Can You Sit With A Varidesk?

Can You Sit With A Varidesk?

Varidesk has a variety of standing desk collections. It focuses on bringing people out of their sedentary lifestyle through their products. But isn’t standing too much also injurious to your health? That’s the major concern of workers who don’t have a prior experience with Varidesk. So, can you sit with a Varidesk?

You can definitely sit with a Varidesk. In fact, the interesting feature of a Varidesk standing desk is that it can travel from 25” to 50.9” easily. By lowering the height, you can bring it to your ideal sitting height.

If you have no idea what these numbers mean, that’s fine. Because we are about to discuss how the height range of a Varidesk is appropriate for both sitting and standing. So, don’t skip anything.

Can You Sit With A Varidesk Standing Desk?

The lowest a Varidesk standing desk can go is 25”. Yes, you have to press the up or down arrow to change the desk’s existing position. The idea is to help you sit after a tiring period of standing in front of the desk. However, your height is a major factor that determines whether you will be able to enjoy the lower height range than your sitting height or not. To understand that, we first need to check out your ideal sitting height.

HeightYour Recommended Sitting Height

Suppose you are 5’6”. The table says that your ideal desk height should be around 25”. Only then can you keep your elbows parallel to the floor and not have any back-aches. So, after keeping the desk at a standing height for a while (suppose 47”), you might want to sit down for a while.

No need to move to another location. Just lower the Varidesk till it reaches 25” of desk height. You can just grab a chair and change your position. The same desk will help you stand and sit with only one touch of your finger.

And, it’s not just for people with 5’6” height. You can be 5’7”, 5’9”, or even 6’ tall. Your ideal sitting height will change for sure, but Varidesk will still meet your needs and help you sit comfortably. Suppose you are 6’ tall.

According to the table, you should use a desk with 27.5” of height while sitting. If you have noticed, 27.5” is well within the height range (25” to 50.5”) of Varidesk. So, you don’t have to worry a bit whether the Varidesk will be as comfortable for sitting as it is for standing or not. Hope you are clear.

Can You Sit With A Varidesk?

Can You Sit With A Varidesk If You Are 5’?

Our previous table doesn’t include a height below 5’6”. Does it mean if you are below 5’6” (like only 5’), you can’t sit with a Varidesk? Again, let’s take a look at the ideal sitting height of a bit shorter people.

HeightYour Recommended Sitting HeightYour Recommended Standing Height

As you can see, if you are 5’, your recommended sitting height becomes 22.5”. That’s beyond the capacity of Varidesk. No matter which series of Varidesk you choose (Electric, Ergo, or Essential), it won’t go below 25”. If you are determined to use a Varidesk at any cost, you might need to adjust your posture a bit to access the desk surface.

Even though it’s sad, we don’t think you should go for a Varidesk if you are around 5’. However, if you are only planning to use the Varidesk as your standing desk and not sit in front of it during work, you are good to go.

The table also shows us the recommended standing height for people below and above 5’. From 4’10” to 5’5”, the recommended standing height is between 35” to 40”. If we remember, the height range of Varidesk was 25” to 50.5”. That perfectly covers every height till 6’8”. But once you are tired of standing, you need another sitting area or desk that suits your height.

Can You Sit With A Varidesk?

How Long Is Too Long When You Sit With A Varidesk Standing Desk?

It might be surprising for some people, but you are not supposed to stand all day in front of a standing desk. We understand your urge to stand all day and make the most of your money, but it just doesn’t work that way. You need to keep switching between standing and sitting to keep your body in the best form.

The problem arises when it’s time to sit, and you forget to switch back. We suggest you try the reminder setting to let you remind when you have sat for too long. For that, first, you need to know how long is too long.

Well, usually, half an hour of sitting is considered long enough. If you sit more than that in front of your standing desk, you should get a reminder. The right method is to divide each hour into two segments. You will get 30 minutes in each of them. Now, try to sit for the first 20 minutes. Keep the rest of the 30 minutes to stand in a good posture.

After the first round of 30 minutes, sit for the next 20 minutes. And then repeat the cycle again. Needless to say, this method is for beginners who are not accustomed to working while standing yet.

Once you are more comfortable, try to decrease the sitting time to 15 minutes. But keep in mind that you have to sit for 15 to 20 minutes per hour to protect your body against inflammation or Varicose veins.

Before You Go!

You might have already decided whether to go with a Varidesk or not. If your answer is yes, you should move further and check the height limit of different Varidesk models. That way, you can pick up a particular model designed for you. If you are ready, here is our discussion on the height limit of a Varidesk.

Article link: what is the height limit of Varidesk?

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