Why Is Varidesk So Expensive? Or Is It Not?

Why Is Varidesk So Expensive? Or Is It Not?

Varidesk is expensive. And, the difference will catch anyone’s eye. We know it makes you sad; especially if you are a Varidesk fan like us. But don’t be too quick to judge. 

Varidesk usually charges premium prices ($595 to $950) due to the product’s built quality. Varidesk offers thicker desktops, three/two-tier lifting columns, etc which ultimately increases the final price you pay.

It doesn’t matter whether you like Varidesk yet or not. If the price point doesn’t make sense to you, you wouldn’t bother spending so much. Still, if you are eager to learn about Varidesk’s price range and why it is usually costly, read on.

Is Varidesk Too Expensive? Why?

If we compare to the average standing desks found on Amazon, Varidesk is surely more expensive. Today you can get your hands on electric desks for as little as $200. But reputed brands like Varidesk offer premium features; hence, charge more for their products. 

For a little bit of understanding of the price range we are talking about, take a look at some popular Varidesk models and their prices below.

Product NameDesktop SizePrice 
Electric Standing Desk 72×30 inches$950
Curve Electric Standing Desk 60×30 inches$895
Ergo Electric Standing Desk54×26 inches$795
Essential Electric Standing Desk48×24 inches$375
Essential Electric Standing Desk Split Top48×24 inches$299
VariDesk Pro Plus 30$425
VariDesk Tall 40$595

As you can see, the Essential series is the only one with a comparatively affordable price range. But that’s because the desks lack some useful features like height range, weight capacity, etc. 

Check out the reasons we think Varidesk charges so much. If it clicks with you, then you shouldn’t have any problem considering these models for your home office.

Why Is Varidesk So Expensive? Or Is It Not?

1. It’s heavily Built

Varidesk models are usually heavier. While brands like Flexispot focus on portability and ease of handling, Varidesk offers stability and durability. That’s why the majority of their models weigh more than 100 lbs. 

Below is a brief comparison chart that shows the difference in weight for these industry-leading brands.

Suggested ModelsProduct Weight
Varidesk Standing Desk 60×30.”126.10 lbs
Flexispot E7 60×30.”54 lbs
Uplift V-2 Adjustable Desk 60×30.”117 lbs

Now, what does weight have to do with cost? Here are a number of ways it can affect the actual price you pay.

Extra Shipping Cost: It must be clear that a 50 lbs package and a 100 lbs package won’t cost the same. In the chart above, the Flexispot desk was around 54 lbs. It’s half the weight of its Varidesk counterpart. The average rate of shipping cost per pound is $1.30 (but it highly depends on the state you live in and the final destination of the product). If you are shipping outside the country, the cost will only increase. 

Since Varidesk products are way heavier, the ultimate cost to deliver them to you becomes expensive. Even though the rate per pound slowly decreases after a certain point, it’s still not negligible. 

Thick Desktop: 1” is the industry standard for tabletop thickness. But Varidesk uses desktops as thick as 1.5”. The extra depth means more material is used to produce those desktops. Thus the cost will definitely go up; especially if you order a premium wooden finish.

2. Comes With Lots Of Accessories & Electronic Features

Varidesk surely comes with lots of features and accessories to choose from. The package includes a straight-froward manual with clear instructions, Allen wrenches, loops and hoops, and so on. The product was designed in a way even a novice will understand how to install it properly. You have to give Varidesk that much credit.


Dual monitor arms, single-monitor arms, and keyboard decks (even a tilted one) are some common accessories people usually need with a standing desk. And, you don’t have to shop somewhere else for them. Varidesk offers all of these accessories and more. 

Since you are buying more items at once it feels like the cost of the table is too much. Whereas you could have just bought the desk from Varidesk and ordered the accessories separately.

Electronic Features

Memory settings and child-lock activation system is found in the majority of desk brands nowadays. However, some Varidesk features are still unique and will help you understand why the price is what it is.

3. Three-tier Lifting Strategy

The lifting columns are divided into three parts instead of one leg. It distributes the pressure of lifting your desktop into three segments. The result is a smoother transition every time. It allows you to have some peace of mind if you have kept expensive devices on the surface.

Why Is Varidesk So Expensive? Or Is It Not?

4. Built-In Reminder

Varidesk standing desks come with this amazing feature called “reminder.” It notifies you to sit or stand if you have been in one position for way too long. We can get caught up in mandatory office tasks and forget to switch positions. But not anymore. Varidesk will remind and push you to get up if you have been seated for hours. 

5. Reputation & Reliability

Varidesk first started with their desk converter. Over the years Varidesk has established itself as an innovative and reliable brand. This reputation is not easy to build. Now, when you buy a Varidesk, you can rest assured that you are buying quality. The stress of researching every single feature on some random brand and reading hundreds of reviews is not necessary. 

The peace of mind you enjoy will always compensate for the extra money you pay.

Before You Go!

If it’s your first time buying a standing desk, stick with the reputed brands. That way, your chances of getting scammed by a cheap and useless product will be significantly lower. Plus, if anything, you know there’s good customer support who will back you up. For more details, please check our updated price list of Varidesk models.

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