Setting Up A Home Office Desk Against A Window [Beginners Guide]

Setting Up A Home Office Desk Against A Window [Beginners Guide]

Your work environment is regulated by more than a few factors. A window is a minor component in a workplace with a huge impact. In your home office, you should make the best use of the available windows.

You should place your desk by the window and place other necessary materials while keeping in mind the synergy of the materials. The desk should be positioned so that the window does not distract or hinder your workflow, but rather enhances it.

To do that, you should know a few things. Here is a simple guide on how to place your work desk against a window in your home office.

Why Is The Window So Important?

Before you start moving your things, you need to understand why it is necessary to think exclusively about the window. I sum it up into three main factors:

Windows help create a healthy environment, thus keeping you healthy. Natural light comes in through the window. Sunlight is an essential component of our bodies. If you work in a dark environment for a long time, you are going to harm your health.

Also, the window helps in the air circulation of the room. It is far better than any ac or electric fan because it is the cheapest and most natural option out there. Not having enough air circulation can hamper your focus and harm your health in the long run.

Secondly, it gives you that much-needed break when you are stressed at work. Workload increases stress. With an overload of work, we lose our energy. At those moments, a look outside through the window can relax your mind, make you calm, and be able to focus on work once more.

Thirdly, a window can have an impact on your overall happiness while working. As it has such a big impact on your work environment, and that, in turn, has an impact on you. If you are working in an office with no windows, then your mind will feel cramped.

Considering these three reasons, it is understandable why you should pay extra attention to such a simple thing such as the window.

Placement Of The Desk

While you place your desk, you need to follow only two rules. Firstly, you should place your desk by the window and not directly in front of it.

The reason is that when you place your desk directly in front of the window, you will have to sit facing the window. That means that the light that comes through the window will fall directly on your face. This will distract you while working.

Also, if you are directly facing the window, then the movements outside the window are visible to you at all times. These movements can distract you. You might end up daydreaming if you are looking straight at the window for such a long time.

But if you place the window near you, the light entering from the window will disturb your sight. Nor will it become a distraction. You can always look at your side when you need that break. The rest of the time, you will be focused on your work.

Secondly, make sure that your back is not facing the door. While you are focusing on the window, also place it in such a way that the door is visible to you. You should be able to see anyone entering the office through the door.

Setting Up A Home Office Desk Against A Window [Beginners Guide]

Things To Include In Your Window Configuration

There are a few things that will make your office arrangement against the window a success. These are:

A Nice Pair Of Window Curtains

Window curtains are important for an office set up for two reasons. Firstly, you will have to block the direct sunlight at times. Closing the window entirely is not a solid option because it requires more time and effort and will also block your wind flow. In comparison, a pair of window curtains will help more.

Secondly, window curtains add to the aesthetics of the office. There are endless designs and styles to choose from. You can select one that matches the theme of your office. Another option is to use partially closed blinds.

A Touch Of Green

It is always a good option to add a few small plants to the rim of your window. These plants will get sufficient sunlight that way. Also, this will elevate your mood. Plants are also very decorative and will serve well to remind you of nature. 

Precautions While Setting Up Office Window

In an office window setup, you have to be aware of a few things. These are:

A Sudden Gust Of Wind

Wind flow is important for a healthy environment. But, the natural wind does not flow at the same speed at all times. At times, there will be a strong breeze coming through an open window. If you are not careful, this can become a minor issue.

To be safe, you should not keep unattached papers or documents directly on the desk unless necessary. Because these are the most vulnerable to gusts of wind. Also, when the wind comes, it will bring in the dust with it. You should clean your office regularly so that the dust does not pile up in it.

Hazardous To Your Electronics

Through the window, sunlight will enter. If your printer is kept exposed to sunlight for long periods, then it can become defective. The external graphics of keyboards are also vulnerable to the UV rays of sunlight.

Sundays bring the heat with them. When your computer is kept on a desk directly exposed to the sunlight, it will constantly heat it. This can reduce the longevity of the device or create other issues.

During bad weather and rain, water might come in through the window, which can also become a hazard for the materials such as electronics and documents kept inside.

However, you should not fear this because, with a few precautions, you can avoid all these problems. Firstly, keep your computers and electronics away from direct sunlight or simply under a cover. This will protect them from the sunlight. And if you see the weather changing, just keep the window closed.

Setting Up A Home Office Desk Against A Window [Beginners Guide]

 Is It Bad To Have A Window Behind You In Your Office?

You should not put your back towards the window. You should sit by it, meaning the window should be at your side. There are two main reasons why you should not have a window behind you in your office.

Firstly, the light coming from the window will fall on your desktop screen, and it will reduce the visibility of the items displayed on the screen.

Another reason is that the traffic outside the window will make your vigilance response high if your back is towards the window. This high vigilance response will make it harder for you to focus. That is why you should not have a window behind you while working.

Where To Put The Computer In Relation To The Window?

You should put your computer on the furthest side of the window on the desk. You should follow this with all other electronics.

Suppose your window is on your left side, then you should put your computer on the right side of the desk. This will save the computer from unwanted sunlight and temperature problems.

What Is The Best Position For Your Screen In Relation To The Window?

The best position for your screen in relation to the window is to have it sideways to the incoming light and around two feet away from the window.

You don’t want your screen to be in direct exposure to the incoming light. A simple way is to move your chair away from the window by a few feet. This means that your screen will also be moved, and an overall balance will be present.

Is It Good To Sit Facing West In The Office?

If you follow scientific rules, then there is no concern facing west in the office. However, there are personal beliefs and rules like Vastu and feng shui that are followed and admired by many. In both feng shui and Vastu, facing west is not a good option.

According to the belief, the west brings in more negative energy than positive energy. Thus, it is the least recommended side to face. If you do not believe in the rules, then you are free to arrange your desk any way you want. 

Final Words

In your home office, overlooking a window is very easy. But with a bit of effort, you can enjoy the best of its perks.

For increased productivity and an overall better office setup, you should put that effort into arranging your desk according to your window.

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