Can You Use A Rolling Chair On A Rug?

Can You Use A Rolling Chair On A Rug?

Whether willingly or unwillingly, most of us had to think about setting up a home office recently. And, how can you forget the perfect rolling chairs while talking about an office?

Ergonomic chairs come with better adjustability. But, with great convenience comes greater risk. And, here it means a damaged floor.

So, does it mean you can’t get yourself a rolling chair? And, if you get one, can you use a rolling chair on a rug?

You can use a rolling chair on a rug. But the rug has to be in the low-pile category and tightly woven. Don’t bring a fluffy and plush rug to use under a rolling chair as it hinders the wheels to get a perfect glide.

However, we have other alternatives for you to place under the rolling chair. If you want a detailed comparison on which of them works best for your office floor, stay with us till the end.

What Do You Put Under Rolling Office Chairs?

Ergonomic office chairs can be pretty ruthless to surface beneath them. We call it a slow burn process. It might take years to notice the signs of damage.

As we glide the metal caster wheels on the wooden floor to roam around the area, it keeps pushing the dirt and debris more into the floor. No doubt, the surface wears down sooner than expected and you are left with scratches and gouges on different corners.

Don’t misunderstand us. We are not against rolling chairs at all. It’s surely comfortable. But, we want you to take some precautionary steps that would help you extend the lifespan of the marble or granite floor.

So, what do you put under rolling office chairs? The list is endless. You can go with a simple office chair mat or a colorful rug.

Office Chair Mats

Office chair mats are the first option. You will find them in almost every modern office. Since traditional office desks are limited for every worker, chair mats serve the best. The polycarbonate mats are super affordable and durable at the same time.

Plus, they are available in different themes and colors. That allows the whole interior to blend well together.


Area rugs have attracted attention more than ever since the pandemic has forced employees to establish a workstation at home. People don’t like the “corporate” feel within their home office. They want it to be convenient and cozy at the same time.

Rugs are the best solution for that. it brings a special warmth and aesthetic to the place. Whether you will get an easy or a rough glide depends on the core material. We have talked about that in detail below.


Carpets work almost the same as area rugs. The only difference is that carpets are attached to the floor. You can’t easily move it around the place however you wish. It works best if you have multiple chairs in a specific room.

For example, if you have a common home office for all the family members, it would be a waste to invest in so many chair mats and rugs.

Our suggestion would be to get a thick enough carpet with a flat surface. It allows the caster wheels to slide smoothly without creating a pile. Plus, you get protection for the whole floor. No more fixing the rug or mat under your rolling chair.

Can You Use A Rolling Chair On A Rug?

My #1 Recommendation For Home Office Chair

If you want my only recommendation for an office chair that befits your home office, I’ll recommend the Flexispot OC10. Why? It features:

  • 3D Lumbar Support, 4D Adjustable Armsets, 135° Lounge Tilt
  • Made of Italian-imported chenille and K+R temperature-sensitive fiber
  • Ultimate Breathable Mesh
  • Best-In-Industry Samhongsa Class 4 Gas Lift
  • Silent 360 degree casters
  •  5 years warranty for frames, motors, and other mechanisms
  • 2 year warranty for the electronic switches and controllers

And all this at a cost-effective price! To know more, check out my detailed article on this chair!

Do You Need Mat Under A Rolling Chair?

Are you wondering whether to consider a chair mat or not? Well, you might be relaxing because the floor manufacturer has promised a warranty. But do you know the warranty will be considered void if you don’t put a chair mat under a rolling chair?

Yeah, you read that right. That’s the hidden condition in almost every warranty provided by flooring companies.

Now, don’t get mad. Chair mats can help your floor shine for several years to come.

Less Effort On Your Part

You can cut 80% of your efforts by just placing a chair mat under the rolling chair. We are talking about the effort you put to move it around the desk. It might not look important. But imagine the pressure on your lower back if you keep doing this whole day.

Sometimes the floor can be tough to glide on. Especially if it’s a cement floor. If you set up a home office on such flooring, consider buying a chair mat. Chair mats provide a smooth surface for the rollers. You don’t have to put any pressure on the chair.

Noise Cancellation

The report suggests that an average worker moves the chair around 300 times per day. It sounds too much. But we can’t fight the stats, right? Imagine the amount of noise it produces in the office area. Let’s multiply it by the number of chairs in a place. That’s absurd.

Forget about concentrating on a difficult job. All you can hear is the annoying noise of rolling chairs as they move around the hard surface.

