Are Dual Monitor Stands Necessary?

Are Dual Monitor Stands Necessary?

Spending hours in front of computer monitors is a common scenario in every home office station. But if you are spending this long period in poor posture, this can lead to eye strain, sore neck, back pain and other health hazards. If you have been working for a long time, you must have faced these problems already.

But do you know you can bring down these hazards by adding a dual monitor stand to your computer desk? In today’s blog, we’ll discuss why a dual monitor stand is a necessary addition to your workspace.

Dual monitor stands are necessary for adjusting computer monitors at a comfortable height and angle. The ideal viewpoint will offer you a healthy and comfortable posture throughout the day. It prevents eye fatigue, neck, shoulder and back pain. Making the workplace clutter-free and organized dual monitor stands increases productivity.

If you spend one-third of your day in front of the computer desk, stay tuned till the end to know whether a dual monitor stand is necessary for you or not.

So without any delay, let’s dive in!

A Short Overview Of Dual Monitor Stand

Dual monitors stand is a tool that is designed to place monitors side-by-side at a comfortable height and angle. It helps users to maintain healthy sitting posture and motion throughout the day. These stands are highly efficient to minimize stress on the body and provide comfort and support to the user.

Monitor and keyboard placement has a huge impact on the computing experience and our overall well-being specially when you spend hours in front of the monitor.

A computer monitor should be placed an arm’s length away from eyesight, the height should be 2 to 3 inches below eye level so that your eyes can focus on the top one-third of the screen. In terms of dual monitor, the second monitor should be placed in an L shape at a 30-degree angle to the first monitor.

What do you think can a flat desk give you such height, position and angle adjustments?

No, right? Here’s a modern adjustable dual monitor stand that can give you all these adjustment facilities so that you can work for a long time without affecting your health.

Dual monitor stand comes in various designs including desk-mounted, wall mounted and freestanding. Desk-mounted stands are placed onto the edge of a desk or table while freestanding stands are placed on the desk adjusting in required height and angle. Finally, the wall-mounted stands need to be attached directly to a wall.

Before investing in a dual monitor stand, consider the size and weight of your monitor to ensure the stand can take the load.

Are Dual Monitor Stands Necessary?

4 Benefits Of Using Dual Monitor Stands

From the intro, you might have already got the idea of why dual monitor stands are necessary. Now let’s dive deeper and see all the benefits of double monitor stands.

1. Variable Height & Angle Adjustment

When we work from home, we spend hours in front of the computer desk for both official and personal work. Most of the time, our sitting posture is not correct, sometimes too close to the screen and sometimes putting pressure on our back and neck.

Here Dual monitor stands come to our rescue allowing us to adjust the computer screen to a comfortable position. The ideal position of the monitor is 5-7 cm below eyesight and 50-75 cm away from the front.

2. Balanced Posture

Spending a long time in poor posture can adversely affect your health. It can cause chronic pain in the neck, shoulder and back. Although it seems like normal pain in the beginning, this will make you suffer in the long run.

As we are talking about dual monitors, you should place them in such a way that you will not have to move your eye, neck and head frequently to see the entire monitor. Here you need a flexible dual monitor stand that will give you the perfect height adjustment and a better viewing experience. This will ensure a balanced posture keeping your eyes and neck in a neutral position.

3. Cutter-Free Workspace

A clutter-free, organized workplace is the key to mental peace and productivity. It improves concentration and helps to work efficiently for longer periods of time.

Having two large-sized monitors on the desk will eat up half of your space. Then if you use the remaining space for all your other stuff, it will make the desk look messy.

Instead, you can install an adjustable dual monitor stand. It will give you some extra space underneath the monitors. You can use it to keep your keyboard, mouse and other stuff you need while working.

4. Increase Productivity

A small addition to your desk can have a huge impact on your performance and productivity. As you are already using dual monitor in your home office that means you have made a good investment and dedication to an organized and multi-functional workspace.

By spending a few more dollars on a dual monitor stand you can ensure healthy work posture and relax your eye, neck, back and overall well-being. It will also help you to work attentively for a long time and increase productivity.

Are Dual Monitor Stands Necessary?

4 Drawbacks Of Using Dual Monitors Stand

Although dual monitor stands provide various benefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider:

  1. Some dual monitor stands don’t provide enough adjustment options specially the older and cheaper versions.
  2. High-end dual monitor stands are expensive. Some of them can even cost up to $1000. So it may not fit the budget of most users.   
  3. Most dual monitor stands come with specific weight limitations. If you don’t consider the weight of your monitor before purchasing the stand, it may even fall along with the entire setup after installation.
  4. Dual monitor arms are better than stands. When there are better options available, users with higher budgets may choose dual monitors over stands.

Are Dual Monitor Stands Necessary?

Now that you know both pros and cons of dual monitor stands, what do you think are dual monitor stands necessary?

See, I won’t say a dual monitor stand is a must-have for all dual monitor users. But this small addition offers several benefits to improve users’ comfort and productivity.

As you have already spent a good amount on setting up an organized and multi-functional workspace, I think spending a few more dollars on installing a dual monitor stand won’t be a lost project.

Rather it would help you to maintain a balanced posture while you work. Keeping the workstation less cluttered, a dual monitor stand will help focus better on work and enhance productivity. It will also prevent vision-related problems and chronic pain due to prolonged working.

Even if you are not facing any issues with using monitors regularly, it would be a smart move to get a dual monitor stand to healthy working.

Final Words

Dual monitors stand can be a great investment for those who use computers for an extended period. By installing a modern adjustable stand, you can maintain a balanced posture, get a clutter-free workspace and laser-sharp focus on your work.

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