Are Standing Desks Good For ADHD?

Are Standing Desks Good For ADHD?

Having a standing desk can benefit you from many sides, that you cannot even imagine. Besides reducing the health problem related to typical sitting it can even help you stay healthy mentally. it can even help you with your ADHD.

Standing desks are good for people with ADHD. Many people with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, may find it really difficult to stay focused in a typical sitting office atmosphere.

People with ADHD tend to move a lot which may seem restless to other people. A standing desk can provide people with ADHD an ample amount of opportunity to move while working. It makes the work environment more friendly for people with ADHD.

People with ADHD may often find the work environment hostile towards them being restless. Often the static sitting position becomes really suffocating for them. Stay with us and keep on reading to know more about whether standing desks are good for people with ADHD or not.

Are Standing Desks Better For Focus?

Yes, different studies show that the use of a standing desk can improve your ability to focus immensely. The effects of a standing desk on our ability to focus are simple. When we do work out our body burns calories. And after a workout, you will see that our ability to focus and concentrate has increased.

This is due to the release of hormones. When we use a standing desk to work, we burn calories, and this effect is similar to workouts. Studies have found that standing desk improves our blood flow circulation which is important for our brain to focus.

Our body works as a system, it cannot operate without the help of every organ. And standing requires different parts of our brain to function. And this function helps our brain to operate and increases the ability to focus.

So, yes standing desks are definitely better for focus.

Are Standing Desks Good For ADHD?

Are There Benefits To ADHD?

Having ADHD can sometimes become really hard. But it is our duty as humans to appreciate diversity. And we should always look at the bright side of things. If you have ADHD then certain things about you are very unique and special.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of having ADHD.

1. More Energy

People with ADHD may seem restless to some people. They can attend a whole day of voluntary work and party hard at night. But this only indicates that they are more energetic and cheerier.

Hyperactivity can help a person stay enthusiastic. And these types of people are needed for the most valuable work. They can stay energetic and enthusiastic. 

2. Creative, Inventive

People with ADHD are more creative than others. There can be a simple logic for this.

People with ADHD tend to be hyperactive and enthusiastic. So, their mind is always running around here and there, filled with ideas. So, they can imagine more scenarios. They are always good at thinking outside the box. This helps them to see the problem from different angles to find the best solution.

3. Seeing The Big Picture

People with ADHD can imagine the whole scenario from different angles better than anyone else. This makes them great problem solvers.

4. Adventurous 

This makes them ideal for risk-taking and trying out new things. Often many people suffer from indecisiveness but people with ADHD can take risks and take deeper dives into things other people cannot.

5. Intuitive 

People with ADHD tend to see the bigger picture and believe in their gut feelings. They tend to be more sensitive than other people and thus helps them understand s social situation better than others.

5 Things To Do As An ADHD Employee

Sometimes people face a lot of problems with having ADHD. This leads them to feel insecure, and this issue can be deadly when you are working in an office.

But you should always keep in mind that our world is full of different people. This is what keeps our life going. So, the first you have to do is stop feeling insecure that you are not normal.

 Here are some things you can do.

1. Communicate 

Whatever you do, don’t stop communicating with people around you. When you communicate with other people you will see that, there are more people like you.

Always communicate with your boss or others in charge. Keep them informed about your comforts and discomforts.

2. Use A Standing Desk 

To make your work environment more comfortable talk to your boss and change your desk. A standing desk can help you stay focused both physically and mentally.

3. Keep Encouraging Yourself

Never forget to keep yourself encouraged. At the end of the day, you only have yourself.

Are Standing Desks Good For ADHD?

4. Use A Standing Desk Mat Or Board

You can make your office environment more fun and engaging for yourself. Both the standing desk mat and the board can give you an ample amount of fun while you work.

5. Take Smaller Breaks During Work

 You should take smaller breaks during your work to keep yourself comfortable. These breaks don’t have to be boring or idle. You can do some puzzle-solving or drawing to make it fun.

5 Things To Do As A Boss For The Employe With ADHD

If you are the boss of an office then you have to keep in mind that, you will have different kinds of employees in your office. But it will not be possible for you to make everything perfectly comfortable for everyone.

But what you can do is, you can take some necessary steps to make everyone feel comfortable and appreciated. Of course, you don’t have to become like Michael from The Office!

1. Make The Office Environment Friendly

You can ask for suggestions from the office employees about how you can improve the environment of your office.

2. Choose Healthier Desks Like The Standing Desk

This is something that you will always get benefits from. You can choose this for yourselves and your employees. This will benefit you immensely in the long run.

3. Ask For Feedback

Ask for feedback from all the employees.

4. Make Resting Place Creative

You should make creative resting places for your employees to enjoy their breaks. This will benefit employees with ADHD immensely.

5. Always Appreciate The Efforts Of Your Employees

This will leave a positive impact on them to work harder and smarter.

How Do I Make My Office ADHD Friendly?

Making an ADHD-friendly office will not only benefit the employees with ADHD but will also create a peaceful environment for everyone to work in.

Here is how you can create an ADHD-friendly office.

1. Keep The Office Interior Minimalistic And Mindful

This will create a peaceful environment for everyone to work in. Also, fewer things mean less maintenance.

2. Change The Desks With A Standing Desk

Using a standing desk in an office will benefit everyone. This will reduce the diseases connected with typical sitting and also will improve the employee’s ability to focus. Not to mention that this will immensely benefit people with ADHD along with other.

3. Reduce Distraction

Tell the employees to keep their desks as minimalistic as possible to keep them on track. This shouldn’t be forced. They should have the right to keep their belongings at their desks.

4. Provide Them With Visual Aids

This will the people with ADHD to stay organized, mindful, and on track.

Are Standing Desks Good For ADHD?

5. Divide Tasks Into Smaller Parts

Big tasks can be overwhelming for anyone, even people without ADHD can get exhausted. So, always break down tasks into smaller parts to encourage all the employees.

6. Take Feedbacks

Take feedback from everyone to improve further in your office.

What Is The Best Desk Setup For Someone With ADHD?

Setting a desk when you have ADHD can be pretty hard. But worry no more, here is how you can set up the desk with ADHD.

1. Keep Your Desk Minimalistic

This will help you keep track of everything you have on your desk. So, you will not get paranoid when something gets lost, or you cannot find them.

2. Reduce Distractions

You should try your best to reduce all the distractive things from your desk to keep yourself concentrated and focused.

3. Use A Standing Desk

This will help you stay focused and reduce stress. this will also allow you to get enough opportunity to move and adjust yourself.

4. Position Your Desk Near A Window

This will allow you to zone out from time to time. By doing so, you can also reduce the strain on your eyes.

5. Use A Standing Desk Mat Or Board

Using a standing desk mat or board can help you stay comfortable. Boards can make it very fun for you while you work.

Before You Go

Standing desks are not only good for people with ADHD but also, they are good for other people. Using a standing can reduce your chances of getting heart disease, belly fat, muscle strain, high blood pressure, etc.

Using a standing desk board can make things more fun for people with ADHD, give this article a look, if you want to get yourself a standing desk board.

Are Balance Boards Good For Standing Desks?

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