What Is The Weight Limit For A Varidesk Standing Desk?

What Is The Weight Limit For A Varidesk Standing Desk?

Are you considering buying VariDesk’s adjustable desk for your home office? That’s a good decision. But make sure to check the weight limit of your preferred model before investing any money. Otherwise, you might end up with a wobbly desk which, to be honest, isn’t worth anything. So, what is the weight limit for a VariDesk standing desk?

VariDesk standing desks usually cap out at 220 lbs. If you want to go lower, VariDesk has models with 200 lbs to only 35 lbs of weight capacity. None of VariDesk’s standing desks offer less than 35 lbs or 15 kg as a weight limit.

No matter how spectacular your Varidesk standing desk looks, it all eventually comes down to the weight capacity. If your requirement doesn’t match the weight limit, it’s probably best to look for other options. That’s enough talking. Quickly check out the weight capacity of VariDesk standing desks.

Weight Limit For VariDesk Standing Desks

Smart people consider the weight limit of any standing desk pretty seriously. It’s not the aggregate weight of all the stuff currently sitting on your desktop. You have to think about what other devices you might need in the future and whether the desk will also have enough capacity to carry them.

To make it easier for you, we have listed VariDesk models and their weight limits. Keep in mind that these weight-limits are mentioned by the manufacturer.

Take a look:

Weight LimitSuggested Vari Desk ModelsRecommended for
35 lbs or 15 kgPro 30 & Pro Plus 30One monitor 
35 lbs or 15 kgPro 30 & Pro Plus 30One monitor 
35 lbs or 15 kgCube Plus 48One monitor 
35 lbs or 15 kgCube Corner 48One monitor 
45 lbs or 20.4 kgPro 48 & Pro Plus 48One monitor and one laptop
50 lbs or 22.2 kgPro 54One monitor and one laptop
150 lbs or 68 kgEssential Electric Standing Desk 48×24Dual monitor set-up
180 lbs or 81.6 kgElectric Standing Desk 72×30Dual monitor set-up + laptop
200 lbs or 90.7 kgElectric Standing Desk 60×24Triple monitor set-up + one laptop
200 lbs or 90.7 kgElectric Standing Desk 60×30Triple monitor set-up + one laptop
200 lbs or 90.7 kgErgo Electric Standing Desk 54×26Triple monitor set-up + one laptop
200 lbs or 90.7 kgCurve Electric Standing Desk 60×30Triple monitor set-up + one laptop
220 lbs or 99.8 kgElectric Standing Desk 48×30Multiple monitors

Unfortunately, the very popular VariDesk laptop 30only supports up to 15 lbs or 6.8 Kg. it’s meant for carrying a laptop only. So, if you want more support than that, you have to stick to a standard variDesk standing desk (not the desk risers).

Why Does VariDesk Have Low Weight Capacity?

At first glance, it sure looks like VariDesk models have lower weight capacity than some other premium brands (including Uplift and Flexispot). If you notice carefully, we haven’t enlisted any electric desk model from Vari that can carry up to 355 lbs. But other brands usually have multiple models with 355 lbs of weight capacity (which is considered the most you can get).

However, most weight-test results claim something shocking. Almost every other desk fails to stay stable at a higher position with 355 lbs of stuff on the desktop. It’s true for those ones with 355 lbs of weight capacity. Even if it sounds bitter, it’s a fact.

220 pounds is the maximum weight at which desks can provide consistent stability regardless of the height adjustment. So, that means, even if you are getting 355 lbs written on the manual card, you can only reap the benefits up to 220 pounds. After that point, your desk will begin to shake/wobble and feels less safe for your precious devices.

In that sense, Vari Desk is not behind those premium desks at all.

What Is The Weight Limit For A Varidesk Standing Desk?

Is A 200 lbs Weight Capacity Good Enough?

Let’s see what you can put on the desktop with 200 lbs of capacity. The average weight of a monitor is around 15 to 30 lbs. It depends on which model you use. But let’s just take the heaviest weight for now. So, for a dual monitor set-up, you have spent 60 lbs of the 200 lbs weight capacity.

Now, suppose you want to add one laptop as well. You will still be under 70 lbs. Suppose all of your office supplies, including files, books, keyboards, mouse, etc. consist of another 30 lbs. That brings us to only 100 lbs. That means you have consumed only 50% of the given weight capacity. If every item we just mentioned weighs double its original weight, you can still operate the desk.

If you want a triple monitor set-up with other gadgets alongside, go for the 220 lbs weight limit. That might help you get some peace of mind.

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