What Size Dual Monitors Should I Get?

What Size Dual Monitors Should I Get?

Dual monitors can boost your productivity without any doubt. You get much more screens to view more data in front of you, and with all these benefits who don’t want to upgrade to dual monitors? But you can ask, what size dual monitors should I get?

You should get dual monitors that are at least 27-30”. This range of monitors can provide you with the best viewing experience and more screens for a proper view.

You should keep in mind that dual monitors are used to view more data and content in front of you. And no one wants hassle in their work life. So, when you are getting yourself dual monitors you should get the best available in your hand.

In today’s article, we will be discussing more about what size dual monitors you should get and the factors that you should consider before buying them.

let’s get started.

Should Dual Monitors Be the Same Size?

Dual monitors should be the same size to lessen the uncomfortableness that may come with two different-sized monitors. This is also important to note that, two different monitors will have different refresh rates and resolutions. This heterogeneity will put a strain on your eyes.

Eyestrain has become a real problem for those who have to work with digital screens regularly.  Different-sized monitors can put eyestrain on your eyes. And as a result, it will harm your eyes in the long run.

We can’t also deny the fact that heterogenous monitors can trigger OCPD.  Of course, you can get yourself two different monitors as you like but you should keep in mind your mental comfort.

The main goal of using dual monitors is to boost productivity and process more data to save more time. But it shouldn’t give you too much hassle. Some people use dual monitors that are not the same very efficiently and comfortably. But before deciding the size of your monitor for yourself you need to ask yourself some questions such as

  • Is it going to bother me?
  • Is it going to make me feel uncomfortable during work?
  • Is it going to ruin my inner peace?
  • Is it going to trigger my OCPD? (If you have it)

If the answers are positive, then you should buy yourself, similar monitors. But if you are comfortable with two different monitors and you want to do some experiments then you can go for different-sized monitors.

Is Having Two Different Monitors Bad?

The answer to this question depends on the individual. There are some pros and cons of dual monitors as there are no unmixed blessings on earth. Everything has its positive and negative side.

Using two different monitors is fine as long as it is not hurting your eyesight and harming your productivity. But using two same-sized monitors will incredibly improve your overall experience of using digital screens.

But if you cannot afford or don’t want to buy two same-sized monitors that’s totally fine too. The whole point of using dual monitors is to increase your productivity and to ensure that you can work comfortably. If you find that different-sized monitors work fine for you then you can stick to that.

There are also some drawbacks to using two different monitors such as

1. Different Refresh Rates

Different refresh rates can bother you a lot while you work. And it will feel a bit laggy to you from time to time. And nothing is more irritating than a laggy screen.

2. Minor To Major Inconvenience

Sometimes the mouse might stop moving from one screen to another and this may happen in the middle of the work, and you might have to restart your computer without even having the opportunity to save the important documents.

What Size Dual Monitors Should I Get?

3. Applications May Misbehave

This term simply means that you might not have the opportunity to smoothly move your application from one window to another.

4. Might Trigger People With OCPD

This is not just applicable to people with OCPD, this often happens to anyone who gets bothered about any inconveniences.

5. Might Not Be A Good Idea For Gamers

Some gamers do use different-sized monitors to operate more tasks. But if your two different-sized monitor is different from each other in every perspective then it can be a great hassle for you to continue playing games.

Besides these, if you are totally fine with operating two different monitors then you should go for it.

What Size Monitor Is Best For Dual Monitors?

This will depend on the work you are going to use it for. In general, you should get something between 24-30” if you can. This will ensure that you are getting the best for yourselves that you can easily rely on for a long time.

1. Dual Monitor Size For Gaming/Streaming

To get the best experience of gaming you should get as much as screen you can get within your budget. You should at least get two 27” monitors for the best gaming experience.

You can also get two 24” monitors at a very reasonable and affordable price. But if you can get and fit 27” or 30” monitors in your budget and on your desk, then you should go for it.

Some gamer prefers to have different-sized monitors for streaming and to stay connected with the audience. You can get one 27”/30” primary monitor and a 24” secondary monitor for gaming and streaming.

2. Dual Monitor Size For Editing/Graphics Designing

if you are a graphics designer or editor then you must need more screens that can give you a proper view of your work/project. For editing, and graphics designing you need more screens than usual users, so it will be better for you to buy two similar monitors to ensure that work doesn’t get interrupted.

Graphics designers and editors have to deal with shade, colors, frames, etc. a lot. So, it is better to buy dual monitors that are similar.

Video rendering takes a lot of time and effort, you need a similar refresh rate to edit and render videos uninterruptedly.

What Size Dual Monitors Should I Get?

