Why Does My Standing Desk Says LOC?

Why Does My Standing Desk Says LOC?

If you have recently bought a standing desk, you might not be aware of some of the codes. For example, LOC is one such code that often pops up on our display. But what does it mean?

The LOC indicates your desk’s child lock safety feature is on. Once you lock the desk and push any button, the code “LOC” shows up on the screen. To turn it off, press the M button for 8 seconds.

As you can already tell, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Your desk is doing fine and this issue can be fixed within a few seconds. Keep reading to find out how.

What Does LOC Mean?

LOC is an error code you get on the desk’s display. It simply means the child lock feature is activated. 

With increasing competition among the standing desk manufacturers, almost every new model has this option available. Another common safety feature in standing desks is the anti-collision scanner.

Many people assume LOC means the anti-collision feature is activated. The anti-clash option freezes the desk to avoid hitting any nearby object. New users try to clean up anything under the desk only to be disappointed with the outcome.

Well, now you know you have targeted the wrong problem. LOC means a child lock. It does freeze the desk but only because you intentionally commanded it to happen. On the other hand, the anti-collision scanner works on its own without your interference. Hope you understood the difference.

Why Does My Standing Desk Says LOC?

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How Does The Child Lock Work?

As soon as you turn on the “lock” it will disable every other button on the desk. Yes, the “down” and “ up” nothing work anymore. This feature disconnects the adjustment signals from reading the control module and the motor at last. 

The desk just sits in the exact position without moving a bit. But it’s better to choose the lowest height before locking the desk. 

With children, you can never be too safe. If you lock the desk in a 48-inch height, your kid might still find a way to get on top of it and fall.

So, take that matter into consideration.

Why Is It Necessary In A Standing Desk?

A parent or pet owner will have no doubts why this feature is amazing. It saves you from a lot of worries while you are away from the house.

Did you know that around 37% of children (from 0 to 6 years old) have encountered a home accident? And, what’s alarming is that around 75% of those accidents consist of falling. 

We have seen kids jump on top of a regular desk and lose their balance due to the wobbliness. The next thing you know, you hear them crying out in pain. The risks are only higher with an electronic standing desk. That’s why, manufacturers programmed this locking feature. 

Of course, you don’t need it if you don’t have a kid at home. But you don’t buy a desk for a year or two, do you? It’s going to stay inside your office for a long time. And, you can’t add this feature later on when you actually have kids. So, why not get a desk that comes with a child lock? 

The child lock system is useful if you have naughty pets at home as well. Sometimes it’s not about accidents only. Kids usually find the electronic standing desks very fancy. They like pushing the arrows continuously to watch the desk go up and down. 

But this little act of play can cause serious damage to the desk. Usually, desk motors have a package of limited cycles to complete. Frequent movement can also trigger a glitch in the program leading the desk to freeze. 

You see, having a child-lock feature as a backup always helps.

Why Does My Standing Desk Says LOC?

How To Turn It On & Off?

To enable the feature, just push the M button. Keep your hold for a few seconds. That’s it. The desk is perfectly locked in one position.

Please check whether the lock is actually engaged or not. Otherwise, you would be putting your child’s safety in danger. Press any random button. If the blue LED light shows up with the code LOC, you are good to do.

Now, press the same button (M) again to unlock this safety option. Press it for at least 8 seconds. You will hear a beep and the desk will start moving up and down again.

Before You Go!

Hope you are relieved about the child lock system. But what if the desk shakes in a still position? That’s alarming, isn’t it? It ruins the entire idea of creating a child-friendly work space. Your kid can still face dangerous accidents through a wobbly desk. Check out our findings on why a standing desk shakes and what you can do about it.

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