Does Flexispot Desk Wobble? [Real Customers Talk]

Does Flexispot Desk Wobble? [Real Customers Talk]

Flexispot desks are gaining more popularity since home offices are becoming a trend. But, one thing we often hear is whether Flexispot desks wobble or not. It’s mostly because people assume electric desks can never be as sturdy and high-performing as a typical wooden desk. so, is that true?

Flexispot desks generally don’t wobble. If your desk is wobbling there might be certain reasons including a loose frame, exceeding the weight limit, too many moving parts, unbalanced legs, choosing the wrong desktop, and so on.

We are happy that you are here trying to figure out what went wrong instead of sitting back and blaming the brand. Today we are about to discuss why some Flexispot desks wobble and what you can do to avoid it from the start.

Is It Normal For Flexispot Desks To Wobble?

Flexispot is a top brand for standing desks. You shouldn’t face any kind of wobbliness with a Flexispot desk. Imagine, what would be the purpose of creating desks if it wobbles? Stability is the most important thing you can ask from a standing desk.

However, we hear customers getting confused when their desks wobble while standing or sitting. It’s not normal. If you are having such issues, it’s important to identify the root cause and fix it instead of accepting it.

Why Does My Flexispot Desk Wobble?

There’s no single reason behind it. There might be multiple reasons behind a shaking desk. All you have to do is consider each of them and inspect the deks thoroughly.

1. Too Much Weight

Weight capacity is the single most important feature to look for in a standing desk. Not every Flexispot model offers the same weight capacity. So, it’s pretty easy to confuse one desk’s actual limit with another one.

Every desk is vulnerable when you dump too many heavy objects on it. And, an ergonomic desk reaches its weakest point if you exceed the maximum capacity. Not just that, uneven distribution of weight on the table can cause wobbliness. That means you are putting too many heavy objects on one side of the table which unbalances the tabletop.

 How To Inspect The Issue?

To check whether it’s a weight-related issue or not, remove some heavy objects from the desk. Start increasing the height of the desk and let it stay like this for a while. do you still see the wobbliness? If yes, something else is causing the trouble. And, if it stops wobbling after applying this method, you know the culprit.

The Solution We Recommend

Most people assume every Flexispot desk can carry about 275 pounds. 

 Only claims this capacity for their EC4 model. The rest including, EN1, EC1, and EC3 can only manage up to 155 pounds. So, check the Flexispot model number and try to find the ideal weight capacity. It should be written in the manual clearly. If you don’t have the manual, go online and enter Flexispot’s official website.

Once you find the ideal limit, it’s time to declutter completely. Estimate the weight of every object you have been keeping on the desk all this time. For example, how much does your computer, printer, and table lamp weigh? It doesn’t mean, you have to consider even a pen or a piece of paper. Just weighing the somewhat heavier items is enough.

Now, does the total number exceed your desk’s capacity? If yes, you have to remove some items from the table. Now, here’s a catch. It doesn’t always have to cross the weight limit. If the desk capacity is 154 pounds (for example), it’s better to stay under 150 pounds or even less to increase the stability.

Does Flexispot Desk Wobble? [Real Customers Talk]

2. Loose Frame

Loose frames are obvious if your desk is wobbling too much. But how does a desk end up in this condition? Well, it’s an assembly error and nothing else. You might have used the wrong tools while tightening the bolts or screws.

It’s very important to stick to the manual as you assemble the whole thing. One small error can lead to a wobbly desk.

How To Inspect The Issue?

Place a bowl of water on the tabletop. Watch it as you increase the desk’s height. Is it shaking? Then, you have weak frames for sure.

The Solution We Recommend

The ideal way to tackle this situation is slowly disassemble the whole structure. It will take time. But please stay patient. If you don’t have enough confidence, get a partner to help you out.

The package includes every screw you will need with a specific label. You don’t have to buy anything. Just get the recommended tools (screwdriver, drill machine). Make sure you hand-tighten everything before switching to the wrenches. Before moving to the next stage, always inspect manually whether the frame is tight or not.

3. Not-So-Smooth Glides

Glides often don’t get the credit they deserve. These rubber gaskets fit the inner side of the desk columns. Its main purpose is to reduce friction and damage as you connect two columns together. Those study columns will scratch each other if you press too much. A glide sits in the middle and allows smooth joining without any friction.

Another thing it does is make sure the column heads reach the final point. It ensures stability. One major rule of assembly is to make sure the separate parts are connecting tightly and securely. A glide helps to do that. Hence, it’s supposed to be smooth.

a non-smooth glide will do more harm than good. You might try to push one column into another one and feel some kind of resistance. In that case, it’s hard to recognize whether the connection was tight or not. and, no need to explain what an improper column installation will do to the desk. Yes, you guessed correctly. The desk will wobble.

How To Inspect The Issue?

If you are the one assembling the whole thing, you might remember what it felt like while building the desk legs. If you recall it to be hard to push the columns inside, the glides might have been the issue. Without your knowledge, you have assembled the desk incorrectly.

The Solution We Recommend

The solution is a bit tedious. You can’t get the glides out without disassembling the whole thing. So, even if it sounds difficult, stick with the procedure. Carefully check the glides. You can apply lubricants to increase the smoothness to an extent. Then, reassemble the whole thing.

Does Flexispot Desk Wobble? [Real Customers Talk]

4. Lack Of Cross-Support

Cross-support does what it says. It balances the desk and supports the legs at the same time. The frame looks like an “X.” Not every Flexispot desk has it. It enables the desk to carry existing objects more efficiently. If you have noticed the desk wobbling as it moves upward, a cross-support can eliminate that.

