How Long Do Electric Standing Desks Last? [Increase Lifespan]

How Long Do Electric Standing Desks Last? [Increase Lifespan]

Electric standing desks cost quite a chunk of money. It only makes sense for you to want the desks to last a lifetime. But unfortunately, electric desks are not as durable as traditional wooden desks. So, how long do electric standing desks last?

Electric standing desks usually last around 5 to 10 years. Some top-notch brands, including Uplift, offer a 7-year warranty. It strengthens our estimation even more.

Some users want their expensive standing desks to last more than 10 years. Is that possible to attain with an electric standing desk? Keep reading to find out.

Do Electric Desks Last Longer Than Pneumatic Desks?

The bitter truth is electric desks usually don’t last as long as manual standing desks. Even though the top brands claim their electric desks will last 15 years, we don’t have solid evidence yet. The use of standing desks for workstations became popular after 2015. So, not many users have a standing desk that’s more than 7 to 8 years old. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to blindly guess how long a standing desk would last. The lifespan usually depends on the specific brand. And a quick way to find that out is to check the warranty limit. Manufacturers don’t offer more than 2 to 3 years of warranty if the desk has a record of losing efficiency within that period. 

In that sense, if a standing desk has 5 or 7 years of warranty, consider it to be the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan of the furniture. Interestingly, most Flexispot desks come with a 5-year warranty for the motor and a 10-year warranty for the whole frame. Every other high-quality brand is close to this as well. 

On the contrary, a pneumatic desk is claimed to last 15 to 20 years with a little bit of repair once in a while. Since Pneumatic desks were available way before the emergence of electric desks, we have actually found users who testify this estimation themselves.

How Long Do Electric Standing Desks Last? [Increase Lifespan]

Why Do Electric Desks Don’t Last As Much As Manual Desks?

One thing is pretty clear till now. Manual desks last longer than electric desks, regardless of their brand and build quality. But why is that? Let’s find out.

1. More Electric Components

An electric desk’s basic structure is filled with many electrical parts. Be it the motor, control box, keypad, or lifting columns; you will find electrical wiring inside the solid frame. 

And any electrical wiring is prone to damage. Sometimes it happens due to natural wear and tear. So, it’s not in our hands. Plus, the more components there are, the easier it is to cause an error or glitch. Unlike an electric desk, manual hand-crank desks have fewer parts to worry about.

There are only two cylinders with pistons inside the desk. On the outer side, you only see a crank to activate the whole setup. That’s all. The cylindrical pressure is only dictated by the movement of gas inside the chambers. So, there’s no chance of damaging anything unintentionally. 

Even though these fewer technical parts cause the desk to move a little slower, it compensates for that with higher durability/lifespan.

2. Easy To Damage

Electrical components are harder to repair. Not to mention, it requires extensive knowledge of how the electrical parts work. So, any problem you face with an electric desk will require you to ask for professional help.

But many users don’t like the idea. They want to stick with some DY methods. We have seen cases where users intentionally open the control box or damage the frame trying to fix the electric motor. Soon they find out it’s not as easy as it sounds. But they have already caused severe damage to the standing desk. 

On the other hand, pneumatic desks are easy to repair. It’s only the hand-crank that might fall off after a lot of use. You can repair it yourself or get some help. In either case, it’s very cheap and easy. So there’s hardly any chance you can damage a pneumatic desk by yourself. That’s another reason why pneumatic desks last longer.

3. Fewer Cycles

We can’t forget how differently the motors work in an electric desk. Electric motors usually have a limit of up to 20,000 cycles. And that’s the max number of cycles you can expect from any standing desk from any brand. If you go cheaper, the motor might have a capacity of 10,000 to 15,000 cycles.

But the limit is way higher for a pneumatic desk. The motor can complete up to 50,000 cycles in its lifetime. That explains why an electric desk runs out sooner.

When Should I Replace My Electric Desk?

When a desk reaches its end, you should replace it instead of repairing it. That’s why knowing how long an electric desk lasts is so important. That way, you can save some money trying to make the desk operate.

We would say, within 3 to 5 years, you shouldn’t think about replacing at all. It’s okay if the desk wobbles or refuses to move. There must be a technical explanation for that. Get professional help and repair it. If the warranty covers the first 5 years, you won’t even have to pay for the help. So, make sure you don’t do anything to disqualify you from the warranty.

Next, suppose the desk cost you below $300 and lasted 5 years. After that, it started to show errors frequently; replacing it with a new one would be much cheaper than paying the mechanic so many times.

But, we wouldn’t say the same thing if the desk was premium quality with around $1000 purchase price. You should only think about a replacement after 10 to 12 years of usage. It will surely require a lot of maintenance and repair in between. But don’t consider it a hassle; get it fixed as soon as possible before the issue worsens.

How Long Do Electric Standing Desks Last? [Increase Lifespan]

What Can I Do To Increase The Lifespan Of An Electric Desk?

Here’s the fun part. No matter how long your electric desk is supposed to last, you should strive to let it complete its lifespan. Here are some tricks to help you in this journey.

1. Keep the Weight In Check

Don’t overburden your electric standing desk. That’s the first rule you have to follow religiously. Exceeding the ideal weight limit puts pressure on the lifting columns. You will see slower speed and wobbliness. 

Try to read the manual thoroughly before putting objects on the surface randomly. If it says the max weight capacity is 300 pounds, try to be under 275 pounds. You can’t forget the desktop it’s already carrying. 

2. Use The Child-Lock Button When Necessary

The child-lock button is not available on every standing desk. We admit that. But if your desk has that button, your job has become ten times easier. All you need to do is, push the button every time you leave the office. It protects the furniture from your toddlers and curious kids (even pets).

Kids sometimes mindlessly press the keypad. Such actions confuse the desk as to which command it should send to the motors. If it keeps happening frequently, you might soon encounter an error or technical glitch.

And, for those users without this feature, lock the office door. Another trick is to unplug the desk from its power source. That way tapping the keypad won’t affect any internal damage to the desk. But there’s a catch, though. Any saved height into the desk memory will be lost as well. So, keep that in mind.

3. Install Properly

You must install the standing desk properly. That’s one disadvantage of ordering a standing desk. You get it in separate boxes. You have to strategically build it like Legos. The manufacturers usually provide all the necessary tools.

But the problem is not every one of us loves installing heavy equipment like standing desks. Especially if you are trying to do it alone, be prepared for a lot of disturbances later. Many users even scratch the desktop or frame due to inappropriate handling.

To ensure the desk lasts long, see instruction videos on Youtube and read the manual thoroughly. Place the frame and desk surface on a board or foam surface to avoid dents or scratches. Make sure you use the right bolts for the right parts. Double-check after every step. After tightening the bolts with a wrench, use your hand for manual inspection.

Before You Go!

Electric standing desks require more repairing effort than manual ones. We are clear about that. And the most crucial part of a desk is its motor. So, what do you do if the motor needs replacement? Check out our step-by-step guide on standing desk motor replacement.

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