Can I Stand On My Uplift Desk?

Can I Stand On My Uplift Desk?

Trying to leave your old sedentary lifestyle behind? No worries, Uplift has all the solutions to the ergonomic issues inside your office. But their electric desks are surely the most popular. That’s because it gives you the flexibility to choose whether to sit or stand.

Uplift has several electric desk series that allow you to adjust the height. So you don’t need to sit for the whole period. you can switch between standing and sitting by just pushing a button.

Now, when anyone hears about these features first, they wonder whether their height is also suitable for enjoying such ergonomic features or not. We can bet you are wondering about the same thing. If that’s true, this article will wipe away any kind of doubt you have. So, don’t skip anything.

Do Uplift Desks Allow You To Stand?

If you are wondering whether you can use an Uplift desk for sitting and standing, yes. Uplift has introduced desks in different shapes and designs that can change position electronically. All you have to do is touch the keypad and choose a desired height. The average height range for Uplift desks is 24.5” to 50.9”. If you choose the traditional  24” or 30” deep two-legged standing desks, the minimum height limit would be 25.3”.

However, if you are okay with spending a bit extra on a custom four-legged one, the minimum height will be reduced to 24.5”. The max height stays the same.

Now, if you are wondering whether this height range allows you to both stand and sit comfortably or not, check out the table below.

Your HeightIdeal Sitting HeightIdeal Standing Height

If you are 6’7” or above, your requirement for a standing desk’s height becomes above average as well. That’s where many desks fail. Majority of the desks have a max height adjustability of 48”.  You can’t increase the desk’s height beyond this point (even if you are over 6’7”). That’s only helpful if you are below 6’6”. For a taller demographic, who also wants to enjoy the benefits of a standing desk, Uplift is the best option (without any doubt). The desk can go up to 50.9”. even if you are 6’8”, Uplift has got you covered.

The problem arises when you look at the less tall demographic. For example, the average height is 5’2” to 5’6” for women. If you are below that range, your ideal sitting height becomes 24” to 23”. Now, as we have seen earlier, Uplift can only offer you 24.5” of sitting height. So, if your height is below average, you will be able to stand with an Uplift desk but won’t be able to sit as comfortably.

Again, why is the 1’ or 2” difference so important? Can’t a 5’2” person work with a 24.5” desk height? Actually, yes, he can. In fact, many workers do it every day since the office desks are always on a uniform height that might not match you perfectly. But doctors highly warn us against such actions.

Study shows that if a person uses a standing desk below or above his ideal height, he will have to tilt his neck a little. It helps you reach the desk surface. Now, this small action doesn’t hurt as soon as you do it. But if you consistently do it over a long period of time, you might end up with chronic shoulder pain, swollen upper hand, and so on. That’s why we highly recommend sticking with your ideal height (you can find that in the table).

Can I Stand On My Uplift Desk?

Will My Uplift Desk Break If I Stand On It?

The weight capacity of an Uplift V-2 frame is around 355 lbs. That number sometimes gives people the wrong idea. They think since they weigh below 355 pounds or 161 kg, sitting (or even standing) on the desk should be alright. But that’s a major misconception. You shouldn’t try standing or sitting on top of your desk even if you are not that heavy. For a better insight, check out  what might happen if you do so.

1. Too Much Pressure On The Desk

Even though the desk already carries 100 lbs of office stuff easily, it won’t do that for your weight. Usually, when we stand, the area covered by our feet is significantly small. And according to the laws of physics, distributing the same amount of weight on a smaller surface will end up increasing the overall pressure. It will limit the speed of transition, increase instability, and might even damage the technical parts permanently.

2. Motor Overload

Motors are the powerhouse of your standing desk. it’s the same for any electric desk you choose (not just Uplift). But the motors work efficiently when the weight is evenly distributed across the surface. even then, you will feel minor wobbliness as the height increases. That’s why, Uplift offers three-stage lifting columns to reduce the pressure on the desk legs. So, you can guess how horribly the motors and lifting columns will be affected if you stand on the desk.

3. Breakage Of Flimsy Table-Tops

After all the pressure you put on your desktop, it’s not a shocker if you see any breakage. You are lucky if the tabletop material is solid, like Rubberwood, butcher block, etc. But if you choose laminate or simple plastic to save some bucks, you are in big trouble. Such tabletops don’t contain enough strength to carry a full-grown man’s weight.  We are afraid you will have to deal with the breakage afterward.

4. Risk Of Accidents

Last but not least, you can always lose balance if the desk is not stable. Depending on whether the office floor is made of wood or concrete, you are under great threat of injury. Also, if you fall on your head, the outcome will only get worse.

Before You Go!

If you are happy learning about the adjustability of an Uplift desk, wait till you hear about its weight capacity. When it comes to lifting the desktop smoothly, Uplift is way ahead of other popular brands. Sounds interesting? Then, please check out our discussion on how much weight an Uplift desk can hold.

Article link: how much weight an Uplift desk can hold.

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