6 Expensive Desk Materials [And Why They Cost So Much?]

6 Expensive Desk Materials [And Why They Cost So Much?]

There are more office goers in our time than ever, and new offices are opening up every day. For all these offices, they want the best work environment, and to get that, they are willing to pay more for an expensive desk or multiple desks.

Expensive desks are high priced due to their higher quality materials, aesthetically pleasing appeal, and high longevity. There are also supporting factors and situations that impact the cost of the final product.

Let’s learn more about these expensive desks and the used materials to find out if the investment in buying a highly expensive desk pays off.

Why Are Some Desks So Expensive?

Desk prices skyrocket for four reasons. These reasons are

1. Use Of Expensive Or Premium Materials

Expensive desks use expensive materials from the base to the finish. First of all, comes the surface material, such as wood. In expensive desks, normally one variety of high-quality hardwood is used.

Popular expensive wood choices are ebony wood, dalbergia wood, rosewood, cherry wood, cocobolo, etc. Later in the article, we will talk in detail about these woods.

Not only the wood but also various types of highly expensive hardware are used to make these desks. On your average desk, you will find normal drawer settings that are put on plastic frames. But in premium desks, you will find heavy-duty ball bearings supporting floating drawers.

Average desk drawers will need you to open and close them by yourself, but in premium desks, these drawers will have automatic systems that require only a push. Then the drawer will close off by itself gently and smoothly. No more slamming the drawers.

Average desks don’t usually have leather finishes, to begin with, and even if some promise that chances are that it is PU leather, also known as faux leather. This is not real leather and does not hold its texture for a long time. However, at high-end desks, you will find premium finishes with real leather.

Also, high-end desks have much smoother and better-looking protective finishes than average acrylic finishes. This provides not only more protection but a smooth feel while touching the desk surface.

In the supporting materials, you will find high-quality stainless steel, solid brass, or other expensive items supporting the frame. This is a very common practice on high-end desks. All these expensive materials add up to the final cost of the desk.

2. High-Class Workmanship

One thing that high-class desks have in common is that they are mostly hand-made. There is a reason for that. While machine-cut boards and some screws can give you an average desk, a high-end one has the touch of a master craftsman that brings perfection to the desk.

The amount of time these workmen spend behind a single piece of furniture is astonishing. They start by selecting the best materials and preparing them for the final construction. Everything from fortifying the materials to adding the final finish is done under the eyes of a perfectionist.

As a result, the final product becomes a work of art. The time and energy these desks take to add up to their final price, making the desks even more expensive.

3. High Longevity

If you are buying a desk for thousands of dollars, you want your desk to last a long time while looking as beautiful as the day you bought it. And the creators do not disappoint in this regard. High-end desks are made with the idea that these desks will last decades, and surely they do.

Any high-end desk made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship is guaranteed to last for more than 30 years, if not a lifetime. This means that the desk has to have high quality and durability. These desks can hold pressure way more than average desks and do not lose their aesthetic appeal with time. Rather, some of this furniture has an increase in value due to being a historical piece.

Now, that was about the desk, but another part that is connected to its longevity is the company and the customer market. When these companies sell high-end furniture, they take into account that this particular customer is most likely not going to buy this type of furniture for himself a second time. That is because there is no necessity for it.

That is why the company charges an extra price for the primary product. This will also increase the cost of the furniture. 

4. Expensive desks are luxury items

High-end furniture and desks are more than just premium functionality. Many of these pieces of furniture are a way to show class and flex your wealth. That is why these desks will have a luxurious vibe to them.

There is no end to how luxurious you can get an item. People add gold and other expensive materials to the designs of these desks. These materials, though not necessary for the functionality of the desk, surely attract the viewer’s attention. To get that, the buyers are willing to pay extra to have these luxurious items joined to the furniture.

It is agreed that all the desks and furniture will not have gold engraved on them, but that does not mean there aren’t other ways to increase the luxury of the item. Some buyers love hand-carved designs and writing on their desks. These designs also cost the buyer extra.

