Where Are Vari Desks Made?

Where Are Vari Desks Made?

Do you ever wonder where your favorite desk was made? You will be surprised most of the desks especially the electric ones, are produced overseas to lower the manufacturing cost. If that’s the case, where are Vari desks made?

Vari desks are made in Zhejiang, China. A Chinese supplier known as Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Company provides the desk frames. After that, the customization process is operated in America.

It’s mind-blowing that we use so many Chinese products without any knowledge. Now, before you scrunch your nose, just go through the article. We will try to give you a deeper insight into the situation.

Who Owns Vari Desk?

Dan Flaherty is the official owner of Varidesk. However, Vari’s CEO, Jason McCann, is more famous among netizens. He had been a part of many successful startups, and the majority of people in Dallas knew him. Both of them decided to start a sit-stand desk in 2012. The initial purpose was to help an employee with back pain. But the solid product soon found its way into the market in 2013. Since then, Varidesk, a Texas-based company, is only growing.

Where Are Vari Desks Made?

Where Are Vari Desks Made?

Just because the administrative office locates in Coppel doesn’t mean the factory is there as well. Like many other desk brands, CEO Jason McCann also chose to manufacture the actual frame outside the USA. And the chosen country was none other than China. Right now, a Zhejiang-based Chinese manufacturing company called Jiecang is the official supplier for Vari. It’s even recorded on Alibaba.com.

The name:” Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Company” shows up as you search for their suppliers. The reason is simple; China has the skills to manufacture the entire base of the desk at a cheaper rate. If the same frames were manufactured in America, you wouldn’t be able to pay only $500 for the full desk.

Another interesting fact is that Vari is not the only U.S.-based partner Jiecang has. In fact, Uplift, EvoDesk, and even Jarvis have been recorded to receive frames from Jiecang. Not to mention, each of these brands consumes a huge portion of the US market today.

But if the frames come from the same factory, why the pricing is so different? It’s a very common question people ask. Because at one hand, we have Varidesks available at only $800, while a similar EvoDesk will cost you around $1400. Well, that’s possible due to the slight changes Jiecang makes for each of the brands.

For example, you don’t have a cross-support in the varidesk frame. But the V-2 commercial frames from Uplift have them. Also, the frame is basically T-shaped in a Varidesk. While the EvoDesk ones have a C-style frame. Each style comes with a different benefit. So, there’s no ultimate winner or loser.

That explains why different brands charge so differently, even though the base comes from the same manufacturer.

Which Part Of A Vari Desk Is Made In The USA?

Only the base, along with lifting columns, motors, and actuators, come from China. All the customization operations are done in the USA. As you pick a Varidesk and go further, the website will show you different customization options. For example, you get to pick the desktop width, its color, and even the material too. This whole assembly happens inside the USA. In fact, Copple, Texas, is the headquarters of Vari.

Where Are Vari Desks Made?

Does JieChang Produce Low-Quality Frames?

If you were drawn to varidesk thinking it’s made in the USA, the above information might have shocked you. But just because the frames come from China doesn’t mean they are bad. Yes, the Jiecang frames do showcase several issues. Like, as low stability, cheap plastic glides, over-lubricating the glides, less attention to precision on every part, including the motor, etc. It surely affects your experience with the desk.

That being said, there are some good things as well. For example, it might not be the best standing desk for stability and durability, but it’s also not the worst. You will instantly feel the difference if you have used standing desks found in iKEA before. Those are cheap, but none of your office supplies are safe on that table. At least you don’t have to worry about a Jiecang desk frame. It offers 224 lbs of weight capacity with a transition speed of 1.3 inches per second.

Before You Go!

Varidesk and Jarvis both come all the way from China. Still, when we test them, there are more differences than similarities. Do you feel the same? If yes, we think you should take a look at our brief comparison of Varidesk and Jarvis.

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