Standing Desk Motor Replacement Guide For Beginners [UPDATED 2023]

Standing Desk Motor Replacement Guide For Beginners [UPDATED 2023]

There’s a debate going on regarding how long an average standing desk lasts. Some say it’s 10-15 years, while others think it barely lasts five years. But in both cases, a standing desk requires quite a few replacements during its lifetime, including a motor. But how do you replace a motor for your standing desk?

Ask for a new leg if you want to replace a defective standing desk motor. Motors are usually attached inside lifting columns for the popular models. If the warranty terms allow, you might get it for free.

Everyone hypes you to go for a standing desk. But what do you do when the same desk needs repairing for some parts? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Stick with us till the end for a step-by-step guide for beginners.

Do Standing Desks Require Replacement?

Standing desk motors don’t usually require a replacement. Each desk motor is designed to withstand at least 10,000 cycles before burning out. Let’s do a little math. Suppose you adjust the desk height four times a day. 

That would give us 2500 days to finish the motor’s capacity. Converting the days into years, we get (2500/365) = almost seven years. That’s the bare minimum. And, if BIFMA approves the desk, the durability would be even longer.

So, just because the standing desk is not working as you expected, it doesn’t necessarily refer to a motor-related issue.

Here are some other factors that might be causing such mishaps.

1. Excess Weight

Weight capacity is the most common reason why your desk might have been misbehaving. Usually, high-end desks come with 270 to 330 pounds of weight lifting capacity. 

But it’s always better to stay under the red line. Some standing desks show movement issues when you put too much stuff on the desktop (above 150 pounds).

If your desk is not moving up when you command, please check whether the weight limit is maintained.

2. Loose Cables

Cables should be tight and secured to their source. That sounds like the basics. But it’s very common not to double-check the cable connection during installation.

A loose connection leads to disturbance as electricity passes through it. And an electric standing desk won’t work without an uninterrupted power supply.

So, please check the cables manually. If you find anything loose, tighten it immediately.

Standing Desk Motor Replacement Guide For Beginners

3. Technical Glitch Inside The Control Box

The control box has more chances of needing a replacement than the motor itself. Control boxes create the bridge between your input and the motor. It customizes the signal sent to the lifting columns as per your adjustment requirement.

However, the box has several technical and electrical parts that might interrupt from time to time. If your desk is not moving up and down, there’s a good chance the control box has failed to communicate the adjustment properly.

Make sure you ask for a new control box for the designated desk model.

4.  Moving The Desk Too Many Times

Another issue might be moving the desk too many times a day. Even though most standing desks are supposed to comply with our adjustments for unlimited numbers a day, there’s still a limit.

For instance, continuously pushing the up or down arrow can cause confusion for the control box. Hence, your desk might get stuck in a single position and refuse to move. 

That’s not a motor-driven problem. If you can fix the temporary glitch with a quick reset, the motor will work just as usual.

Here’s how to reset the desk.

  • Start by pressing the down arrow. Usually, when desks get stuck, they refuse to move up. But you don’t see any problem with the down button.
  • Keep your finger on the button until the desk hits its lowest.
  • You will hear a click sound, and the desk will rise in height for one second.
  • Then, the next thing you know, you have reset the desk.

Standing Desk Motor Replacement Guide For Beginners

If nothing works out for your desk, you may choose to replace the motor. For that, you have two options. First, you can contact the customer support of your desk company and ask for a leg replacement. 

Yes, standing desk manufacturers don’t sell separate motor units. It is not so easy to connect a motor to the control box. Also, some models don’t have visible motor units under the desktop. Motors are hidden inside the lifting columns pretty well to enhance the beauty.

Nonetheless, here are the two ways to get a brand-new motor into the desk frame.

Ask For A Replacement Leg

It is a huge task to just locate the motor at first, let alone replace it. If you think that’s hard, pray that you use a single-motor desk. Yes, some high-end models even come with a dual motor. That means one motor for each leg.

Considering all these factors, most desk manufacturers choose to sell replacement legs instead of replacement motors. Who knows! You might get the new leg for free, depending on company policy.

Just go to the official website and collect the customer support email address. Describe your issue and ask for a replacement leg. Show them your purchase history to activate the warranty facilities. That’s all you need to do to get a new part.

It’s important to specify the model you are using. Moving on to the installation part, empty the desktop. Then, unplug the desk from its power source. Disassemble the legs from the frame following the manual. Next, fit the new leg into the frame.

If you forget which side had a defect, attach the replacement leg on any side and connect it to the control box. If you did it wrong, the display would have an error message. Now, you know where the new leg should go. Problem solved!

Standing Desk Motor Replacement Guide For Beginners [UPDATED 2023]

Do It Yourself

The second option is to replace the old motor yourself. For that, check the manual first and get an idea regarding the current motor’s specifications. Ensure you look for the same type of motor from your local store. 

Finally, replace the defective one with a new desk motor. Connect it to the control box through cables. It is not as straightforward as we said. We highly suggest you hire a professional for this job.

Before You Go!

It can be super confusing when your electric sit-stand desk doesn’t work. Since there is no proven record about how long they are supposed to last. Some users claim their current standing desk is 6-7 years old and has never caused any trouble.

In contrast, others complain about facing technical issues within one year. So, here’s a guide to help you understand how long Flexispot standing desks last.

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