Crank Vs Electric Standing Desk [7 Differences Explained]

Crank Vs Electric Standing Desk [7 Differences Explained]

With the growing popularity of standing desks, there are many types of standing desks you will find in the market. Crank and electric standing desks are popular choices in the standing desk market.

10 differences between a Crank standing desk and an Electric standing desk.

  1. The electric standing desk uses motor drives while the crank standing desk uses the hand crank to operate.
  2. It takes muscular action to raise and lower the crank standing desk, but the electric desk runs on electricity.
  3. The crank standing desk is often known as the manual standing desk and doesn’t use any electricity. But an electric standing desk needs electricity to operate.
  4. The electric standing desk is easier to use compared to the crank standing desk.
  5. Using the crank standing desk will add some more exercise to your routine as you have to raise and lower it with your muscle movement.
  6. If you lose access to electricity, then using the electric standing desk will be a hassle for you.
  7. You will have to spend some extra on the electricity bill if you use the electric standing desk, but the expense is worth it if you think about all the benefits of the electric standing desk.

Obviously, both the crank standing desk and the electric standing desk have their perks. Some users may find the crank standing desk really useful for them while others may find it an extra hassle to use. So, let us see which one suits you more according to your needs.

What Kind Of Standing Desk Is Best?

There are many types of standing desks available in the market. But not everything is going to suit your taste and needs. The best kind of standing desk is the one that lets you customize it according to your needs.

Standing desks are best known and used for the benefits they bring to our health. Here are some of the things that make a good standing desk.

1. A Good Size

Size always matters when it comes to choosing the best standing desk for yourself. You should make a list of things you want to put on your desk. Always make sure that the desk has enough room to keep everything organized without making everything look congested.

2. Good Adjustability

Get yourself a standing desk that will let you adjust the height according to your needs. Look out for all the specifications that come with the standing desk. Make sure it is adjustable enough to meet your needs. Adjustability is important to work comfortably and to have a good posture.

3. Motorized Or Crank?

This will depend on how much you are willing to pay for your comfort. If you are a very busy person and do not have time to set up a crank desk, then you can go for an electric standing desk.

But if you enjoy doing and setting things on your own, then you should definitely go for a crank desk. Also, check out all the motors of your standing desk and how much noise it is making.

4. Customizable 

Always look out for the customizable one. If you can get yourself a good customized standing desk, then you can easily get all the benefits of a standing desk. Sometimes you will feel like certain heights are not comfortable and you might want to raise or lower them further.

A good customizable standing desk is capable of giving you the opportunity to adjust the height according to your needs. So, never compromise when it comes to customization.

5. Weight 

You have to consider two types of weight when choosing a standing desk. How much weight your standing desk can hold and how much the desk itself weighs.

You should look out for those standing desks which can carry at least some good amount of weight as you are likely to lean on your standing desk. Look out for a standing desk that is not too heavy and can be easily moved.

So, as you can see the best type of standing desk are the one that will give you all the benefits of a desk that you can think of.

Crank Vs Electric Standing Desk [7 Differences Explained]

Is An Electric Standing Desk Worth It?

Yes, electric standing desks are obviously worth it because they tend to be easier and faster than crank or manual ones. In this busy world, people always want the fastest and easiest solutions for themselves.

Here are some of the pros of using an electric standing desk.

1. Easy To Move

Electric standing desks are easier to move compared to crank ones. Because of this, you can easily move it without distracting others to meet your needs.

You will also don’t have to struggle that much or put too much pressure on yourself while moving it. the movability makes it perfect to switch between positions while you work.

2. Easy To Use

The electric standing desk has many features which make it easier to use and operate. These features allow you to easily switch between heights and adjust the positions.

3. Easy To Operate

The electric standing desk is easier to function with compared to the crank or manual standing desks. So, you don’t have to take the extra hassle to set it up.

Besides the pros, let’s look at some of the cons of using an electric standing desk.

4. Electrical Point

Electrical points are not always available everywhere. So, if you want to use an electric standing desk, you will have to consider the electrical points and where you can plug in your electrical desk.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you use computers.

