How Much Weight Can Uplift Desk Hold?

How Much Weight Can Uplift Desk Hold?

Is high-weight capacity your number one priority for a standing desk? Then, Uplift wouldn’t disappoint you. While the other popular brands focused on keeping the frames lightweight, Uplift focused on stability. Still, it never hurts to double-check whether Uplift offers desks to meet your expected weight limit or not.

An Uplift standing desk can hold 355 lbs easily. If you pick the four-leg or L-shaped standing desks, the weight capacity will increase up to 535 lbs. As for the desk converters, 33 lbs is usually the the lifting capacity. 

No doubt, the numbers are satisfactory. But if you are really planning to buy an Uplift desk for your office, you might need more information than that. Keeping that in mind, we have arranged a list of Uplift models and their weight capacities for you. Check it out.

How Much Weight Can Uplift Desk Hold?

Usually, Uplift standing desks have a weight capacity of 355 lbs. It’s the bare minimum for any Uplift desk series. Even the old V1 models used to come with 355 lbs of loading capacity. So, you can only expect better from the new V2 and V2 commercial frames.

Below we have introduced all the available Uplift desks and how much weight they can carry.

Particular ModelsDesktop SizeWeight Capacity
Uplift Standing Desk (UPL960)42” to 80”355 lbs
24”-Deep Standing Desk (UPL926)42” to 80”355 lbs
L-Shaped Standing Desk (UPL934)60” to 80”535 lbs
Curved Standing Desk (UPL933)72”535 lbs
4-Leg Standing Desk60” to 80”535 lbs
Custom Laminate 2-Leg Standing Desk42” to 80”355 lbs
Custom Laminate L-Shaped Standing Desk54” to 80.”535 lbs

Every desk here offers as many as 15 variations, including color, desktop material, desktop size, etc. You can choose from a Rubberwood, Butcher block, bamboo, or solid wood tabletop. If you are still not satisfied, you can go for the custom laminate standing desk. It’s available for both two-legged and four-legged desks.

This option allows you to have all the benefits of these desk frames with a laminate table-top. It is cost-effective. Plus, this significant change in desk-top material doesn’t really affect the lifting capacity. You can still have a 355lbs of weight capacity for desks (with two legs).

Even though a solid wood finish looks extremely beautiful on top of a desk, it weighs more. Thus, you have to share the desk’s lifting capacity with a heavy desktop as well. It’s definitely not good news if you only want the highest weight limit. For that, many users stick with a custom laminate option. As we know, a laminate table-top is lightweight compared to any other type of desk-top material.

So, that leaves all the loading capacity for your office staff. You can utilize all 350 lbs of capacity. However, please don’t forget that a laminate table-top might feel a little flimsy after you put heavy equipment on the desk. that’s a downside you have to deal with.

How Much Weight Can Uplift Desk Hold?

Is 355lbs Weight Capacity Good Enough?

355 lbs or 161kg of weight capacity is more than good enough for a standing desk. It doesn’t matter whether you are a gamer or a trader. It’s very rare for your big screen monitors to surpass this weight threshold.

Even a 43” trading monitor only weighs around 30 lbs or 13.9kg. Usually, monitors are the heaviest items we put on our desktops. The rest of the space is occupied by files and random stuff, which doesn’t weigh much. If you are skeptical, please calculate the weight of every significant stuff on your work desk. It usually doesn’t even cross 100 lbs. In that case, you are way below the max weight limit of an Uplift desk.

Varidesk (another popular desk manufacturer) only has a max weight capacity of 220 lbs. And it still transitions smoothly with heavy loads. So, you are one up against the Varidesk users with a 355lbs weight limit.

In case the desk needs to accommodate multiple computers, you can always pick a four-legged Uplift desk or an L-shaped desk with 535 lbs weight capacity. It feels like no matter what your demand is; you can never go wrong with Uplift.

How Much Weight Can Uplift Desk Hold?

Does The V2 Commercial Series Have Better Lifting Capacity?

Each model we described in the table is available in V2 or V2-commercial frame. So, let’s make you familiar with the idea of what the actual difference is between these two frames. The V2-commercial frame is identical to a V2 frame with better lifting capacity and stability. Both the terms “lifting capacity” and “stability” go hand in hand. If you have prior experience using a standing desk, you would know that.

Suppose your office essentials weigh 100 lbs in total. In that case, a standing desk with 355 lbs of weight capacity will carry the stuff more efficiently than a desk with 150 lbs of capacity. That’s a basic concept. Another interesting fact is that a heavier frame tends to be less wobbly at a higher position than a lightweight one.

Now, a V2-Commercial frame weighs around 93 lbs, whereas the traditional V2 frame only weighs 59 lbs. The extra weight in the V2-commercial frame attracts users who are planning to use the desk in a corporate setting. As you can see, the extra weight in the frame helps keep the structure steady even after a long session of work.

So, the V2-commercial frame from Uplift might not have more numbers when it comes to weight capacity. But it surely carries the same stuff better and smoother than a V2 frame. It’s up to you to decide which frame will suit your need better. Of course, you have to pay a little extra to switch frames. However, if the desk is going to be used by multiple users, it would be worth investing in the V2-commercial series.

Before You Go!

We believe you should continue comparing brands before settling on a particular desk. Even though Uplift desks have top-class frames with accessories, it wouldn’t hurt to look for more options. For that purpose, you can check out our comparison on Uplift & Flexispot. Read the key differences carefully to identify which one meets your conditions better.

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