Vastu For Home Office [Office Desk Arrangement Tips]

Vastu For Home Office [Office Desk Arrangement Tips]

With so many office-goers and people who work from home, it is important to arrange their working environment in a way that promotes productivity. Following the Vastu rules allows a worker to perform at their best and attract wealth.

There are certain guidelines for the work environment in Vastu, such as facing the north or east, selecting a wooden desk, arranging and keeping useful items in certain directions on the desk, etc., that help us achieve workflow. This, in turn, attracts productivity, balance, wealth, and satisfaction in the results of our work.

Let’s dive into the details to know what to do and what to avoid in your home office and work environment according to Vastu.

Facing And Orientation

The first and most important rule to remember when following Vastu is to know which direction you are facing. Not all directions are equal, and some are special. According to the rules of Vastu, facing north or east gets the most success.

If you sit while facing east or north, the hippocampus in your brain acts faster and smoother. This allows you to focus better and work more efficiently.

So, no matter whether you are working in your office or your office is your desk at home, always have yourself facing east or north according to Vastu.

What Material Should Your Desk Be Made Of According To Vastu?

There are desks made of many kinds of materials, from glass to metal to combinations of multiple elements. If you follow Vastu, then you know that it is about connecting to the natural energy.

Metals and glass are synthetic materials, and they do not have the necessary amount of natural energy. According to vastu, wooden desks are the most efficient. It is because wood is a natural material and it provides enough natural energy for you to function at your peak.

Wooden desks can have support from other materials, such as pillars of metal to support a hard wooden surface. It is better to have the parts that are not made of wood out of sight.

Avoid Putting Too Much Information On The Visible Surface Of Your Desk

Some people use glass sheets over their wooden desks. Then they keep different types of papers and visiting cards under the glass on the surface of the desk.

This is chaotic for two reasons. One is that it clutters the view of your desk. If you put all these visiting cards and papers under the glass sheet, it ruins the aesthetics of the table. Also, it looks awful and pops up in your sight all the time while you are working.

Secondly, it ruins your focus. If all that material is in your sight, then your brain has to work extra hard to eliminate these distractions while focusing on the task at hand. This means that you will lose focus from time to time. Also, it might affect your clarity of thinking. If that happens, then you will feel indecisive and your productivity will decrease.

So, it is better to have a direct clear wooden surface for your work desk. And if you are adamant about using a glass sheet on it, make sure to place nothing under it. You can use a different holder for your visiting card and a drawer for papers of necessity.

What To Keep On Different Sides Of The Desk According To Vastu?

Your desk has different directions and sides. If you are arranging an office desk, then chances are that you have electronics on your desk. Let’s start with that.

According to Vastu rules, electronic items such as lamps, phones, laptops, desktops, etc come under the category of “Agni”. All the items that fall under this category should be placed on the southeast side of your desk. It will keep the southeast side well balanced.

Next, we move to the north side of the desk. At the very north of the desk, you should keep a crystal pyramid. If you carry a water bottle with you or any mug or glass that you drink from, keep it on the northeast side of the desk. By doing this, you are activating the north zone of your desk.

According to Vastu, items that you need to move frequently, such as files that come and go from your desk and necessary documents, should be kept on the northwest side of your desk. Any files or papers that are not static should be kept on this side of the desk. This gives you better circulation and transition, which improves your quality of work and saves time.

Chairs And Background According To Vastu

Your chair is a very important part of your office setup. There are certain criteria that your work chair must always fulfill. In Vastu, the chair or the furniture that you sit on is directly related to your work stability and mood.

Your chair should be strong and sturdy enough so that it does not move with the simplest movements. The backside of the chair should be as high as your head. This will allow you to feel relaxed while you are working.

If you have a solid wall behind your chair, it will further increase the stability zone of your work environment. It is believed in Vastu that having a wall behind your work chair helps to stabilize your energy helix. You can also put a picture of something sturdy, such as a heavy mountain, on the available wall. According to Vastu, heavy mountain pictures balance your south-west zones and increase your overall control of finances and emotions.

Placing The Certificates According To Vastu

If you have been working for some time, then chances are you have started collecting certificates of your achievements and qualifications. In Vastu, it is a very good option to keep your certificates on the southwest wall of your office. This will activate the southwest zone and help you show your qualifications with ease.

Not only your certificates, but also any photographs of achievements or other items such as awards, should be present in the southwest part of your office setup.

Vastu For Home Office [Office Desk Arrangement Tips]

Additional Things To Keep On Your Desk

1. A Miniature Bamboo Plant

Any natural green plant signifies growth, and a bamboo plant is easy to maintain. That makes a bamboo plant a wonderful item to keep on your work desk.

