What Is The Height Limit For Varidesk?

What Is The Height Limit For Varidesk?

After checking the price, most of us go straight for the height limit of any standing desk. This feature is what makes a desk brand different from the others. Even though Varidesk is ruling the market due to its built quality and reputation with customers, you still need to check the height limit before committing.

The height limit for Varidesk is 25” or 63.5 cm to 50.5” or 128 cm. It’s constant for any Varidesk model you choose to except the Essential series. It comes with a 27.5” to 47.2” height range, unlike any other Varidesk model.

The numbers seem okay at first glance. But if you want a deeper insight and whether it will suit you or not, keep reading this article. We have some interesting calculations to do. Hope you are ready.

What’s The Height Limit For Varidesk?

Height limit refers to how low or high a standing desk can go. The range consists of the lowest and the highest number. It’s an important factor to know before buying. If you don’t consider the height range, you might end up with a desk that doesn’t match your sitting or standing height. That eventually ruins your entire purpose of getting a standing desk in the first place.

So, just to be sure, check the best-selling Varidesk models and how much height adjustability they provide.

Desk CategoriesSpecific ModelLowest HeightMaximum Height
Varidesk Electric Standing Desk72”x30”63.5 cm or 25”128cm or 50.5”
Ergo Electric Standing Desk54”x26”63.5 cm or 25.”128cm or 50.5.”
Essential Electric Standing Desk48”x24”70cm or 27.5.”120 cm or 47.2.”
48”x24” (Split Top)

To be honest, 25” is a pretty ideal sitting height for people who are 5’5” to 5’8”. But we must admit that if you are below that height, these Varidesk models don’t cover your ideal sitting height.

If you think the height range is not flexible enough, you are not entirely wrong. Even though we don’t think an average person would need more height than 50.5” from a standing desk. But if you do, Varidesk has a variety of desk converters in their collections.

Desk ConvertersLowest HeightMaximum Height
Pro Plus 364.5” or 11.5 cm17.5” or 44.5 cm
Pro Plus 304.5” or 11.5 cm17.5” or 44.5 cm
Pro Plus 484.5” or 11.5 cm17.5” or 44.5 cm

As you can see, the height range for desk converters starts from 4.5” to 17.5”. That’s a good 13” in between. Now, where you put the desk converter will ultimately decide whether it’s useful to you or not. For example, if you are a short person (probably 5’2” or only 5’), you would want to lower the minimum height of a Varidesk. It should be around 22 to 23” to suit your height.

Now, you can achieve this goal by getting a small computer desk that’s around 18” to 19”.  You might have to customize it since it’s not the average size of desks available in the market. Once you get it, just put the desk converter on top of it. there you go. You have your own 23” standing desk in front of you. It’s not as chic as the standing desks, but it works.

The same goes for people who want some extra height on the upper limit. Just get an average computer desk from the market. Now, put the desk converter on top of it and lift it up. you will now get some extra height on the desk than varidesk originally gave you.

What Is The Height Limit For Varidesk?

Why Does The Essential Standing Desk Series Have A Lower Height Range?

You must have already noticed how the Essential standing desk series (both) have only a 27.5” to 47.2” height range. That means it has a traveling capacity of 19.5”. That’s lower than what the other models are capable of. It makes many users wonder why the Essential series is lacking in this department.

Well, it’s no secret. If you have checked the price range of each of these Varidesk models already, you already know why. Varidesk standing desks are quite expensive than their similar counterparts from other brands.

For example, the standard 70×30 electric desk (the first option) would cost you around $950 (without a discount). That’s a lot of money, right? You have to pay close to $1000 for the desk to go from 25” to 50.5”.

On the other hand, the Essential series was designed in response to the customer’s complaints about the price tag. Both desks are priced at $300. It will blow your mind if you just notice the price gap between these two models. Needless to say, several premium features would be missing in the Essential series as a cost-cutting measure.

But it works for a majority of people who don’t give too much attention to detail. For example, along with losing a few inches in the height range, the Essential desks have a lower weight capacity. While the other models can lift as much as 220 lbs without any effort, the Essential desks can only support 175 lbs.

If it’s not a deal-breaker for you, we don’t see any problem. Plus, you get to save almost $500, which can be spent on an ergonomic chair and other stuff. Don’t you agree?

Which One Is Right For Your Height?

We honestly believe you should go for the 25” to 50.5” height range if you can afford it. Since the height range is the same for both the Standard and Ergo series, you can pick either of them. The Ergo series is a bit more cost-effective than the first one. Plus, it gives you a contoured edge instead of the standard rectangular shape. So, if you value looks, Ergo might be the right way for you.

Before You Go!

If you have purchased ergonomic furniture from Varidesk before, we understand why you want to pay so much for a standing desk. The quality really speaks with the users. However, the height range (both standing and sitting) is a huge concern among buyers. For that, check our article on this topic, which explains in detail whether your height matches the Varidesk height range or not.

Article link: can you sit with a Varidesk?

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