When you take these four factors into account, it is easy to understand why such desks cost so much.

6 Expensive Desk Materials [And Why They Cost So Much?]

6 Expensive Woods For High-End Desks

1. Ebony Woods

Ebony wood is the heaviest wood in the world. It is also the slowest growing tree in the world. It grows only half an inch a year. Ebony trees reach maturity at around 60-200 years old.

There are different types of ebony trees, such as Mun ebony, Makassar ebony, Gaboon ebony, etc. These trees have certain distinctions in their woods. Out of these three, the first two are already listed as species that are about to be extinct.

That goes on to show how rare this wood is. A massive part of this wood’s price is due to this factor. From historical times, ebony has been used in luxurious and prestigious ways. Samurai sword handles, picture frames, and glasses for monarchs and kings alike, have been made of ebony wood.

The center part of an ebony tree is where the ebony wood resides. As the name suggests, this wood has a dark black hue. This gives it an aesthetic and a classy vibe.

Ebony wood is still in high demand, not only for its aesthetic but also for its spirituality. Many buyers use ebony for religious ornaments as well. A desk made of ebony is sure to become a piece worth 6-7 digits.

2. Teak Wood

Teak is very famous for building fancy furniture. This wood takes 20+ years for the tree to mature. This wood is considered a superior wood for outdoor furniture, yachts, boards, home, and office furniture, etc. Teak wood is a hardwood and is considered the king of woods.

Teak is resistant to bugs, insects, and diseases. It is very durable. Due to its high durability and functionality, teak wood is the go-to wood for big companies, including Rolls-Royce. This wood requires very little maintenance.

Also, teak wood is naturally water-resistant. This wood is also very good for adding curved designs. This wood is also termite resistant due to its being hardwood. It is also quite heavy, weighing around 700-800 kg/CUM. Teak wood can assume shades from light yellow to dark brown, depending on the tree.

There are many types of teak, mostly named after the places where the wood comes from, such as Burma teak or Ivory teak. All types of teak take a really good polish. All these good qualities, the rarity of the wood, and transportation costs add up to make the final wood product very expensive.

3. Mahogany Wood

Mahogany trees are around 150 feet long when mature. The wood is heavy and has open grain. Mahogany wood has a reddish color. The more mature the wood, the deeper the color. Mahogany wood takes finishes and sanding well.

The grain of a mahogany tree is straight. Due to this, the wood is strong and less prone to bending or warping. This unique feature makes it a highly desirable material for craftsmen. This wood is also called the world’s leading wood for fine-quality furniture.

Mahogany wood is used for furniture, interiors, cabinets, etc. This furniture lasts a long time due to mahogany wood’s being very robust and holding its integrity. In places where there is excessive moisture or humidity, this wood stands out for its resistance to swelling.

Due to its increasing rarity and high demand, this wood is only getting more expensive each day.

6 Expensive Desk Materials [And Why They Cost So Much?]

4. Rosewood

This wood is ornamental wood. There is not much heavy use of this wood in making furniture. However, this wood is used in pianos, xylophone bars, and other cabinets.

Rosewood has a ruddy brown or a purple-brown hue. This wood takes polish well. The wood itself is quite strong and has black layers all through it.

This wood is almost always cut out before the tree reaches maturity. That is because when the tree reaches maturity, the tree starts to become hollow. meaning that the heartwood starts to decay. To prevent decay from ruining the quality of the wood, the wood is collected before the tree reaches maturity.

5. Purple Heart Wood

Purple heart wood is native to South America. This wood is hardwood. Naturally, this wood is purplish in the middle of the tree. This elegant color is what attracts so many to this wood.

This wood is famous for its high durability. This wood requires extra effort and force when making furniture out of it. The whole process is tedious, and that raises the price of the wood.

Another reason for the high price is the availability. This wood is not available in most parts of the world. This means the wood has to be imported from a few places that have the wood. Its rarity and transportation costs add up to the final price of the wood.