Thankfully, chair mats can put a stop to this issue. The friction between the roller and the hard floor will be eliminated. Instead, the flat and even mat will act as the new sliding surface providing less friction every time. Finally, you can work in peace.

Protects The Floor

Ever wonder why the floor starts to tarnish and degrade all of a sudden? When it comes to your floors, small things matter. It is exposed to harsh metal wheels 24×7. The wheels continuously curve into the floor and push the existing debris further into the surface.

This daily ritual leads to all the scratches and scoffs, you find under the chair. Chair mats work wonders to protect the floor. It acts as a shield and prevents the wheels from coming in direct contact with the precious marble floor.


As we discussed in the first point, without chair mats you have to put more pressure to move the chair. This might lead to accidents like falling on your face or getting stuck on a plush carpet.

User safety is the top priority in any office environment. If you want to set up a home office, you must take that into account too. Although it won’t cause you severe injuries, it’s always best to avoid it.

Chair mats reduce the friction. You can roll on it like butter without getting stuck.

What Type Of Mat Should You Choose?

Now, that’s a big question. There are hundreds of options to choose from in the local home improvement store. The materials, backing, and size differ from one another. We can’t say which one is best because all of them have a different floor type to serve. You must be careful regarding these factors and pick one that is made for your office floor.

1. Polycarbonate Chair Mat

We have listed polycarbonate or plastic chair mats on top, because of their affordability. They are almost everywhere. Not just your office chairs, you can use these under any furniture that has the potential of leaving scuffed marks on the floor.

Let’s look at some of its benefits and limitations.

Why We Love It

  • The best thing is affordability. Plastic is your go-to material when you are on a budget.
  • Another thing we like about this mat is more color range. Plastics are easier to color and shape than any other material.
  • The production process generates less pollution than its vinyl counterpart.
  • If you want to change the look, you can buy a new set easily. You don’t have to consider the replacement price since it comes very cheap.


  • With low cost comes lower quality. plastic chair mats show signs of wear and tears quickly.
  • You won’t get a premium grip from these mats. They tend to be slippery on carpets or smooth surfaces.

2. Durable Glass Chair Mat

If you want something non-slippery and aesthetic under the office chairs, our top pick is the glass chair mat. As the name suggests, it is made of tempered glass. It can endure heavyweight and is highly durable. If you don’t want to deal with changing chair mats periodically, this is the optimum choice.

Why We Love It

  • It can endure the heavyweight.
  • It is transparent and compliments the office interior.
  • The protection is top-notch. You can move around as much as you want.
  • It stays in one place and that’s the best thing. There are no slipping issues.


  • Maintenance can be a hassle. In case the glass breaks, the workers might get hurt.
  • The cost would be too much if you are under budget.

3. Traditional Vinyl Mat

Vinyl mats are dominating the industry. The reason can be its cheap price and a huge range of colors and shapes. The core material here is PVC. And, we all know how flexible PVC is when it comes to shaping. So, no matter how funky you want to get, vinyl mats won’t disappoint.

Why We Love It

  • . It is very affordable.
  • You will easily find any color you want.
  • It comes in different shapes and sizes.
  • The durability is medium.


  • The production process generates heavy pollution.
  • You will have a hard time finding a deep backing.

4. Aesthetic Bamboo Mat

If you want to give a touch of nature to your office, try the bamboo chair mat set. It looks soothing to the eye and can change the whole look of the workstation.

 Plus, it will look odd if you use vinyl mats under the chairs and promote natural products with low carbon emissions. Having bamboo mats instead of commercial ones will speak about your values better than words.

Why We Love It?

  • Bamboo mats look more pleasing.
  • They are light and easy to move around the place.
  • They come with a non-slip backing.
  • Plus, the cost is very low compared to other competitors.
  • Bamboos don’t absorb smells.


  • If you wet the mats and leave them that way, they will break faster.
  • Bamboos can’t provide top-notch durability.
Can You Use A Rolling Chair On A Rug?

Three Things To Consider While Choosing A Mat

Once you have decided which material you want, it’s time to look for the right size, shape, and backing. Yes, there’s more to this mat choosing game than we expected.

  1. First of all, measure the chair rolling area and look for a mat to fit it. If the desk is very large, your rolling area would expand accordingly. Getting a 36″x48″ mat won’t be enough.
  2. Another important factor is shape. A small square shape would look good under anything. However, if your desk shape is unusual, try a lipped or contour mat shape.
  3. The final factor is the mat backing type. It entirely depends on the floor type. For a smooth marble floor, you would need a rubber backing to grip tightly.