A bonsai is also a good option, but it requires maintenance. If you think you can find the extra time needed for the bonsai then go for it.

2. A Pen Holder And Visiting Card Holder

You should keep a pen holder to arrange all the tools necessary for you to work efficiently. A visiting cardholder is also a great addition. A good visiting card holder saves time and looks elegant while negotiating.

You should place both of these on your non-dominant side. If you are right-handed, then keep these two on your left and vice versa. The reason for that is, we do not use both of our hands equally. We use our dominant hand or working hand most of the time.

So, to relieve some of the strain on your working hand, keep these and other small items that require movement on your non-dominant side.This will bring a combination between both parts of your body and make you more productive. Small changes go a long way.

3. Office Clock

Time management is crucial when it comes to working. And for that, you should always have a tiny table clock at your desk. It should not be too big that blocks up space on your desk and hampers other items’ movement. A moderate-sized office clock is more suitable.

Position your office clock in such a way that both you and the party sitting in front of you can see the time. It should not be turned to either one of the sides because that does not provide value to the other person. The clock should be a common thing between you and the party sitting on your opposite side. A commonplace for the office clock can be on the left side of the table facing the right.

4. A Sharp Object Pointed Down

It is common to have sharp objects like scissors or paper cutters in your work setting. However, be careful as to how and where you keep them.

Make sure there is a dedicated holder for these items. Secondly, always put the sharp things pointed down. If you keep sharp objects pointed upwards, it sends subconscious messages of an unsafe environment to the people around you.

If you choose not to keep sharp objects on your desk at all, then you should keep them in a drawer. It is not recommended to get rid of these tools and keep them far away. Because when you need them, they should be nearby so that you may have your productive flow just as it was without unnecessary movements.

5. A Small Globe

If you are in a business that needs networking, then you understand how important it is to stay connected to all the people in different places. A globe is the symbol of the earth and this signifies your bond with the people that are all around the world.

You will attract new connections and be able to communicate with people better if you keep a globe on your office desk. It is a constant reminder that you are not alone and that you have others with you.

Vastu For Home Office [Office Desk Arrangement Tips]

Things To Avoid On Your Work Desk

1. Chargers And Cables

Your desk represents you and your mindset. In most cases, you will need laptops, desktops, phones, and other electronic items on your desk, and that’s fine. To function, you have to charge them, but you must not leave your chargers and unnecessary wires out in the open.

When you leave your phone charger in the socket at all times or when your laptop charger is lying here and there on your desk, it will make your work desk look bad. Wires do not present good vibes, and most of the time they will get tangled and look messy.

You should keep your sockets under your desk where they are not visible. Then charge your phone and laptop until they are fully charged. After that, always unplug the chargers and put them away in a nearby drawer.

If you need to keep your laptop charged at all times, then make sure that the wire is placed elegantly under the desk and only the necessary part should be visible.

2. Unnecessary Books

Books are wonderful items, and they represent knowledge. However, you should not fill up your desk with unnecessary books. There are two problems with doing this.

First, these books take up space and make your desk fill up, which leaves less space for more important items. Secondly, these books, no matter how good, will distract you if you keep them in your line of sight.

What you should do instead is make a dedicated bookshelf or place for keeping the books nicely arranged. That way, you can keep your favorite books around you without destroying your work environment.

3. In-Use Pens And Other Materials

You will have pens run out of ink more than once. Then some people choose to just keep it back in the pen holder rather than get rid of it. This starts a cycle of keeping unnecessary things on the desk. It can be a piece of paper that is not in use anymore or a broken tool that is lying on the side.

No matter how you look at it, if you keep the tools and materials that are not in use anymore, your desk will be filled with junk. You must dispose of these used tools and materials as soon as their usefulness expires.No more inkless pens should be in the holder.

4. Cluttered Files

Working can be tough, and multiple assignments can be handled for you at once. Vastu shastra says that a cluttered environment clutters the mind. It also attracts bad vibes to your work area.

So no matter how rough the day goes, always keep your work files arranged and only keep the files that are necessary on the desk. Everything else should be hidden away in its own designated areas.

5. Financial Documents

Your desk is not a good place to keep highly confidential or financial documents. You have to have a separate locker to keep these papers locked in there.

If you leave these papers out in the open on your desk, you are inviting trouble. Because they can easily be damaged or lost while you are not paying attention. Even a simple cup of coffee can end up destroying a very important document. So use a locker and get the financial documents off the working desk.

Final Words

Those who follow the rules of Vastu stay connected to themselves and the world around them without losing focus in the process. This allows them to function far better than the average.

Now that you know what to do with your work desks according to the rules of Vastu, you can attract money, fame, and productivity all while you are doing what you are supposed to do, which is work hard with a pleasant mind.

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