Relaxing Office Paint Colors For Home Office [Calm & Peace]

Relaxing Office Paint Colors For Home Office [Calm & Peace]

Work has become more nerve-wracking due to the increasing pressure. And the conflicts in personal relationships only add to this stress. That explains why people are finding new ways to somehow reduce the stress level at work. For example, relaxing office paint colors for the home office. But, does it really work?

Certain color tones can really reduce our stress levels and make us more productive. According to a recent study, blue and pink color therapy helped workers feel less stressed during their shifts. Green and white are also considered soothing to the eyes.

If you want to know which color will help you with your anxiety during work, this article is a must-read for you. Here we have also explained how the colors actually impact our brains. So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion.

Can Colors Affect Your Stress Level? 

Color theory is nothing new. It has its roots in ancient Egypt. It was pretty common for Egyptian treatment sanctuaries to have certain color elements in them. For example, they used to keep colored stones, crystals, or minerals within the room to encourage a specific type of energy. 

And, that practice is still noticeable in the current medical world as well. That’s the reason you see almost no hospital having red wall paint. That is because red is associated with blood and anger. It increases our body’s energy level up to 13%. Even though it is harmful to patients, athletes use this trick all the time to boost energy levels. 

We think that’s enough to prove that colors do affect your stress level. 

How Do Certain Colors Reduce Your Stress Level?

Let’s discuss the recent study conducted on students of Liceo de Cagayan University. According to the reports, two groups of students were tested for stress levels whose job is 7 am to 3 pm. Each group had to answer a questionnaire and explain their mood or stress level after the shift is over. But group A was given 20 minutes long color therapy before starting their shift. Group B didn’t receive any therapy.

The colors used in this test were blue and pink. During the therapy, the subjects were instructed to stare at a blue or pink wall. Surprisingly, group A complained about less stress and maintained a good mood during their shift. However, subjects who were given “blue” color therapy were reported to be calmer and more relaxed than the “pink” one. 

So, we can definitely say that some tones of colors really affect our stress level. And, blue and pink belong to that “peaceful” zone. Saying that blue is certainly more effective to bring down your anxiety or aggressiveness than pink.

What Is The Most Calming Color For A Home Office?

Every person perceives color differently. That’s true. But there are certain colors that are accepted as calming or relaxing by almost everyone. Once you hear the explanation behind each color choice, you won’t deny them either. So, here we go.

Relaxing Office Paint Colors For Home Office [Calm & Peace]


Blue is by far the most calming color according to scientists. Even LED lights with blue tints on them can increase your productivity and focus level. Have you noticed how the lighting in factories and research labs is kind of

bluish? Well, that’s because blue lights increase your alertness way more than a full-spectrum white light.

Since, blue lights can do so much for you, imagine how impactful having blue walls would be. By nature, our brain associates blue with calm objects like the sky, and ocean. Hence, we feel more relaxed with this color around us during work. Reports also suggest that blue color tends to lower blood pressure for patients. As a result, hospital rooms choose blue as a safe color.

If you have to deal with a lot of havoc at work, it can lead to high blood pressure. It only makes sense that, you would want to surround yourself with elements that can balance out the stress or anxiety level. For that, there is no other color better than blue. At least, that’s what the studies show.

Relaxing Office Paint Colors For Home Office [Calm & Peace]


We know, most people don’t like the idea of a pink office. Simply because pink is considered girly and childish. But, do you know why pink was the chosen color to associate girls with? That’s because women are considered less aggressive than men. And, pink is one such color that suppresses our urge to be violent, stressed, or angry. 

In fact, a recent study shows that having the prison walls painted pink lowered the violence level among the inmates. That’s because pink cuts down the energy required to show negative behavior like fighting.

After blue, we consider pink as the ideal option for a relaxing and calm home office. We totally understand if you are against the idea of pink walls. We have some other options for you as well. Check them out.

Relaxing Office Paint Colors For Home Office [Calm & Peace]


Why green comes in this list requires no explanation. It represents plants, nature, and the earth. And, subconsciously these elements make us stress-free. Especially if you are a nature lover, you might love to have a touch of green in your home office. Just staring at that green corner can make you feel at peace.

However, there are certain shades of green we don’t think are ideal for you. Shades like chartreuse, shamrock, parakeet, or emerald don’t enhance the beauty of your walls. Instead, they look kind of tacky. Instead, try to go for a little darker or milder shades like lime, pear, mint, olive, etc.

It’s okay if you think painting every wall green is too much. Because some people might not like the strong vibe it creates. Instead, select one wall and paint it green. Use a neutral shade on the rest of the room.


White is a safe zone. It is a classic option for any kind of room makeover. It represents purity and innocence. It gives the illusion of a spacious room. If your room doesn’t have enough space to be comfortable, it can build up the stress level. Luckily, you can trick your mind by painting the walls white. 