5. Difficult To Use If Breaks

Standing desks are made with high-quality materials so that they don’t break down during work, unlike humans! But sometimes malfunctions happen, and they do stop working. This can be a hassle for you if you are midway through adjusting the height.

6. Expensive 

Electric standing desks use more motors and consist of more features than manual ones. So, they cost more than them.

But the expense is worth it for all the features you are getting. These features will help you make your work life easier and more productive.  So, it’s worth every penny.

Is A Crank Standing Desk Good?

A crank-standing desk is good when it comes to electrical malfunction or fault. A crank desk can also fail but a carpenter can easily fix it. No extra hassle is needed.

A crank standing desk is not just easier to fix but also less expensive than the electrical one. They are comparatively cheaper and if you love doing everything manually then you will surely love using a crank standing desk.

Here are some of the pros of using a crank standing desk.

1. Less Expensive

Most of the crank or manual standing desks are less expensive compared to the electric ones. And because this desk is manual it will save some sucks on electric bills.

2. No Electric Power Is Needed

Manual desks don’t need any electric power so you will not have to worry about power supplies and electric outlets.

3. No Breakdowns Without Electricity

Electric standing may malfunction while using it and it will not work without electricity. But crank desks don’t have this problem. And any malfunctions can be repaired with the help of a carpenter.

And here are some of the cons of using a crank desk.

4. Slow Adjustment

Some crank standing desks are easy to use while others are very slow when you try to adjust them.

5. The Weight Capability Is Not Impressive

Crank or manual desks can hold less weight than electric ones. But this percentage is not that higher. Also, you will have to adjust the height manually by turning the hand crank, so if you have too much load on your desk, it will be hard for you to adjust it.

Crank Vs Electric Standing Desk [7 Differences Explained]

6. Balance Issue

If your stuff is heavy then it will be a great hassle for you to make the adjustments on the crank desk. Having too much weight will also create an imbalance on the desk and difficult to move it.

How Long Do Electric Desks Last?

This will depend on your manufacturer and the material it is built with. The longevity of the electric standing desk was always the question when it comes to buying it.

On average the lifespan of electric standing desks is 5-10 years. This can also be prolonged if you use it with care. The longevity will also depend on the frame and the material.

Some of the electric standing desks are made with cheap materials which are likely to be fall apart within some years. So, you should make sure the electric standing desk you are buying is built with good materials and good quality motors.

Make sure to buy those with a warranty so that you can easily change them if any malfunction occurs. 

Do Electric Desks Use A Lot Of Electricity?

No, electric standing desks will not use a lot of electricity. On average the electric standing desk will use 200 watts and on standby, it will use 0.2 watts. 

If this number seems a lot to you then you can think of all the benefits you are getting from using a standing desk. Also, you can switch it off after adjusting it to your preferred heights.

How Do Crank Standing Desks Work?

Crank-standing desks work by adjusting the frame with the use of a hand crank. You will have to rotate or pull the lever to adjust it to your preferred height.

In the manual standing desk, there is a liver or hand crank that you will have to rotate to raise it or lower it. This is how the crank standing desk works. On average you have to turn the crank 20-30 times to adjust it with your preferred height.

Which One Should You Get?

if you are still confused about which one to get and which one will be better for you then you can think of it like this.

The electric standing desk can hold as much load as you can and you can lift it with all the loads as it is driven by electricity. You won’t have to carry any weight. But the crank standing desk is manual so you will have to worry about the load your desk will carry.

The crank desk is manual so you will have to adjust the height with your hands. If you are a heavy work and you have to keep a lot of stuff on your desk, then you should go for the electric standing desk.

But if you only want to use the standing desk for light to moderate use and less stuff then you should go for the crank standing desk. It is that easy.

Before You Go

Choosing between both of these standing desks can give you a headache but here we tried to summarize everything we can.

If you are struggling with which type of legs you want in your standing desk then you should check this article T Leg vs C Leg Standing Desks to know more about standing desks and which one is more suited for you.

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