How To Feng Shui Home Office Desk For Better Luck?

How To Feng Shui Home Office Desk For Better Luck?

Our work environment is the number one factor after our work skills that determines how well we will do in our dedicated fields. For better results and to attract wealth, success, and good luck, one should follow the rules of feng shui in their workplace.

Feng shui guides one’s work environment from the orientation of furniture, materials, objects to keep, and things to avoid. These rules are simple yet very effective in your home office environment.

If you are interested in applying feng shui to your home office environment to attract success, better workflow, and focus, here is your guide to do so.

Positioning The Work Desk In The Room According To Feng Shui

The most important thing about positioning your desk is to have support. To have that support, you should have a solid wall at the back of your desk. Your back should be facing the wall.

Next, you should focus on where the door is. You need to position your desk in such a way that you can see the door from your desk. If you see the door while working, it represents your integrity and readiness for coming opportunities.

Do not sit directly in front of the door, though. You want the flowing energy entering from the doorway to slow down a little before it reaches you. For that, it is best to have the desk positioned diagonally opposite the door. This is also known as the “command position.”

The command position lets you have control over your surroundings and your work. Also, it helps you stay calm. If you are unable to place your desk in such a way and are forced to face a wall, then you can replicate the command position.

For this, all you have to do is add a mirror to the wall that you are facing. That way, you can still see what is coming up behind you. Choose this less expensive version only if you have no other option.

It is also good to have a window beside your desk. A window brings in natural light and helps you rejuvenate. Windows are good feng shui because they allow you to have that mental break when you need one.

As much as possible, avoid traffic behind you. People moving in the back can distract you from your work. That is another reason to have a solid wall behind you.

How To Feng Shui Home Office Desk For Better Luck?

The Best Material For A Desk According To Feng Shui

Nowadays, there are many types of materials used to make desks. For good feng shui, it is best to have a solid wooden desk.

A solid wooden desk gives you stability and good support. You should also focus on your affinity for the desk. This simply means that you should like the desk you’re using for work.

There are five elements according to feng shui. There is earth, metal, water, fire, and wood. All of these elements have affiliate materials that go with them.

The earth element provides stillness and stability. Both solid and composite kinds of wood resonate well with earth elements. Metal and water elements resonate well with metal or painted wood. The wood element resonates well with all types of wood, and fire resonates with brightly colored wood.

You can choose your materials based on the element you want to use. However, make certain that whichever

The Dragon and the Tiger

In feng shui, while you are sitting at your desk, your right side is the white tiger side and the left side is the dragon side.

The dragon side is better for objects that create sound and heat, such as electronics. You should place your electronic items such as your desktop, laptop, calculators, etc. Another thing about the dragon side is that it should be higher in comparison.

This does not mean that the platform should be higher; rather, the items included on that side should make up the height. For example, your desktop adds height to your desk.

The white tiger side or your right side is better for quiet objects. Items such as your work files, necessary documents, books, and necessary stationery should be placed on the right side of your work desk.

Clean Up Your Work Space

Cluttering your workspace means cluttering your thoughts. You have to make sure that the work area is clean enough with no excess objects roaming here and there.

First of all, get rid of the excess objects on your desk. I know that while working we have to use a lot of stuff, but then we don’t need all that stationary for a long time. However, even though you are not using those items, they are consuming space on your work desk.

You have to put these stationaries away in another place. Use a cabinet with dedicated drawers and shelves for different types of items. You can also do the same with your desk drawers and other storage areas.

Secondly, make a habit of cleaning up once every week. You should not let parts of your work area collect dust. Rather, clean it up regularly with some good old elbow grease.

Finally, even though you have the routine of deep cleaning once a week, you still have to do some regular cleaning. When you leave your work desk, you have to organize it. While organizing the desk, you should keep in mind that you are organizing it for the next day.

Because when you enter your workspace the next day and find it clean, organized, and ready for you, your mood will be elevated. This will help you get into your work faster and have more focus instantly.

How To Feng Shui Home Office Desk For Better Luck?

6 Things To Add To Your Work Space For Good Feng Shui

When you are done with the basics, it is time to focus on further details. Some items bring in good feng shui, while others bring in negative energy. Here are a few tips to guide you through this.

First, make a list of things you should add to your workspace.

1. Bring Nature Into Your Office.

You should always be connected to nature, even when you are working. Doing this is much easier than it sounds. Plants are the keyword.

You can add any type of small plant to your work area. If you are choosing small plants in a pot, you can even place them on the desk itself. Slightly larger plants should be placed on the ground beside or behind the desk on the side that has less movement.

Plants are great for feng shui because they bring in natural energy. Also, it promotes healthy breathing. Plants can also be great for the aesthetics of your workspace.

A gorgeous-looking plant will give you peace of mind and feed your eyes with a pleasant view. This calms you and helps you achieve better flow.

If you have limited space, then you should choose types of plants that are small and do not grow much in size. This will allow you to add nature to your workspace without it becoming a hassle. Some popular choices are small bamboo plants, succulent plants, etc. 

