Do Standing Desks Build Muscle? [Real Examples]

Do Standing Desks Build Muscle? [Real Examples]

Standing desks has revolutionized the typical sitting position which is harmful to our body. Over the years standing desks are proven to be healthy. They boost our overall productivity and help in building muscle.

Our bodies are built to move, and studies show that if we move and do work this improves our overall health. Here are some examples of how standing desk improves our muscle health.

  1. If we work by sitting all day our body doesn’t move and our muscles become numb day by day. But standing desks motivates our lower body muscles to work. This is simple logic. When we are resting, none of our muscles work or move. But whenever we have to move our body, like walking or standing, our muscles have to work. So, standing desk definitely builds muscle as they have to work to support our body.
  2. Standing desks do require some workout to use them. As we stand and work with it, our legs have to become acclimatized to it. After a few days of using it, you will see that your legs are becoming much more comfortable than before that’s because your leg muscles are strengthened.
  3. If you use a standing desk regularly, your leg muscles will likely get stronger and your core strengthened, but you should keep in mind that, a standing desk cannot replace real exercises. You can keep your body awake and avoid the diseases that come with sitting all day by using a standing desk.

Standing desks can help you strengthen your muscles. To learn more about it let’s dive into this article.

Do Standing Desks Build Muscle? [Real Examples]

What Muscles Does A Standing Desk Work?

Standing desk works on our core, leg muscles, shoulder and neck muscle, lower belly, and ankle, and helps them strengthen up. A standing desk also works on our spine and helps with keeping the spinal structure good.

When you are seated, your body goes into a resting position. Over time this leads to sagging and developing other diseases related to sitting such as diabetes, high blood pressure, belly fat, weight gain, muscle pull, etc.

But using a standing desk solves this problem for you. You can stretch your legs and get some movement with a standing desk. This way standing desk helps you strengthen your core.

1. Leg Muscles

Using a standing desk involves our leg muscles to work. Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, etc. muscles are engaged when we use a standing desk. These muscles have to constantly work because they support our body to bear our body’s weight and move.

2. Shoulder, Neck Muscles

Our body is a complex machine. And all the organs and muscles depend on each other. While we use a standing desk, we have to concentrate on work or stare at the computer screen. This engages our shoulder and neck muscles to work.

3. Foot Muscles

Whenever we are standing our feet are the one that helps us stay balanced by carrying our body’s weight. As we are using the standing by standing on our feet, it strengthens the overall health of our feet.

4. Core Muscles

Standing desk involves our overall core muscles such as the abs, lower back muscles, obliques, etc. As these muscles work to keep us stand straight and balanced. Standing desk works on them and helps them to maintain their posture.

Do Standing Desks Build Leg Muscle?

Using a standing desk can us strengthen the leg muscles but it will not build leg muscles as building leg muscles requires heavy exercises. But when we are working, we cannot exhaust ourselves with a heavy workout. This will ruin our work life.

Standing desks do work on our leg muscles such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, etc. Regular use of a standing desk can improve the overall health of these muscles. It will also make your reflex more flexible and smoother. Over time your feet’ health will get improved, and you can work at ease.

But besides standing desk, if you want to build leg muscles you should add some cardio to your routine. Or you can use a standing desk board to make things a little bit more advanced.

How Long Should You Be At A Standing Desk?

This will depend on your health condition and energy. But on average people should use the standing desk for at least 20-30 minutes per house to get the health benefits from using a standing desk. And after that, you should use the sitting for a while, and then use the standing desk again.

But you should keep in mind that, this time will vary from person to person. At first, some people can feel uncomfortable using the standing desk but day by day it will be easier for the user to use it. once you get used to it you can use it for 30 minutes straight without facing any difficulties.

Also, do not overuse the standing desk to get the benefits of exercise. This can lead to exhaustion and fatigue. The goal is to make a healthy work environment where you can work comfortably not uncomfortably.

Do Standing Desks Build Muscle? [Real Examples]

What Is The 20 8 2 Rule?

This is a popular rule to use with the standing desk around the internet. Though this is not something doctors will recommend you do.

The rule says you should sit for 20 minutes, stand for 8 minutes, and 2 minutes walking. But as you can see, it tells you to sit for 20 minutes. If you are using a standing desk, then there is no meaning in sitting for 20 minutes.

You can also use this rule according to your needs. Here is what we suggest. Stand for 20 minutes, sit for 8 minutes, and walk for 2 minutes.

This way you can utilize the benefits of using a standing desk without ruining your health. And you can also maintain the 20-8-2 rule.

Is A Standing Desk Better Than Exercise?

No, it’s not, nothing can replace exercise. I know exercise takes a lot of effort and willpower. But you have to understand that our bodies are built in such a way that we have to keep on moving if we want to live a healthy life.

Now, a standing desk can help you improve your overall health, but it can never replace exercise. Standing desk helps us lose some extra calories throughout the day, on average it helps us shed about 80-100 calories per hour.

So, a standing desk can become your health buddy but it cannot replace your best friend ‘exercise’.

Is It OK To Lean On The Standing Desk?

It is okay to lean on a standing desk for your comfort but you shouldn’t let it harm your posture. if you are feeling a little bit exhausted while using the standing desk, then you should lean on it to stay more comfortable.

But it shouldn’t be done in a way that ruins your posture. Some people use it by leaning on it the whole day and they complain that they are not getting any benefit from using a standing desk.

You should always avoid excessive leaning on the standing desk otherwise this will ruin your spinal structure and posture.

Do Standing Desks Build Muscle? [Real Examples]

How Much Standing Is Too Much?

When your legs feel extremely exhausted and fatigued from standing, it is too much standing. Standing desks are used to avoid health problems so you should not use them in a way that ultimately becomes a problem for you.

However, you should not stand more than four hours per day. These four hours will have to be combined with sitting and walking.  You can stand for 20-30 minutes then sit for 5-10 minutes and walk for another couple of minutes.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t exploit the use of a standing desk.

Before You Go

Standing desks are fun and they can be your health buddy if you can utilize them. Over time, it will improve your muscle health and micro-movements. Now if you are interested to make your standing desk more comfortable for you then you must be wondering, Are standing desk anti fatigue mats worth the money?  Check out this link to know more.

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