How To Inspect The Issue?

Any desk that doesn’t come with cross-beam support is exposed to the risk of wobbling. And, it’s not rocket science to identify that. If you are putting too many items on the desk, a lack of cross-support will affect the desk’s stability.

The Solution We Recommend

Some Flexispot desks don’t with cross-support due to the negative impacts. For example, some users complain that cross-support will reduce the under space of the desk or the desired legroom. Hence, people suffering from short storage capacity in the office like to decline a cross-beam attachment.

But cross-support has many other benefits as well. If you don’t struggle with space in your home office, you are not too dependent on the under space of the desk. You can easily ask for cross-beam support.

5. Moving The Table Too Many Times

Do you have other partners who work on the same desk? Then, it’s normal for the desk to move up and down way too many times per day. For example, both your and your partners’ height might differ. As a result, your ideal standing height is not appropriate for him/her. It leads to continuously changing the height several times a day.

This particular reason can cause the desk to start shaking after a certain point of time. You see, the parts are moving way too much than ideal per day.

Another way it can happen is by opting for a desk with too many moving parts. That means, attaching multiple accessories to the desk. We often hear that more parts mean better safety. But that’s not true for stability. According to our research, less is more when you want the desk to not wobble.

How To Inspect The Issue?

Apart from wobbliness, the desk would show signs or other technical glitches. For example, getting stuck in the middle of raising the height. The display will ask for a reset. That’s your cue to understand that you have been inappropriate while using the desk.

The Solution We Recommend

Start by resetting the desk. follow the steps as mentioned: press the “down” button until the desk reaches its lowest position. Hold your finger on the button until you notice the desk slightly move upward and then sit again. The desk has been reset.

That should be enough to solve most technical errors. Also, try to lock the office door if you have kids in the house. Pressing the buttons randomly can cause such technical glitches as well.

6. Cheap Tabletop

Flexispot offers laminate, wood (red, white, black oak), chipboard, bamboo, etc. each tabletop material suits a different type of aesthetics. But table tops have more work than just looking beautiful. If you go for the cheapest option available, it might hamper the productivity of the overall desk. you see, not every desktop material, size, or thickness is appropriate to carry 200-300 pounds. 

Even if they don’t necessarily break down, there is definitely some setbacks in the form of a wobbling desk. We are not saying, MDF or laminates are bad quality. They are just not made for heavy tasks.

How To Inspect The Issue?

It’s simple to identify a cheap tabletop. Just take a look at the material and thickness. Chipboards, MDF, or laminate desktops are not ideal for accommodating expensive heavy weight gadgets like PC. And, not ordering enough thickness just makes the desks even more vulnerable.

The Solution We Recommend

Choose a tabletop according to your needs. Don’t go for the cheapest option only. Even though all Flexispot table tops are top-notch quality, being careful goes a long way.

If you don’t want to change the table-top, erase some heavy objects from the table. Then, distribute the remaining weight uniformly across the entire surface. That’ll mitigate the impact remarkably.

And, for better results, get a sturdy tabletop with appropriate thickness. For example, if you have too many digital devices sitting on a desk, go for a wooden desk with ¾” thickness.

7. Uneven Ground

Uneven grounds are the enemy of standing desks. It’s really important to keep both legs at the same exact height at all points. That’s what makes the desk stable. And, an uneven floor ruins the whole thing for you. even if the desk itself is perfectly in sync, you will still have to deal with the consequences of imbalanced legs.

Does Flexispot Desk Wobble? [Real Customers Talk]

How To Inspect The Issue?

If the floor is uneven, we think it would be visible to the eyes. Sometimes, desks in their lowest settings don’t shake too much even on uneven ground. But as you keep increasing the legs, the need for smooth and plane floor increases.

So, if you have to inspect the issue, keep the desk at its maximum height. Put a glass filled with water on the tabletop. Keep your eyes on it as the table height increase. If the glass doesn’t shake as the desk goes up, there’s no problem with its frames and bolts.

Once it reaches the height you want, give it a little push. Do you see the water shaking uncontrollably? Well, it might be a floor issue now.

The Solution We Recommend

If you have an uneven floor, it’s not the desk’s problem. You can either put wedges under the desk legs to balance the height or fix the floor altogether. We know, fixing the floor seems like a lot of trouble. So, start by using wooden or paper wedges first. That’s a temporary fix.

For a permanent solution, you can move the desk to another place. For example, you might have this problem only inside the basement. So, change the desk’s location and solve the problem without spending a penny.

If you have established a home office and there’s no way to change locations, call a professional to fix the dents on your floor. If it’s a minor crack, make a grout mixture. Fill the holes with this mixture and make sure it’s not overflowing. Once the concrete-crack filler dries up there should be more unbalancing.

Which Flexispot Desk Is The Most Sturdy?

The most sturdy desk should have two main characteristics: a dual motor system and max weight capacity. Everything else is optional. Dual motor desks are 2 to 3 times faster and more stable. Two motors are placed on both sides of the desk. It helps to reduce the pressure on one motor to control both sides.

As long as the legs are even and installed perfectly, you will have the smoothest and quietest experience with dual motor desks. Considering these facts, EC4 checks all the boxes.

Before You Go!

Flexispot is a reliable name in the ergonomic furniture industry. But your experience solely depends on how efficiently you can install the whole thing. Even high-end furniture will perform poorly if there is an error during the assembly. To make sure you don’t follow the same fate as other frustrated users, read this guide on how to assemble a Flexispot desk step-by-step.

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