2. Water Movements

Water is closely related to wealth and money in Feng Shui. Having a small fish tank or aquarium is good for the workspace. If you have small fish in the aquarium and a filter, then this will bring some movement and energy into the area.

Another idea is to have a small electric fountain in your office. There are many types of fountains available on the market. I recommend one of small size because it is easy to maintain and takes up less space. It is the movement of the water that brings in energy, so an electric fountain is a great option.

You should turn your fountain off while you are leaving the office and turn it on when you return. This is energy-saving and efficient. Also, make sure to buy a fountain that does not create any sounds other than the flowing water. For example, fountains with loud motors are not a good idea.

3. Lamps and candles

According to feng shui, lamps and candles fall into the fire element. Small decorative candles make the environment jollier.

Adding a lamp to your desk is also a good idea. Light from the lamp will help you focus more and also has other practical uses. It is best to choose lamps that are red, orange, or other bright colors.

4. Crystals

Crystals are a classic when it comes to good feng shui. First of all, crystals are beautiful. These small solids raise the aesthetic bar of your workspace. When you look at them, you feel calm and relaxed.

There are different types of crystals available. A very popular and traditional choice is jade. Jade crystals are sought after for bringing good luck to the workspace. If you do not have a jade, many other types of stones are easily available. So add a piece of good-looking crystal to your work desk. 

5. Artworks

Positive artwork works magic in the work area. Not only does it improve the beauty of your work area, but you can also add inspirational quotes to them.

These artworks have messages that we want to incorporate into our work lives. They work as reminders. It is good for feng shui to have positive artwork in the workspace because it helps us keep track of ourselves and stay on the right path.

6. Beautiful Stationaries

There are many types of beautiful and aesthetic stationery available. Having a nice brush or pen on display elevates the mood and creates a better environment. These stationaries are not for regular use; they are for bringing positive energy into the workspace.

So you do not have to worry about wasting a lot of money on stationery. Buying a few good items and putting them on display will work just fine. Also, you can add your favorite stationery, such as the pen you got as a gift, to this section.

4 Things To Avoid In Your Work Space For Good Feng Shui

Not everything is good, and some items hamper our progress. Here are some things to avoid in your workspace according to feng shui.

1. Avoid Placing Your Desk Under a Beam.

You should not place your desk directly under beams or a lowered ceiling area. These beams and lowered ceiling areas represent restrictions.

These can have a negative impact on your workflow and career luck. This clutters your mind with restrictions. So, avoid placing your work desk in such places.

2. Cactus and plants with sharp leaves

Adding nature to your workspace is good, but not cactus or plants with sharp leaves. Sharp objects bring negative energy, and you should always avoid these types of plants in a work environment.

Also, if you have to move around in your workspace and these plants are placed in close proximity, chances are you will get yourself hurt. This can disrupt your work. This goes for other sharp objects as well.

You should keep your tools in dedicated drawers and your pens pointed downwards. The sharp edges of your furniture should also be covered. Sharp edges and pointy things do not bring peace, but rather are safety hazards.

3. Using Too Much Color

While organizing your workspace, it is necessary to use soothing colors. But too much use of color can ruin the surroundings. For example, if you use too much orange or red, which are fire elements, you will bring chaos into your workspace.

Similarly, a mix of too many shades and variations will make the place chaotic.

Having a chaotic view at all times while working is not only distracting but also demotivating. Do not get carried away while you are painting your home office.

Choose two to three color combinations, or even a single color will work. You have to remember that colors are not the only way to make the work area beautiful.

4. Sitting Directly Opposite to Another Worker

There are times when you have to share your workspace with another person. While you do that, it is best to sit side by side. Do not sit back to back or directly in front of another person. This will be chaotic.

If there is no space and you have to sit face-to-face, then you can use a large object like a plant to block your view of one another. This will save you from clashing energy and improve your workflow.

How To Feng Shui Home Office Desk For Better Luck?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about feng shui in office environments.

 Q. Is It Bad Feng Shui To Have A Window Behind A Desk?

It is bad feng shui to have a window behind the desk because of the outside traffic.

Q. Should The Desk Be Oriented Toward The Window Or Away From It?

Your work desk should not face the window or be away from it. If your desk faces the window, then you will be distracted by the outside traffic, which will disrupt your workflow.

If you have the window at your back, then the same thing will persist with another issue. Which is that the light coming from the window will fall on your monitor and harm your sight of it.

Windows should be at your side if you have access to it after following the commanding position.

Q. How Do You Feng Shui an L-Shaped Desk?

Your prime goal is to get the desk into a commanding position. Think of it as a regular desk. Then place it in a way that lets you have the privileges of the commanding position.

Due to the size of the L-shaped desk, you might have to rearrange some of the other furniture presented in the room. If you have a decent-sized room and do not clutter it, then this too should not be an issue.

Final Words

Following the rules of feng shui brings your mindset and your physical environment to an optimum position where you can perform at your peak. This allows you to work at your full potential and attract success.

Now that you know how to apply feng shui to your home office environment, you can also achieve that optimum level. Remember, consistency is the key. Maintain the rules and you will get results.

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