Are Standing Desks Good For Circulation?

Are Standing Desks Good For Circulation?

Standing desks have gained popularity over the years for their health-improving traits. Using a standing desk certainly has its perks. As many studies show the benefit of using a standing desk, it is a healthier option than the typical sitting.

Standing desks are good for blood circulation and they can improve our overall health condition over time. But it is suggested that you shouldn’t overuse a standing desk. Overuse can lead to varicose veins and long-term muscle pain.

Standing desks can become your health buddy if you can utilize them. So as you can see, using a standing desk has some enormous health benefits but you have to use it the right way. Keep on reading to learn everything about the ‘right way’ and how standing desks can improve your blood circulation.

Is It Better To Stand Or Sit For Circulation?

Standing is better for blood circulation as our heart pumps more blood to keep the brain functioning and thus increasing blood circulation. Our blood circulation increases when we exercise or do any hard work.

Standing is the working position for our body whilst sitting is the resting position. When we stand, our heart pumps more blood to keep us going. This is why standing is better for blood circulation. Standing is also proven to burn more calories than sitting.

But standing too much can also put your body in restraint. So, you should switch between positions to get the best result.

Are Standing Desks Good For Circulation?

Does Standing Improve Leg Circulation?

Yes, standing has proven to improve leg circulation as well as overall health. Our body gets into a resting position when we sit. Longer periods of sitting can lead to various diseases like arthritis.

Standing desks have revolutionized these typical sitting positions with their numerous health benefits.

Using a standing desk for work can improve your leg health immensely. It can improve the muscle and micro-movements of your leg. Over time blood circulation will improve.

Sitting all day increases our risk of getting diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and heart disease. It also decreases the blood flow in our lower body.

Standing can improve your leg muscles and can also improve blood circulation. You should mix standing and sitting for a better result.

Do Standing Desks Prevent Blood Clots?

Standing desks can help you improve your leg health. Regular use of the standing desk will prevent blood clotting and other serious issues like arthritis.

Longer periods of sitting can cause pain in your legs, in rarer cases, it can cause blood thrombosis. But standing can help you stay away from these diseases.

But you have to keep in mind that standing too much can also lead to varicose veins. So it is better to mix up standing and sitting together, to get the best results.

Standing increases blood circulation in our legs and also increases micro-movements. A healthy blood flow prevents blood clotting.

You can also stretch your legs while standing to make the blood flow even more.

Is Standing Too Long Bad For Circulation?

Too much of anything is bad. Standing is good for our health, but standing too much can drain your energy.

Standing too much causes our veins to pool blood. This blood pooling over time causes inflammation and the ultimate result is varicose veins.

Here are some things you can do to avoid varicose veins and improve your leg health.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes while working to avoid this uncomfortable.
  2. Mix standing and sitting together to get the best result.
  3. You can use the 20-8-2 rule to make your standing more fun.
  4. Stretch your legs sometimes to avoid blood clotting and numbness.
  5. Use a standing desk mat or board to make your standing enjoyable.
  6. Standing desk boards can help you make things fun, use them sometimes to train your legs a bit.

Is It Healthy To Stand At A Desk All Day?

No, it’s not healthy to stand at a desk all day. Standing all day at a desk can cause fatigue and numbness. It can make your work life tiring and draining.

If you stand all day when working, your legs will get cramped and tired. This will lead to inattentiveness in your work.

To avoid this situation, you should mix both sitting and standing together. Use the 20-8-2 rule, or you can even make a new rule for yourself.

You can try and see how long you can stand without getting tired, count that time, and practice it every day. Over time, this time will get prolonged as your leg muscles will get stronger.

Then you should try to get some rest by sitting for a couple of minutes. And walk another couple of minutes.

Are Standing Desks Good For Circulation?

Is It Better To Kneel Or Use A Standing Desk?

It’s better to use a standing desk as it will improve your health over time.

Kneeling can lead to poor posture and bad spinal health. Though some people may find it helpful who are already suffering from spinal problems. But you should not make it a habit, as it can ruin your spinal structure and can even lead to serious neck pain.

Just like a standing desk, kneeling too much is not encouraged. In comparison to benefits, standing will definitely be the winner here.

Here are some tips to make your standing desk comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Use A Standing Desk Board

Standing desk wobble boards are good for training your legs, ankles, and leg muscles. Plus they are a good option for having some fun while you work.

2. Using A Standing Desk Mat

While working at your standing desk, sometimes your feet may feel numb because of the hard floor. A standing desk mat can provide a soft space to rest your legs.

3. Mix Standing And Sitting

You can use the 20-8-2 rule to mix them together. Or you can see how long you can tolerate sitting and standing.

4. Don’t Stand For Too Long

Standing for too long can cause varicose veins and tired legs.

5. Don’t Sit For Too Long

If you are using a standing desk then don’t sit for too long, this can make you develop the habit of sitting and can lead to ruined posture.

Final Words

A standing desk is definitely good for blood circulation. But too much of anything is bad. So, you should try to mix standing and sitting together. Besides blood circulation, standing desks are also good for training your muscles. Give this article a look to know more about it. Do Standing Desks Build Muscle?

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