3. Dual Monitor Size For Work

Different works require different monitors but here we will generalize that every job requires data processing. So, it is better to get a medium-sized monitor to get the work done. Also, you have to consider fitting your monitors in your desk and keeping everything neat for a healthy work environment.

You can get yourself similar dual monitors to comfort your eyes, but you can also get two different-sized dual monitors with the same refresh rate to ensure uninterrupted work. You can process data in one while you can check e-mails, and online meetings in another one.

4. Dual Monitor Size For Writing And Studying

Our academic life has changed a lot after Covid. Post-Covid academic is quite different than before. Now we have to operate our academics online, besides joining classes offline.

You can get yourself one 27” monitor and a 24” monitor for studying and writing. You can also enjoy gaming in your leisure time or do some programming besides studying.

Is 27-Inch Monitor Good For Split Screen?

Split screen works best on bigger monitors. A split screen will work fine on a 27” monitor. To work efficiently you can get a 30”/32” monitor and a 27” monitor to work efficiently on split screen and process more data.

Split screens are mostly used to view more windows and combine more data into one. So, a split screen will work well on a 27” monitor.

Are 32 Inches Too Big For A Monitor?

No, it isn’t. A 32” monitor is quite efficient and productive. Even if you don’t need it, a 32” will provide you with enough screen to split screen or process/view more data than usual.

Having a 32” is good enough to see all the work and projects in front of you. Whether you are a programmer, graphics designer, or simply a job holder, having a 32” will benefit you a lot.

Should Dual Monitors Have The Same Refresh Rate?

Different monitors have different refresh rates and sizes. While refresh rate may not seem like a feasible problem, it can bother you in the long run.

Over time, you may feel one of your monitors is laggier than the other one. For uninterrupted work, you should get dual monitors with the same refresh rate.

Heterogenous refresh rates will also work well but while doing heavy work, your mouse pointer may misbehave, and it will be hard for you to move it.

Some people may say that different refresh will not bother you but that’s not true. When we focus or concentrate on any work extensively, any minor inconvenience is likely to ruin our concentration.

So, it is better to invest in something good with a good refresh rate to avoid all kinds of inconveniences.

What Size Dual Monitors Should I Get?

Can Dual Monitors Have Different Resolutions?

Yes, they can have different resolutions and while you may not need any high-resolution monitor for your PC but if you are a graphics designer, editor, or visual artist, you will have to have the best high-resolution monitor on the market.

Having two different resolution monitors is fine for day-to-day and normal usage. And you won’t even notice any difference between them. But it is also true that once you start using a high-resolution monitor, your reflex will get changed and you may never want to get back to low-resolution monitors.

What Size Dual Monitor Is Best For Your Eyes?

There is no specific size for having good eyes. Having good eyes will depend on how much distance you maintain from your monitor.

Digital screens emit blue light, so it is important to take the necessary steps to protect our eyes from harmful light. Any screen size is good for you if you take the necessary steps.

Here are some things you can do to keep your eyes safe.

  1. Maintain at least a 25” distance from the monitor to your eyes.
  2. Wear blue cut glasses. Now, you may not wear glasses, so you can buy a pair of blue-cut glass that has no power. You can use it only when you are using your monitors.
  3. Don’t stare at the monitors for a longer time.
  4. Keep some plants on your desk, and take a look at them between works to rest your eyes a bit.
  5. We forget to blink when we use monitors, so it is necessary to blink to keep our eyes moist.

With the necessary steps, you can use any monitor. And to be honest, we can’t stay away from technology these days. So, it is better to take precautions while using them to keep us safe.

How Do I Make My Dual Monitor Setup Look Better?

Having a dual monitor is quite fun and productive. But you also need to learn how to make it look good, neat, and clean. Even if you are not bothered about making it look good, you have to keep it neat and clean otherwise dirt will affect the performance of your PC.

Here are some things you can do to make your dual monitor setup look good.

1. Plan It All

Before starting the whole process, you need to decide how you are going to place your monitors for a better view. You can keep both of your monitors vertically for a bigger view.

2. Vertical Setup

You can keep your monitors vertically to give them a neat look. This will also enhance the surface area overall. You can choose bezel-less monitors to get the best look out of this setup.

3. Horizontal Setup

Horizontal setup needs more space on your desk to keep the monitors well aligned. This view will provide you with more horizontal space.

4. A Good Desk

Having a good desk is mandatory for a good setup. You can buy a good standing desk or an L-shaped desk to keep everything organized.

5. Good Cable Management

Good cable management will keep everything neat and clean.

Final Words

Utilizing dual monitors is more important than having them. They are certainly productivity boosters. Some people may even speak against them saying they are bad for our eyes.

But are they bad for our eyes? Let’s learn about it before standing against them, give this article a look if you want to learn more. Are Dual Monitors Bad For Eyes?

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