On the other hand, if the flooring is made of cement, a smooth vinyl backing will also work. Make sure the anchors on the back are sufficient to grip the surface without causing any damage.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. How you should choose a chair mat is a very extensive process. Check out our article on this topic to pick the perfect chair mat.

Are Rugs Better Than Chair Mats?

We understand why you would want to use rugs instead of a chair mat. Rugs do come in more beautiful designs and create visual interest. It can add life to your boring home office. Plus, the warmth of a hand-woven rug is incomparable.

But, we are not here to talk about aesthetics today. When it comes to serving the best under a rolling chair, are rugs better or not?

High Pile

This is the first problem you will face with a regular rug. You see, rugs are not specifically designed to stay under a rolling chair. If it doesn’t come with relevant backing, expect it to slide continuously and create piles.

It would be hard to roll smoothly on it. You will get stuck frequently and need to leave the chair to fix it. That’s not convenient at all.

Not Economical

Buying a rug can be more expensive than buying polycarbonate chair mats. Of course, there are premium quality mats too. But, you have to spend more on the rug due to the artsy print and manufacturing style.

Some of the rugs are made of sheepskin, jute, etc. And some are woven by hands. The soft and plushy rugs can cost you more in the long run. Especially if it doesn’t last under a rolling chair and you need to replace it sooner.

Not Durable

Rugs can last a lifetime if you use them correctly. By that, we mean not putting them under sharp wheels. The material used on a rug is mostly soft to provide extra warmth to your feet. But, it is not strong enough to tolerate the continuously moving rollers.

If you don’t want to replace it frequently, stick with a chair mat instead.

Things To Consider While Putting A Rug Under Rolling Chair

No worries if you still decided to go with a funky rug. Here are some things to consider before putting it under a rolling chair.

Low-Pile Rugs

Get yourself a rug that can stay in one place. You must check the backing type for this. If it comes with anchors or teeth to grip on floors, it would pile up easily. Plus, don’t go for the extra thick ones. It would feel like you are rolling the ergonomic chair on a grass carpet. That requires a lot of effort on your part.

Tight Weaves

You might fall in love with those loose and raised weaves. But it is not a great idea to use it as a shield. The wheels will get stuck into the weaves leading to small disturbances. The pattern might get ruined as well due to the constant battle with caster wheels.

We suggest you get a jute rug instead. Make sure the patterns are tightly woven and the surface is flat or smooth.

Even if the wheels don’t get stuck often, the beauty of the loose weaves will fade away. It would be better to avoid such designs altogether.


Size depends on the area where you roll the chair. If it’s a small home office, you probably won’t have that much space to play around. You will be fine with a small square rug. However, if the area is quite big, you have to be a little creative.

Place the rug in a way so that all the important office furniture stays on top of it. If you can’t manage the whole desk, try going at least 2/3rd of its width. That way, you can feel the warmth of the rug as you sit on the chair. The rug should cover the chair fully leaving enough space on each side.

What Do You Put Under A Rolling Chair On Carpet?

We have described all the options available to you in the above sections. However, you can be still confused.

First of all, if you are very picky regarding what comes into your home, rugs would be a great deal. You can easily find a design that blends perfectly with the overall interior.

 Just make sure to get some indoor/outdoor rugs that are in the low-pile category. If you want something to give natural vibes, go for the Jute rugs with tight weaves.

On the other hand, if you have a carpet installed on the floor, you would want to protect it from the sharp and edgy wheels. You can just place a neutral chair mat under the rolling chair in this case.

Or, you can use a rug as an extra layer on top of it. When it comes to easy glides, chair mats definitely win the race with flying colors.

Wrapping Up

A rolling chair is not even a luxury anymore. With employees spending hours in front of a small desk, there is no way around an ergonomic chair. But the sharp edges are harmful to your floors.

People attempt to solve this by placing a rug under it. But before that, we must know whether you can use a rolling chair on a rug or not.

It seems like the plush rug and a functional chair can’t go hand in hand. That’s why we shortlisted the alternatives you can try instead of a rug. If you are stubborn to not switch to a chair mat, you can follow this guide to find the best rugs to withstand a rolling chair.

Now, we are done answering your question. It’s your turn.

Which one would you pick?

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