How Long Do Flexispot Desks Last? [Honest Explanation]

How Long Do Flexispot Desks Last? [Honest Explanation]

Most manufacturers claim their electric standing desks last 15-20 years. But, the real customers might have a different view. So, how long can you expect a Flexispot desk to last?

Flexispot desks are durable enough to survive 5 to 10 years easily. The frame warranty expires after 5 years. If you want more years, look for a high-quality desktop, three-stage lifting columns and a dual motor. 

Investing in an electric standing desk is a tough call. It only makes sense to commit if the hyped Flexispot desk is really gonna last long enough. So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into this discussion. Shall we?

How Long Do Flexispot Desks Last?

Usually, standing desks last anywhere between 5 to 10 years. We know, the range is huge. But your experience will depend on the desk quality. 

As for Flexispot desks, the life expectancy is around 15 years. That’s what the manufacturers say. Let’s see where the numbers come from.

The desk was lifted and lowered continuously for 141 days. During that period, the Flexispot desk completed around 20,000+ full cycles. But the desk didn’t collapse after that. So, we can estimate you are gonna get at least 20,000 full cycles from the desk.

Now, if you use 4 cycles per day, we are left with 5000 days. That also means 13 years. Hypothetically, if everything goes well and you take care of the desk regularly, the Flexispot desk should survive 15 years easily.

Apparently, Flexispot launches each desk after a series of durability tests. It includes scratch tests, fire tests, dirt tests, and so on. 

How Long Do Flexispot Desks Last? [Honest Explanation]

What Do Real Users Say About It?

We just saw the hypothetical assumption. Let’s find out what real users have to say about it.

According to our research, most users only look at the warranty card before estimating what the life expectancy would be. And, in that case, Flexispot doesn’t stick with the minimum. They provide a maximum 5 years warranty on the frame and 3 years for other electrical parts like the motor.

Most users expect it to last 5+ years. And, the majority of them have been using the desk for around 2-3 years. If you remember, Flexispot only started to launch their electric desks after 2016. That’s why nobody is there who can testify whether the desks actually last 15+ years or not. We guess, we have to just wait.

However, most of the users are satisfied with its stability and overall performance. One of them says, he is using Flexispot desk for 2.5 years. And, it is running smoothly without any repair or attention. Once you notice any disturbance, which might be a technical glitch, contact their super-friendly customer service. 

They will either assist you to fix the issue or grant a new part. As another customer says, he got new screws after he lost the old ones while assembling the unit. Since he didn’t exceed the 3-year warranty limit, the support team sent him everything he required without any cost.

Do Flexispot Desks Become Wobbly After Some Years?

One common fear is whether desks start wobbling after several years or not. Because the majority of electric desks start off great. It’s everything you could want on a desk. But skip 2 years, the legs become unbalanced and the desktop shakes as you type something on the keyboard.

Flexispot desks don’t wobble usually. If you face it, check for a technical error or glitch. You can start by resetting the desk. If it doesn’t help, check the weight limit and maximum height.

What happens is some Flexispot desks on the lower-price end wobbles in the max height. If the manual says, 48” as the max height limit, make sure you stay a couple of inches below that to avoid shaky legs.

Some users admit to unevenly distributing weight on the desk surface as well. Even though Flexispot desks come with a 110 to 275 lbs weight capacity, stacking heavy objects in the middle can trigger wobbliness.

How To Choose A Long-Lasting Flexispot Desk?

Flexispot provides a huge range of standing desks for everyone’s needs. They have both affordable and premium-quality desks. But what features should you look at when you want the desk to last long? Here we go.

Three-Stage Lifting Columns

Flexispot offers both two-stage and three-stage lifting columns. In a three-stage lifting, each part carries less stress than the two-stage columns. It ultimately leads to a more stable desk that lasts many years. The columns don’t need as much repairing as well. 

It’s a must-have if you plan to touch the max weight capacity and make the desk last long as well.

Dual Motor

We know single-motor desks like the E1 series (EG1/EF1), and EW8 Comhar all-in-one are more affordable. But if you put heavy objects on the desk as it is standing high, single motors might cause wobbliness in the future.

Dual-motor desks are on the pricier end. But this specific feature ensures better speed, more loading capacity, and stability at the top height. So, if you fear deteriorating performance over the years, a dual-motor design can give you some extra years of peace. Flexispot E7 pro plus is a good example of that.

How Long Do Flexispot Desks Last? [Honest Explanation]

How To Increase The Lifetime Of My Flexispot Desk?

Apart from all the minor details we mentioned, make sure you maintain the desk clean-up routine. Yes, even an electrical desk should be taken care of. 

Re-arrange the desk every time you leave. It helps you avoid stacking everything in one place causing weight-related imbalance.

If you have heavier objects, make sure they stay close to the legs. It’s easier for the motor to lift the desk without any wobble.

Moreover, don’t lift or lower the desk unnecessarily. Remember, each motor has a certain number of cycles to fulfill. After that, the motors need to be replaced. So, if you want the desk to operate for a long time, only lift it when you need it. 

If you want more years without replacing the motors, check the manual of each Flexispot model and look for the motor’s lifetime cycles. You don’t want anything below 10,000 if you want at least 10 years of service from the desk.

Before You Go!

You can expect at least 5 years of trouble-free experience due to the warranty backup. But in case, your face issues after that period, the first instinct should be to reset the adjustments. For that, follow our step-by-step guide on how to reset a Flexispot desk.

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