How To Reset A Flexispot Desk? [Step By Step]

How To Reset A Flexispot Desk? [Step By Step]

Are you dealing with a standing desk that won’t go up or down? Well, you are not alone. It seems like every electronic desk is susceptible to such mishaps. The good news is that you can easily fix the unit through a manual reset. But, do you know how to reset a Flexispot desk?

To reset n Flexispot electronic standing desk, tap and hold the down button for at least 30 seconds. The desk would slowly reach its lowest position only to increase the height again for a few seconds. Then, the desk would go down again. 

Of course, you need to know more about why your desk is getting stuck so frequently to avoid such incidents in the future. That’s why we have explained all the error codes along with the full reset process down below.

So, stick with us till the end.

Why Is The Flexispot Desk Not Going Up/Down?

Not every problem or error code requires a reset. For example, the desk’s motor can be out of its cycle life which might explain this weird situation. In that case, a manual reset won’t help that much. That’s a crucial thing to understand.

However, most errors can be fixed with a reset. Before we explain the steps to you, we think it’s fair to know which exact errors it can fix. So, here we go.

Power Outage

Do you know that a sudden power outage can push the desk into reset mode? Well, now you know. If there has been electricity shut down recently, that’s the culprit you were looking for. While in a reset mode, the desk can’t move upwards. Whether you push the “up” or the “down” button, it will only go downwards. 

It can also be caused by loose cables. If the main power cord is not secured tightly to the outlet, there won’t be a consistent flow of electricity to the desk. A loose plug will keep connecting and disconnecting to the power source. Once the connection is lost, the desk would automatically go into reset mode. 

Error Code: How can you be sure about this particular issue? Well, look at the screen. If it says E01, E07, and E08, that means it’s definitely a cable issue. Make sure you fix the connection before attempting the manual reset.

Random Object Within Its Way

Flexispot electronic desks can scan their path before going up or down. This feature makes sure that no random object clashes with the unit during the transition. But sometimes it can estimate the distance from an object incorrectly. For example, some design piece is hanging from the ceiling and you are sure it is too far from the desk. But, if the desk identifies that object as a barrier, it won’t go up no matter what.

Error Code: If the display shows E05, E06, or E07, it indicates the desk frame is stuck. Remove every possible barrier above or beneath the table. Then, follow it up with a reset.

Crossing Its Max Weight Limit

200 to 300 pounds is the average weight limit for standing desks. The limit can vary depending on the size or model of the desk. It is clearly mentioned in the manual not to exceed this limit. Otherwise, the desk won’t be as efficient as you want it to be. By “efficient” we mean moving up and down smoothly.

We understand that most of us don’t weigh the objects before putting them on the desk. Since you are dealing with a stuck desk, it’s better to check whether you have crossed that weight limit or not.

Because exceeding the weight limit can cause the desk legs to become wobbly. To avoid damaging your precious object, the desk locks itself in a particular position. Follow this article to know the capacity of an electric standing desk.

Error Code: E03 is the code that means you have overloaded the standing desk. The solution is removing the excess weight and then running a thorough reset.

Re-programmed Height

Sometimes we input a certain height that is suitable for ourselves. It allows us to avoid typing the height over and over again. You can practically just push the “up” button and the desk would go only to a pre-set point. That’s super convenient. But not if the input is wrong and you want to remove that instruction from the memory.

Such re-programming can cause the desk to get stuck in two pre-adjusted heights. 

Error Code: E04 includes data error. If you see this code on the display, be sure to reset the desk. resetting would clean up the memory and the desk would act like before.

Uneven Legs

Uneven legs mean that both lifting columns are not synchronized. It can be due to a loose connection with one of the two motors (M1, M2). Or, it can happen when you haven’t equally distributed the weight across the table.

If you have burdened one of the legs way too much, it will take longer to go up or down. That can cause uneven legs on your desk. When it happens, the desk locks itself in a single position to avoid smashing any object on the ground. 

Error Code: You don’t need a code to identify this issue. Just inspecting the desk legs would tell the story. Still, the error code designated for uneven legs issue is E01. The solution mentioned in the manual is a hard reset.

How To Manually Reset A Flexispot Desk?

We have discussed all the error codes that require a manual reset from you. Now, it’s time to show the full procedure. Make sure you are not missing anything to accomplish a successful reset.

Step 1: Clear Out The Path

First, you have to remove all the objects sitting on top of the desk. Once you have cleaned out the upper surface, check what’s beneath the table. As we have said earlier, sometimes the desk doesn’t respond due to a perceived obstacle on the way. Even if you don’t think the object would clash with the desk, clear out the entire path.

Step 2: Pull The Power Cord Out

The next step is to block the electricity from reaching the desk. Unplugging the power cord acts as a small reset itself. Make sure you wait at least thirty seconds before plugging the cord into the power outlet again.

In the meantime, check out the overall condition of the cables. Manually tug each cable to find out any loose fitting. Remember that if the connection is not secure, the desk won’t move no matter what.

Step 3: Plug The Cord Into The Wall Socket

Once you have double-checked the motor and control box switches and cables, it’s time to plug the cord inside the wall socket.

Step 4: Press The “down” button

Here, the actual reset process begins. Start by pressing the “down” button on the screen. Don’t release just yet. Keep your hold until the desk reaches its lowest level.

Once it hits the bottom, you can release the button. Wait for 10 more seconds. The desk will slightly go higher and then go back to its previous position. Press the “down” button again. And, the desk would stop moving altogether. It means that you have successfully reset the standing desk. Now, it’s ready to follow your instructions again.

Wrapping Up

Resetting an ergonomic desk is quite simple. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to pull it off. Just push a few buttons and you are good to go. Still, people get confused. That’s why we prepared this tutorial to guide you through each step. Apart from that, we have made sure you know all the reasons that lead to this trouble. We hope you can avoid those causes in the future.

This specific reset method is suitable for almost every Flexispot standing desk. However, we would still encourage you to check the manufacturer’s instruction manual before fixing the desk.

That was all you need to know. Thank you for staying with us.

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