Flexispot E5 vs E8 [Choose Cautiously]

Flexispot E5 vs E8 [Choose Cautiously]

The E5 and E8 from Flexispot were designed to be your partner in the office or at home. Both of them are sturdy and can tolerate heavy-weight. You will hardly see them wobble at the peak height. All thanks to the three-stage leg design and two robust motors. But, what if you have to pick one between the two? Which one will you choose?

Flexispot E5 is a better value considering the cheap price. It has all the exciting features of a traditional Flexispot sit-stand desk. While the more expensive option, the E8 offers better lifting speed, customization, and weight capacity. 

As much as the similarities are satisfying, they can be a bit confusing too. Especially, if you are about to make a decision and want to be sure. So, that’s what we are about to do today. Let’s discuss what makes the two desks different from each other and which one is worth your money.

Flexispot E5 & E8- A Quick Overview

Flexispot E5 and E8 electric sit-stand desks have more similarities than differences. That’s understandable since both are designed by the same manufacturers. You can’t miss Flexispot’s signature features on both desks. Let’s take a look at the common features of E5 and E8.

Common Features:

  • Come with a USB charging port
  • Memory Pre-set Options
  • Three-stage leg frame
  • Dual Motor (<50 decibels)
  • Child-lock and anti-collision features are available
  • Sit-stand reminder button included
  • Customizable desktop

Flexispot E5 VS E8 : Learn The Differences

The only difference at the first glance would be the price tag. You can buy the Flexispot E5 desk for half the price of an E8. But there must be a catch behind this dramatic price cut, right?

That’s what we will discuss in this section. We will target each feature of the standing desks and compare both units. Before that, check out this quick chart below. So that you have an overall idea about the major differences.

ParticularsFlexispot E5Flexispot E8
Load Capacity100 kg or 220 pounds125 kg or 275 pounds
Minimum Height62 cm60 cm
Maximum Height127 cm125 cm
Horizontal Adjustment 110 cm to 180cm  110 to 190 cm
Price RangeBelow $300Around $400
Lifting Speed3.5 cm per second3.8 cm per second
Flexispot E5 vs E8 [Choose Cautiously]

Flexispot E5

Flexispot E5 vs E8 [Choose Cautiously]

Flexispot E8

Flexispot E5 vs E8 [Choose Cautiously]

My Favorite Standing Desk From Flexispot!

If you want my only recommendation for a standing desk that befits your home office, I’ll recommend the Flexispot E7. Why?

  • Flexispot E7 is super stable as it is BIFMA certified.
  • The E7 features thicker leg columns and has been scientifically designed with a column gap of 0.05 mm for optimal smooth movement of the stages.
  • The E7’s base is constructed using solid carbon steel, which has reached automotive-grade quality for enhanced durability and sturdiness.
  • Industry-leading laser-welding technique & holeless leg design offers a sleek contemporary aesthetic and durability.
  • Features high temperature-resistant and anti-wear coating for amazing color consistency.
  • Superb sustainability due to the Nordson Enviro Coat powder spraying system.
  • 15-Year Warranty

And all this at a cost-effective price! To know more, check out my detailed article on this standing desk!

1. Max Weight Capacity

You should always check out the weight-carrying capacity before investing in a standing desk. That way you can avoid overstuffing the table. Now, the E5 and E8 sit-stand desk from Flexispot comes with 100 kg and 125 kg of weight limit respectively.

There’s no good or bad. The E5 is designed for workers who can carry on their jobs with less equipment. Perhaps, you are a blogger or student who hardly needs more than two gadgets on the table. Plus, you are saving a lot of money by skipping the additional 25 kg of weight. That seems like a win-win situation.

However, some professions require you to work on multiple gadgets at the same time. For example, you can be an IT expert, pro gamer, or stock market investor. If you don’t like even a little bit of wobbling to protect your belongings, going for a high-weight capacity sounds logical.

2. Adjustable Height

Unfortunately, we can label neither of the desks as “better” when it comes to height adjustability. That’s because each desk works fine for different types of users. For example, the E5 comes with a minimum and maximum height of 62 cm to 127 cm. That means a 4’ tall person to a 6’ can use the desk comfortably.