6. Cherry Wood

One of the best woods when it comes to being naturally beautiful. This wood is very durable and flexible. Cherry wood also takes on a good stain that highlights the beautiful grain of cherry wood.

This wood ages beautifully and, with time, becomes an antique for the owner. Cherry wood has a straight grain pattern. The wood is, for the most part, very smooth to the touch. It is not uncommon to find a few impurities in the grain pattern, but the beauty is marvelous.

There are quite a few colors of cherry wood. Common colors are red, white, blonde, reddish-brown, dark brown, yellow, etc. Cherry wood is highly resistant to decay. It also performs well in the case of weather changes. This wood supports high amount of weight, making it a popular choice for making furniture for storage.

Cherry wood is very rare to find. Also, the color of the cherry wood differs from region to region. Due to these two factors, finding a specific type of cherry wood can get very expensive.

Other Expensive Woods

There are many more types of premium quality wood that are quite expensive. A few common ones are

  • Agarwood
  • Bubinga wood
  • Lignum vitae
  • Bocote wood
  • African blackwood
  • Dalbergia rosewood
  • Pink ivory etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the most expensive wood desk?

In the world of expensive desks, three are at the top of the ladder. These three are

Parnian Desks: The Parnian company creates these desks specifically for the user. These desks can be priced at around $200,000. More than seven types of exotic wood are used while making these desks.

Google Desks: Google desks are also custom-made, but they have a pre-made format for the desks. These desks are built-in round shapes. Google desks go for $12,000.

SF Reception Desks by DMG Design: These desks are made with stainless steel reinforcements and premium quality materials. If you are running a big company, then you want a reception that stands out, and that’s exactly what these desks are for. These desks go for $45,000. 

Q. Is Mahogany Or Teak More Expensive?

As a result of increased demand, teak is now more expensive than mahogany due to increased prices. For the most elegant furniture, teak is an excellent choice. Teak’s aesthetics and durability have led it to only increase in price.

Q. Why Is Oak So Expensive?

Even though oak is not as expensive as the most expensive woods, it is still well above the average price. The reason for oak’s being expensive is that it’s hardwood and has many uses. The durability and texture of the wood also add up to increasing the price.

However, oak is one of the cheapest hardwoods found on the market.

Q. Why Is Solid Wood Furniture Expensive?

Solid wood furniture uses different types of solid wood parts that have to be taken from trees in big chunks. Another factor is the quality that solid wood provides.

If your furniture is made of solid wood, then it will last longer, have a better outlook, have more strength and storage capacity, weigh more, and be more resistant to decay compared to particle boards, MDF, or plywood. Thus, to get a better quality item, you have to pay more.

Q. Is Elm Or Oak More Expensive?

On average, oak and elm are nearly on the same scale when it comes to price. However, in most cases, oak is slightly more expensive than elm. The range for elm is 3–7 dollars per board foot, while oak is 4–9 dollars per board foot.

Q. Why Is Cocobolo So Expensive?

There are three main reasons behind the high price of cocobolo. First, cocobolo has a high demand due to its high durability and pleasant appearance.

Secondly, cocobolo grows on small-sized trees and a significant amount of time is needed to produce these trees. Thus, the time needed increases the value.

Finally, the natural oil that is needed for the maturity of the wood is tough to handle, and it also increases the price.

Q. Why Is Varidesk So Expensive?

Varidesks are more like supporting tools that cost a ton to produce a marginal change. Varidesks are produced for the market of people who are willing to go the extra mile for work comfort and efficiency. Thus, the companies charge extra because people are willing to pay the amount.

Some Varidesks are made with premium-quality materials, which may or may not come close to the actual price. In short, Varidesks provide less than the price we pay for them.

Final words

If you are a person who prioritizes aesthetics or durability, then you have thoughts about more than one material listed in this article. Now you have a better idea of what these materials are like and why they cost so much.

Now it’s time for you to consider whether or not you want to add an expensive desk or any other expensive furniture. Don’t only focus on aesthetics and functionality separately. A balance of both while deciding to buy the new office furniture will be worth the hassle in the long run.

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