Another best thing about white is that it can reflect the most amount of light. As a result, you get a more illuminated office. Of course, an office needs proper lighting before anything else. And, white can be your go-to option for that. especially if your office doesn’t come with a big window, you might want to use colors that enhance the brightness in that area. Check out this article if your office has fluorescent lighting.

But one drawback of using white is that you need to clean it more often. You can easily spot dirt on a white wall. So, that can ruin the whole aesthetic for you. Go ahead if you are okay with that.

 Colors That Can Increase Your Stress Level 

Now, that you have a proper understanding of which colors work for a home office, let’s discuss the worst ones too. Now, we are not saying these colors are bad or not beautiful. All we mean is that these colors don’t help you reduce any kind of stress. If possible, you will feel more disturbed.


First of all, we have red. It represents danger, anger, and passion. When you need a sudden energy boost, red is the go-to color. For example, during sports practice, wrestling, etc. It is recorded that, staring at a red wall can increase overall energy level by thirteen percent. That might work for certain sectors but not at all in your home office.

After all, you are super stressed and you don’t anything that can spark more frustration inside you. So, red is the number one color you have to avoid.

Vibrant Orange/Yellow

Now, both orange and yellow are quite pleasant to look at. Especially a touch of yellow can increase the cheerfulness around the room. It gives a certain “informal” kind of vibe. People use this color to make the place feel more welcomed.

That’s the reason, orange or yellow is so common in cafeterias. It creates a cozy and friendly atmosphere. But the drawback is that such colors can be very chaotic and distracting. They are labeled as “warmer” tones. But you need something from the “cool” side in your home office. Warm colors like these don’t help much when it comes to focusing on monotonous work and getting it done fast. So, try to avoid them as well.

How To Determine The Right Paint Color For Your Office?

As we have said earlier, color is all about your vision. How a color makes you feel, is the ultimate key to making the right decision. And, it varies from person to person. That’s why, whenever you consider color, make sure it fulfills the following conditions.

Does The Color Make You Feel Calm?

The colors we have suggested might not be calming in your case. If your brain doesn’t associate blue with a big ocean, it might not feel as relaxing as we expected. Instead, it can remind you of a hospital room. 

On the other hand, you might feel relaxed around Lavender walls. Because it reminds you of the fragrance of your favorite flower. So, your personal experience will dictate which color is calming or soothing for you. Be sure to follow your inner voice.

 Do You Find It Beautiful?

We know a lot of people hate pink. It can be a personal preference. And, that’s okay. There are just some colors we can’t stand. In that case, that particular color can’t help you in any way. In fact, you might hate going to the home office altogether. That’s exactly the opposite you want to happen.

So, try to stick with a color that you actually like or find beautiful.

4 Ideas To Paint Your Home Office With Calm Colors

You know the colors. But, how should you paint it on the walls? Don’t worry. Here are 5 home office paint ideas for you.


Since your main goal is relaxation, blue will do the best job. Instead of pairing blue with some other color, try different shades of blue. For example, royal blue is a very rich color. But you might not want it on all the walls. Because it can make the room look darker.

 So, try to give accents of royal blue on the walls. And, put a pale or sly blue as the main color. It will allow you to break the monotony. The room will look interesting and calming at the same time.

Blue & Neutral

If you are against the idea of an all-blue room, mix neutral shades with it. We would suggest off-white, satin, and lime white as the perfect alternative. The best part is that neutral shades are mild and don’t grab your attention at all. As a result, you can still focus on the beautiful blue on the wall. 

Paint the middle portion of the walls blue and keep the edges neutral. Follow this article to find more blue paint ideas.

Green & White

You either love an all-green room or you hate it. To avoid the risk, try blending white and green together. White works with technically any color. It never looks odd. 

For the green, we would suggest sticking with darker shades. Emerald, crocodile, and olive are some great options out there. Since you are not covering the whole room, it won’t look gloomy or dull. 

Pink & Neutral

A pink wall with grey edges looks timeless. But you have to choose the right shades of pink. That’s it. Don’t go for the hot pink. It looks really over the top. Instead, stick with a soft coral, crepe, or lemonade. 

Moreover, you can paint the walls in a neutral shade with some accents of pink here and there. In that case, you can choose a bolder shade. 

Wrapping Up

Choosing the wall’s color is the most crucial interior design decision you have to make. You only realize it after spending some time in that office. Because more than the desks, or chairs, the vibe around the place affects your mood. That’s why you have to be very careful with that.

In this article, we have tried to explain how color theory helps to reduce your stress level. You have also seen our top recommendation for you. that being said, your personal preference and vision are all that matters.

With that, we are signing off for today. Thank you for staying with us.

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