In the contrast, you get a minimum and maximum height of 60 cm to 125 cm on the E8. The difference is quite narrow (only 2 cm). 

Now, if you have to pick only one, we would suggest considering your height first. If you are a taller person, you can get two extra cm with the E5 desk. However, if you want your children to access the desk as well, going with the E8 would be nice. It allows you to lower the desk more.

3. Price Tag

As far as price is concerned, the E5 surely looks more lucrative. During a discount period, you can have the desk for as low as $270. That’s super affordable considering it’s a sit-stand desk from a top-notch brand.

In the contrast, the E8 has a price range of $400 to $450. If you ask for solid wood and a wider desktop, it’s not impossible to pay around $500. It’s the same for E5 as well. The price will go up if you ask for more accessories. But we think the premium features are worth the money.

However, for anyone looking for a budget-friendly option, E5 seems to be the right one.

Memory Presets

Memory preset switches are popular features of any electric standing desk. so much so that, users look for more pre-set options while buying a sit-stand desk. Luckily, both Flexispot E5 and E8 come with memory preset buttons. But the only difference is that the E5 only has 3 pre-set switches. Whereas the E8 comes with 4 buttons. 

The purpose of a memory pre-set button is to save you from manually adjusting the desk height. It can feel like a hassle during a busy day. Especially, if more than one person uses the desk, the next user always has to adjust the height according to his/her height. But the memory switches allow you to save a specific height into the program.

As a result, you can just tap on “1,2, or 3” to get the desk in a sitting or standing position. that saves you a lot of time. As you can see, the E8 electric desk provides one extra memory pre-set option. 

Frame Design

We love the leg design of both E5 and E8. They come with three-stage columns for a smooth transition. Relying on three interlinked columns provides better stability. However, we have noticed the E5 comes with round or smoother edges. On the other hand, you will see the E8 desk’s frame has rough corners. It turns out the design difference in the foot stands was intentional.

The E5’s frame was kept more oval or round to reduce the risk of bumping into harsh corners. If you have toddlers who run around frantically, this feature might be a blessing. 

Apart from this small difference, the frames come with a dual motor. The noise level is super low and the speed is unprecedented. We can notice the E8 being faster in transition with a 38mm lifting speed per second. On the other hand, its competitor has a lifting speed of around 35mm per second. Check out how the E8 compares to Flexispot’s all time favorite E7.

Desktop Design

The E8 surpasses the E5 when it comes to the customization of the desktop. You only get to choose between fiberboard, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), or bamboo while ordering an E5. But, the material list for an E8 desk is longer. For example, you can also order a solid wood or solid wood texture desktop.

The color range is pretty much the same in both cases. You can choose any color or finish you like including white, black, gray, ebony, rubberwood, black walnut, and so on. 

Moving on, you can adjust the frame under the desk from 110cm to 180 cm. That’s for an E5. As for the E8, the adjustability increases by 10 cm (110 to 190 cm). If you like bigger space under the desk for whatever reason, the E8 standing desk is more flexible. It’s not a big factor for many users. However, if you like details, you will definitely appreciate this feature.

Flexispot E5 VS E8: Which One Should You Choose?

Here comes the question everyone dreads. The thing is, not every desk is made for you. Instead of focusing on which desk is the “best,” check whether it meets your need or not. And, even after a desk meets your demand, it should fit under your budget.

So, let’s apply the same rule to today’s comparison. First of all, the E5 desk has almost the same (and cool) features as the E8 at half the price. $300 for a sit-stand desk is definitely a bargain. But the drawback is that you have to let go of some weight capacity, memory buttons, and lifting speed. Other than that, the E5 has impressed the critics as a sturdy and durable desk option for you.

Wrapping Up

Since you have gone through the whole article, you must know which one you like better. The E5 was designed for customers who want the experience of a top-notch Flexispot desk. Some expensive features are a bit compromised to fit the desk under an affordable price range.

On the other hand, users who can pay for the premium features would love the E8 desk. You get everything you ask for. It’s the best $400 you will spend. In our opinion, think of it as an investment. You investing the money in your spine health. The desk would help you recover from a sedentary lifestyle and whatnot.

So, that was all for today. Stay healthy, stay active!

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