Varidesk Vs Jarvis Standing Desks [Choose Wisely]

Varidesk Vs Jarvis Standing Desks [Choose Wisely]

Have you narrowed down your list of standing desks to Vari Desk and Jarvis? Congrats! You have picked two of the most user-friendly ergonomic desk available in the market. But the trouble begins now. Which one should you choose?

Varidesk is more functional with lots of features and accessories. Plus, the height range is more versatile for Varidesks. On the other hand, Jarvis offers more weight capacity and looks more elegant. 

Our goal is to make sure you don’t regret your decision after buying any of these desks. That’s why we have prepared a one-on-one comparison list just for you. Have a look.

Varidesk vs Jarvis: One On One Comparison

One thing you will notice is that almost every standing desk nowadays has the basic features. That includes memory height setting, child lock, anti-collision lock, cable management tray, and so on. Both desks show smooth transition at a decent speed. The noise is also easy to tolerate. That’s why it’s very difficult to judge desks (especially the top brands) based on these parameters.

However, we haven’t given up. Below you will find five criteria that will easily differentiate both Jarvis and Varidesk.

Varidesk Vs Jarvis Standing Desks [Choose Wisely]

1. Difficulty In Installation

Varidesk has by far the easiest installation manual. The step-by-step guide is clear. Plus, the majority of the complex work is pre-done at the factory. You just need to build the frame following the guide. The job can be done within 30 minutes. However, you will need another partner to keep the frame in place.

On the other side, we have Jarvis. You don’t get attached mounts on the desk surface. It comes in different boxes. You have to mount the support system and then connect legs from the scratch. It’s a lot of work especially if you have no experience in this field. You have to spend a minimum of 45 to 90 minutes for this critical installation. 

Another problem with lengthy installations is the risk of misplacing a screw and possibly ruining the whole structure. So, if you want to save some time and energy go with Varidesk without any second thought.

Winner: Varidesk

2. Build Quality

Quality-wise, the Varidesk models look more durable than the Jarvis ones. The desktop thickness is around 1.5” for Varidesk. It feels sturdier and better able to accommodate all the heavy stuff.

We are not saying Jarvis desks are flimsy or cheap. It’s just that Jarvis desktops weigh around 33 lbs while the Varidesk ones weigh 40 lbs.

If you have plans to move around the desk, the lightweight desktop of Jarvis might attract you. On the other hand, if you are someone who assigns heavy weight to better quality, go with Varidesk. It’s as simple as that.

Winner: Varidesk

3.  Customization Options

Varidesk has far more customization options than a Jarvis desk. You can order an MDF, laminated, dark wood, or reclaimed wood finish on the desktop. On the other hand, Jarvis desks are simple with a bamboo finish. 

Even though the bamboo desktop looks cozy and minimalist, it’s plain and boring at the same time. Especially if your vision for the workspace is to keep it modern and stylish, Varidesk has more to offer.

Winner: Varidesk

4. Height Range

Height range definitely matters a lot since shifting positions is the main reason any of us would buy a standing desk

Varidesk has a bigger range of 25” to 50.9 “ when it comes to height adjustability. On the other hand, Jarvis will only get you 30” to 45”. That’s a lot of height you are missing out. 

If you have an average height like 5’5” to 5’8”, you would be fine using a Fully Jarvis desk. On the other hand, we highly recommend going with Varidesk if your height is above or below the average limit. For example, if you are 6’2”, your ideal desk needs a higher standing height than a 5’4” person. Here’s a chart to help you out with your ideal sitting and standing desk height.

Your Height Ideal Standing Height Ideal Sitting Height

As you can see, a 5’4” person would need his electric desk to go down up to 24”. While a 6’3” has a standing height requirement of 46” from his desk. That means if you are below 5’5” or over 6’, Fully Jarvis desks don’t offer the ideal sitting or standing height you require. You have to stick with a Varidesk for a more comfortable experience while working.

That being said, both options are viable if you are about 5’5” to 6’ tall.

Varidesk Vs Jarvis Standing Desks [Choose Wisely]

5. Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity for both Fully Jarvis and Varidesk is totally different. Fully Jarvis offers desks with as much as 350 lbs of lifting capacity. However, any Varidesk model (even if it’s a premium series) is limited to 260 lbs. That doesn’t mean, if you ever go above that ceiling (260 lbs), the desk will fall apart. 

In fact, performance tests show that Vari desks actually can lift 350 lbs of weight. Even though the speed reduces at a significant rate, it still works. But, we highly recommend you avoid overloading a desk just because it’s not wobbling (yet!). 

As a matter of fact, if the weight capacity matters a lot to you, Jarvis is a better option (no doubt). Especially if you own heavy computers and other gadgets, you don’t want to take any risks. However, if the supplies you are planning to put on top of the table is not too heavy, you are fine with both desks. The weight capacity shouldn’t bother you too much.


Before You Go!

Now that you have a winner (whichever suits you), let’s focus on the other two leading brands in this industry. Yes, we are talking about Flexispot and Uplift. It will be fun to see a comparison between these two brands as well. If you are interested, please check out our article on this topic

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