Uplift Standing Desk VS Flexispot: 7 Main Differences

Uplift Standing Desk VS Flexispot: 7 Main Differences

Should you go with an Uplift customizable V2 standing desk? Or does the Flexispot E7 Pro Plus looks more appealing? You will soon find yourself asking similar questions after researching on which standing desk to buy. 

Uplift desks are more expensive in general than Flexispot ones. But Flexispot desks show more versatility in weight limits than Uplift standing desks.

Both Uplift and Flexispot have a solid fan base. It’s not easy to reject any of the brands. The only viable thing to do is to check a detailed comparison (like we have done below) of the two brands on different aspects. Only then can you decide which brand is more relevant for you.

What Are The Main Differences Between Uplift & Flexispot Desks?

It’s not as straightforward as it seems. There’s no way we can say one brand is good or bad. It’s all about preferences. That’s why we have tried to compare both brands with their models falling into the same category.

Moreover, we have only listed V2 frames for Uplift standing desks. If you have researched on Uplift before, you might have noticed a frame called V1. The thing is, Uplift started with V1 adjustable desks. But those frames didn’t have attachment points for Uplift’s 400+ desk accessories. That’s why the V2 frame is more popular among users right now.

That’s all you need to know. Now, without further ado, let’s start the comparison.

Uplift Standing Desk VS Flexispot: 7 Main Differences

1. Weight Limit

The more your standing desk can lift, the sturdier it will be. It’s an unwritten rule which is true for both Flexispot and Uplift standing desks

Standing DeskModel SpecificationMax weight Limit
FlexispotE2 Pro154 pounds
E5 Pro 287 pounds
E7 Pro Plus355 pounds
UpliftFrame type-V1355 pounds
Frame type-V2355 pounds

As you can see from the table, Flexispot offers more variety when it comes to weight limits. If you don’t want to store heavy items on the desktop, perhaps an EN1/E2 pro standing desk with 154 lbs of weight capacity would be enough. The plus side is that you get to pay less since the capacity is lower than other premium desks. 

On the other hand, Uplift chooses to provide the best they can with any of the frames you choose. Manufacturers claim you can put 355 lbs of stuff on the surface without noticing any delay in the transition. The statement is not completely true (you do lose some speed with added weight)

2. Purchase Price

Next, we will compare both brands on the basis of the purchase price. For that, we will take the same Flexispot models we mentioned earlier. As for the Uplift one, we have enlisted their most-selling ergonomic desks. Have a look.

Standing DeskModel SpecificationPrice
FlexispotE7 Pro Plus Standard$349
E7L (L-Shaped) Pro Standing Desk$699
Seffen Spiced Laminated Standing Desk$349
UpliftCustom Laminate 24”-deep standing desk$959
Curved Corner Standing Desk$1469
Solid-Wood L-Shaped Standing Desk$1799

We have tried to enlist the Flexispot models with 355 or closer to that particular weight capacity. Otherwise, it’s hard to understand whether the product is overpriced or not. In this case, Flexispot E7 pro plus (standard) all the Uplift models offer 355 lifting ability. As for the E7L and Seiffen ones, you get 220 lbs and 121 lbs of weight capacity, accordingly. 

No doubt, Flexispot offers standing/height adjustable desks at a low price. If you are a fan of curved desktops, Flexispot can give you that at less than $500. At the same time, you have to go above $1000 for an Uplift model. We won’t say the Uplift models are overpriced. It has more weight-carrying capacity and along with some other features. However, if the price factor is really important to you, Flexispot has the best deals.

Uplift Standing Desk VS Flexispot: 7 Main Differences

3. Installation Time

If we talk about installation time, Uplift desks take way more time. It’s due to the set-up process recommended in the manual.

For example, you have to first attach legs to the crossbar. To do that, you need to use a side bracket and then insert screws into the crossbar rails. Next, you have to attach the crossbar rail adapters (which means more screws). After that, it’s time to connect the keyboard and control box wires. There you go, a lot of steps.

Moreover, you have to drill holes into the desktop to attach any kind of accessories, including a keyboard tray. Considering how common it is to want a keyboard set-up, Uplift users really have to go through a lot of hassles. Also, if you make any measurement mistake during the process (which you will if you are not a pro), the whole thing becomes highly unstable.

So, if we have to allocate an estimated time, Uplift standing desks require at least 2 to 3 hours just for set-up.

On the other hand, Flexispot desks are easier to put together. The manufacturer makes sure you have fewer steps to follow, thus reducing the chances of a potential disaster.

4. Height Adjustment

Height adjustment range is an important factor for comparison. It matters even more if you are taller or shorter than an average person. Here’s how we will compare the height range of these two brands. First, we have enlisted the same Flexispot models along with their max and min-height. Then, we have included Uplift desks with the same or similar max height. Our task is to see whether Uplift desks can go as low as the Flexispot ones or more than that.

Standing DeskModel SpecificationMin HeightMaximum Height
FlexispotE2 Pro22.8 inches48.4 inches
E5 Pro 24.4 inches50 inches
E7 Pro Plus23.5 inches  50.8 inches
UpliftCustom Laminate V-2 Standing Desk24.5 inches50.1 inches
72×30 inches walnut laminate standing desk25.3 inches50.9 inches

It’s clear that Uplift desks surely have more range when it comes to standing height. However, none of the desks can go below 24 inches. But Flexispot E2 pro and E7 pro plus will sit at 22.8 inches and 23.5 inches if you want. That’s an alarming difference.

Taller people will prefer Uplift desks due to their versatile max height range. Some of the Uplit models even go as high as 54 inches. That’s surely a good side if you are above 6”. However, for shorter people who want their desk’s sitting height to match them, Flexispot is a good choice. It’s rare to find desks with 22 inches of min-height nowadays.  

Uplift Standing Desk VS Flexispot: 7 Main Differences

5. Transition

As far as smoothness during transition is concerned, Uplift takes the cake. We guess it is not a shocker for you considering the huge difference in price. But that doesn’t mean Flexispot desks are wobbly. You get the best value from Flexispot desks as well. It’s just that; Uplift desk can stay at its highest position with fewer instances of shaking.

Also, both desks take the sound reduction feature very seriously. You will not hear almost anything during the transition. However, if we really have to compare, Uplift desks are quieter.

6. Build Quality

There is hardly any quality (material) issue with any of the brands. Both Uplift and Flexispot are leading manufacturers of high-quality ergonomic desks. You can only expect the best from them.

However, when you touch the final product, the Uplift desk feels kind of hollow. It doesn’t feel strong enough. On the other hand, Flexispot desks come with an attractive matte finish on the desktop. It will feel strong and thick when you knock on the surface.

It doesn’t necessarily have to indicate a quality issue. We are only mentioning it because some users prefer thick desktops made out of expensive material (or at least look like it is).

7. Customization

You can’t beat an Uplift desk in the customization department. Flexispot also offers a variety of different colors and materials for the desktop. But, Uplift is on another level, with more than 200 choices for the material.

Some popular desktop material includes mahogany, uptown walnut, cherry, bamboo, white & black oak, Acacia, Ash, Pheasant wood, etc. You name it, and Uplift already has it in store for you. The same goes for color as well. 

Before You Go!

We understand that you are a little suspicious about Flexispot desks. People usually mix up low prices with low-quality/short-life space. If you are feeling the same, here’s our answer on how long a Flexispot desk last

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