What Is The Lowest Height Uplift Desk?

What Is The Lowest Height Uplift Desk?

Uplift desks are popular for their immense lifting capacity. But as much as we all want that weight capacity, we have to consider the height range as well. It’s because a standing desk can only move so far. But if your height doesn’t fall into the average category, for example, if you are short, it’s rare for a standing desk to match your ideal sitting height. So, will Uplift disappoint you as well? If not, what is the lowest height of an Uplift desk?

The lowest height of an Uplift desk is 24.5”. But if you switch to the V-2 commercial frame, the same desk series can offer you 22.7” as the minimum height. Almost every Uplift desk comes with a “V-2 Commercial Frame” option.

Is your height limiting you from enjoying the perks of using a high-quality electronic desk? Well, not anymore. With Uplift, you can lower your desk’s height up to 22.7” without any trouble. To learn more about the models and what to expect from them, keep reading.

What Is The Lowest Height Uplift Desk You Can Get?

While the taller demographic find it tough to get a standing desk that matches their standing height, it’s the opposite for short people. Their problem is with the sitting height. Usually, the majority of the desk brands including Uplift, manufacture models that can only go down up to 24.5”. However, there are some exceptions. Here is a list of Uplift desks that can be lowered up to 22.6”. Have a look.

Standing DesksModel NumberMinimum Height
Uplift Wall-mounted Standing Desk UPL07522.6”
2-Leg Height Adjustable Conference Table (V2-Commercial Frame)UPL95922.6”
I. Deep Standing Desk (V2-Commercial Frame)
II. 24” Deep Standing Desk (V2-Commercial Frame)
I. UPL960
II. UPL926  
I. L-Shaped Standing Desk (V-2 Commercial Frame)
II. Curved Corner Standing Desk (V-2 Commercial Frame)
III. Four-Legs Standing Desk
I. UPL934
II. UPL933 III. UPL941

1. Uplift Wall-Mounted Standing Desk

To be honest, a wall-mounted desk is not very common. Manufacturers design it with one leg instead of the traditional two-leg version. Now, you might wonder how does a desk stay stable on only one leg? Well, that’s why this desk needs to be attached to the wall of your home office. Once the frame is attached securely, the desktop is able to move up and down like a regular standing desk.

It’s a wonderful solution for remote workers who don’t have much space left in their offices. A traditional two-legged or even three-legged L-shaped desk might sound cool. But they require a decent area to set up perfectly. On the other hand, the desktop size for this one-legged standing desk is about 48”. So, it saves a lot of space in every dimension.

But just because it’s made for crampy spaces doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the premium features of other Uplift desks. For example, the leg is divided into three stages instead of the boring two-stage models. That way, you can expect a faster and smoother transition every time. Plus, you can customize the desktop material according to your budget and preference.

And last but not least, it offers a 22.7” to 48” height range for users.

What Is The Lowest Height Uplift Desk?

2. 2-Leg Height Adjustable Conference Table

The UPL959 model from Uplift is a two-leg standing desk commonly used as a meeting table. That’s why the desktop width is spread up to 80”. That’s almost double the average width of a standing desk (48 to 50”). It can be a good thing or a bad thing for you. The extra space on the desk surface gives you enough space to organize everything you need.

Plus, if you frequently have people coming over to your office for a meeting, the desk can be the center of your meeting area. You don’t need to plan another conference section within your office. Just make sure to set the desk in the middle of the room in that case.

However, if you don’t have a spacious office area, buying a conference table might not be a good idea. You can stick with the wall-mounted desk we described earlier.

Another amazing thing about this desk is its height range. But there’s a twist. If you get a regular V2 frame, the height range you would get would be 25.3” to 50.9”. However, there’s another frame used to manufacture the same Uplift model. It’s called a V2-commercial frame. If you order the second one, your desk frame will be able to go down as much as 22.7”.

The other variation has a minimum height of only 25.3”. As you can see, it’s very easy to make a mistake while ordering this particular conference table.

