Are Dual Monitor Stands Universal? [Exploring Compatibility]

Are Dual Monitor Stands Universal? [Exploring Compatibility]

Are you considering adding a dual monitor stand to your desk? Great move. Cheers to your healthy working posture, cutter-free workstation and increased productivity. But at this point like most other users, a question may come up to your mind that will it fit your monitors?  Are dual monitor stands universal?

All single and dual monitor stands manufactured following VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) standards are universal. But some manufacturers produce stands to fit only their monitors. These proprietary dual monitor stands are not universal.

In the rest of the article, I’ve discussed the universality of dual monitor stands in detail. If you are concerned about whether the dual monitor stands you picked up for your dual monitors will actually fit your monitors, stay tuned till the end.

Are Dual Monitor Stands Universal? [Exploring Compatibility]

Are Dual Monitor Stands Universal?

Dual monitor stands are super handy for adjusting the height and angle of monitors for a better viewing experience and maintaining an organized workspace. Maybe that’s why dual monitor stands are taking up space in almost every dual monitor user’s desk these days.

But when someone goes to buy a dual monitor stand specially online, they get worried about whether it will fit their monitors. Are there different sizes of stand inserter for different monitors or are they universal?

Well, almost all dual monitor stands are universal. Thanks to Video Electronics Standards Association for setting a standard size of monitor hole and stand to fit those holes. All the renewed computer monitors and stands manufacturers follow the VESA standard.

VESA standard dual monitor stands come with a four-hole screw pattern plate. The common dimension of the pattern is 100×100 and 75×75. To insert the stand into your monitor, simply place the stand in the circular hole pattern on the back of the monitor. It will be firmly attached to the monitor without any complicated insertion process. Then you can set your monitors to your convenient height and angle. 

However, there is an exception to the above rule. Some companies manufacture monitors without following the VESA standard. They do this so that their customers need to come back to them whenever they need the stand. Other monitor stands won’t fit on those monitors. It’s their marketing policy. However, these dual monitor stands are not universal.

How To Tell If My Monitor Is VESA Standard Or Universal?

If your monitors are VESA standard, you can use all dual monitor stands with them.

The easiest way to check whether a monitor is VESA standard or not is to check the back of the monitor. If your monitor is VESA standard, you will see a four-hole pattern at the center of the back of your monitor.

On the contrary, proprietary monitors come with an attached plate at the back that hides the hole pattern. So if you don’t any square hole pattern at the back of your monitor, it is not VESA standard.

To insert the stand into these types of monitors, first, you will have to remove the attached plate following the manufacturer’s instructions.  

So before spending your money on any kind of monitor stand, check out your monitor first, if you see a four-hole screw pattern at the back of the monitor, go for a universal stand. During online purchase, check the product details to make sure it follows VESA standards. 

Final Words

After the above discussion, I think you are clear that most high-quality dual monitor stands are VESA standards. That means they are universal. These stands will fit all brand’s monitors.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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