8: Which One Is For You?

All the information we provided earlier was to make the decision easier for you. You see, both E7 and E8 desks are a good value for the money. There’s no doubt about that. One amazing thing about Flexispot desks is that you get to choose any desk top material you want. Check out how many types of materials are available to you.

Nonetheless, if you appreciate a low price, go for the E8 height adjustable desk. Apart from being cheaper, it provides almost all the features available in the E7.

That being said, if you are a remote worker who wants more height from his standing desk, choose the E7 without a second thought. You would also love it if your job requires you to use heavy machines like a computer, printer, etc. 

Final Note

E7 and E8 ergonomic standing desks are two highly popular products from Flexispot. That’s why people get so confused when it comes to choosing only one. You see, both units come with the same specs, warranties, and customer support.

All of this can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we thought of making this to-the-point comparison article. Our goal is to assist you with all the necessary information. So that, you can make a well-informed decision. And, most importantly, we don’t want you to regret your decision after the package comes home. That feeling sucks!

Hopefully, the article was helpful to you. Thank you for staying with us.

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