3. 24” & 30” Deep Regular Uplift Standing Desks

Both UPL960 and UPL926 are desks with typical Uplift features. You get to have two-legged desks with multiple digital features. The only visible difference is the size of the desktop. The first one is 24” deep, while the second one is 30” deep. So, you can pick either of them depending on your requirements. And, yes, the desktop is customizable as well.

Keep in mind that, you have to order the V-2 commercial frame instead of the regular V-2 frame. The V-2 commercial frame is more stable and can travel up to 26” with ease.

4. Odd-Shaped Uplift Standing Desks

We have enlisted the L-shaped and Curved contour series in this section. These are not the typical standing desk shapes you see on the market. And there’s a special purpose behind such designs. It’s not only about the looks. An L-shaped desk comes with three legs and gives you better access to every part of the desk.

If you have multiple monitors on the desk, it becomes a hassle to move around the desk frequently. Having an L-shaped desk can bring the end of your desk closer to you. So everything is under an arm’s reach. Isn’t that great?

Curved desks have the same purpose. But the contoured edge enables you to save some space as you push the chair against it. Again, it’s super useful for small office areas. Next comes the four-legged standing desk. It can lift 355 pounds without slowing down (even if it does, you won’t notice). The extra legs are designed for users who demand better stability to protect their precious office devices.

Each of these desks comes in V-2 and V-2 commercial frames. As you have already guessed, you have to ask for the second option. Only then can you enjoy the lowest height perks.

What Is The Lowest Height Uplift Desk?

Is A 22.7” Sitting Height Enough For You?

Before we discuss whether a 22.7” of desk height (minimum) is enough or not, check out this special table that states your ideal sitting height.

Your HeightIdeal Sitting Height
5’2”22.5” to 23”

We have only included height till 5’5”. Because, beyond that height, it doesn’t matter if you get a V-2 commercial frame or not. For example, suppose you are 5’7” and want a standing desk. You can choose the 24” deep Uplift desk with any frame. If it’s just V-2, you will have 25.3” as a minimum height. And, if you get the commercial one, the minimum height will be lowered to 22.7”.

But the difference doesn’t matter much to you. Because, keeping your height in consideration, you will not need to go lower than 25” as it’s your ideal sitting height. And both V-2 and the commercial-grade desk can give you that.

The problem arises when your height is lower than 5’5”. For example, if you are only 5”, your ideal sitting height is 22”. So, the minimum height range of your desk should be lower than what an average person requires. Unfortunately if you are below 5”, even the wide range of Uplift desk’s adjustability won’t be enough for you.

However, if your height is within 5’ to 5’5”, you need to check out all the options we have enlisted here. The minimum height range of these desks (22.6”) will cover your needs and help you maintain a good posture while sitting. So, the 22.7” height range (for sitting) is absolutely enough.

On the other side, if you are below 5’ (like 4’11” or 4’10”), your recommended sitting height would be 22”. That’s beyond the capacity of any Uplift model available in the market. So, either you have to adjust with a 22.7” of minimal height or get something else (from another brand). But we would like to share that usually, brands don’t go below 22” when it comes to limiting adjustability. Customer size, lowering the maximum height, and many other factors impact this decision.

What Is The Lowest Height Uplift Desk?

What Are Some Other Options?

If you are 5’5” to 5’7”, you will be okay with a V-2 commercial frame on any of your favorite Uplift series. But there are some other options available for you. Since your ideal sitting height starts from 24.5”, you can just get the models that usually come with 24.5” as a minimal height (in the V-2 frame). Since an upgrade to a V-2 commercial frame would cost you some extra bucks, and you don’t necessarily need the extra 2 inches (from 24” to 22”), why spend extra?

Four-leg standing desk UPL941, Custom Laminate Standing Desk UPL912 & UPL 913 are some of the models that usually come with a 24.5” of lower height. You don’t have to switch to the commercial frame for that.  Now, it’s up to you to make a decision.

Before You Go!

We believe you have chosen your favorite Uplift desk by now. If yes, it’s time you learned how to use it correctly to improve your back health. For that, check out our short discussion on how you should stand in front of a standing desk.

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