Battle Of Standing Desks: Topsky VS Vivo

Battle Of Standing Desks: Topsky VS Vivo

Topsky & Vivo both are mid-tier electric desk brands. People with a limited budget often prefer these brands over luxury ones. Even though both brands have lots of similarities, you eventually have to let go of one. Now, which one will that be? We have tried to find the answer throughout this article.

Vivo has lightweight commercial sit-stand desks. The desks are pretty decent. But some Topsky desks usually offer better weight capacity (300 lbs) and height adjustability. As long as affordability is concerned, Topsky models come at way lower prices and perform just fine as well.

It’s not easy to give you a full insight into the comparison of these two brands within two sentences. Read our one-on-one comparison segment to fully understand all the pros and cons that come with Topsky and Vivo standing desks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Topsky has a higher weight capacity (around 300 lbs).
  • Topsky can start lower (23.6”), while Vivo can go higher (50.2”).
  • Vivo desks can only lift 25mm per second.
  • But Vivo comes with better warranty terms for the frame and electronics.

TopSky VS Vivo: Which One Will Be Better For You?

Before we jump into the comparison, let’s make a few things clear. VIVO currently offers more sit-stand desk options than the three we mentioned (over and over) in this article. The only reason we did this is to make it easier for you to compare the brands.

For example, wehave picked one dual-motor and triple-motor model from each brand. And lastly, we chose the most popular models (which are a three-stage desk from Topsky and a 1B solid single-motor desk from Vivo) according to their websites. Now that we have clarified the process of comparison, let’s get started.

1. Weight Capacity

We will start our comparison with the weight capacity. This totally makes sense because it’s usually the most important determiner of a desk’s strength. Starting with Topsky, we see a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. If you are not opting for the three-stage standing desk, the maximum weight capacity you can get is 270 lbs. That’s impressive for a mid-tier standing desk brand.

Moving on to Vivo, we can see the single-motor desk being able to lift only 176 lbs. It’s not bad considering there’s only one motor to do the work.

Topsky is also ahead of Vivo in the dual-motor and triple-motor segments. While the Topsky one can lift as much as 225 lbs, Vivo desks can only lift up to 220 lbs. Pick the triple-motor frame, and Topsky gives you 270 lbs of capacity. Vivo is 50 lbs behind its competitor.

If the weight-carrying ability is a non-negotiable factor for you, Topsky provides better value without any doubt. But keep in mind that even Topsky suggests its user keep the load within 175 lbs for smoother operation. In that sense, both desks offer kind of similar weight range. Still, if the 300 lbs tag reduces your anxiety, pick Topsky anytime.

TOPSKYWeight CapacityVIVOWeight Capacity
Dual-Motor Electric Desk225 lbs or 102 kgDual-Motor Electric Desk220 lbs
Triple-Motor Electric Desk270 lbs or 122 kgTriple-Motor Electric Desk264 lbs
Dual-Motor Three-Stage Electric Desk300 lbs or 136 kgSingle-Motor Electric Desk176 lbs

 Winner: Topsky.

Battle Of Standing Desks: Topsky VS Vivo

2. Sitting Height

Just because you are switching from a regular desk doesn’t mean you won’t ever sit in front of it. And, if the sitting height doesn’t match your individual requirements, you are gonna end up hurting your back eventually. People usually prefer their desk’s minimum height to be lower than their recommended sitting height.

Both Topsky and Vivo are similar when it comes to sitting height. Topsky offers a 27.6” or 70 cm height as its lowest for both dual and triple-motor models. They have kept the height even lower for the dual-motor three-stage electric desk with 23”. With this height, even a 5’3” tall person would be able to sit comfortably in front of his Topsky desk.

Moving on to Vivo, we see a variety in minimum height for different models. For example, the dual and single-motor electric desk provides around 29” of minimum height. Compared to Topsky, that seems pretty inconsiderate for the shorter demographic. Especially if you are below 5’5”, you would have a tough time adjusting to this sitting height.

But don’t get sad. If you want the sitting height to go lower, you can choose Vivo’s triple-monitor electric desk. It comes with a 24.6” minimum height. It might not be what a 5’ tall person would look for. But it’s still better than the other options available at Vivo.

TOPSKYSitting HeightVIVOSitting Height
Dual-Motor Electric Desk27.6” or 70 cmDual-Motor Electric Desk28.8”
Triple-Motor Electric Desk27.6” or 70 cmTriple-Motor Electric Desk24.6”
Dual-Motor Three-Stage Electric Desk23.6” or 60 cmSingle-Motor Electric Desk29”

 Winner: Topsky

3. Standing Height

 After sitting height comes standing height (naturally). Topsky has won the previous segment due to offering a lower sitting height for every competing model. But now that we have switched to standing height, the requirements for winning are different. We have to figure out which brand offers better height adjustability as the desk goes upward.

Starting with Topsky (as usual), we see the maximum standing height to be 47.3”. If you want to go slightly higher than that, the premium three-stage desk has got you. It will go up to 49.2” easily. That’s more than enough if your height is around 5’8” to even 6’. You wouldn’t need a higher surface for work at all.

Still, it always feels better when you know your desk is capable of going higher than your needs. Vivo introduces its triple-motor electric desks keeping that in mind. this particular model can be lifted as much as 50.2” above the ground with a single push. That’s good news for users who are exceptionally tall (above 6’).

TOPSKYStanding HeightVIVOStanding Height
Dual-Motor Electric Desk47.3” or 120 cmDual-Motor Electric Desk47.3” or 120 cm
Triple-Motor Electric Desk47.3” or 120 cmTriple-Motor Electric Desk50.2”
Dual-Motor Three-Stage Electric Desk49.2” or 125 cmSingle-Motor Electric Desk49”

 Winner: Vivo

Battle Of Standing Desks: Topsky VS Vivo

4. Price Range

Both Vivo & Topsky falls into the affordable group. You will easily find options within the $200 price range. However, since it’s literally a battle, we can’t let go of this sensitive buying factor that easily. So, let’s begin.

When it comes to price, Vivo showcases more versatility than Topsky. It offers desks for $300. At the same time, the premium models are priced above $800. For example, their single-motor desk is priced at $219 (pretty cheap for a branded standing desk). Getting an IKEA desk priced below $200 with so many features will be difficult nowadays. However, their triple-motor desk comes at $799 (almost $800). So, you will find a range of desks here.

On the other hand, Topsky has always targeted users with a tight budget. They don’t have such a versatile line of models. Plus, the prices are pretty affordable (ranging from $249 to $339). The biggest difference is within the price of a three-motor three-legged sit-stand desk. Vivo gives you one for $800, while Topsky only charges about $399. That’s literally half the price.

We admit the Vivo one is designed with better safety features and adjustability. But it still shouldn’t be worth $400 more than the Topsky one. So, needless to say, Topsky wins with its cheaper price tags.

Dual-Motor Electric Desk$249Dual-Motor Electric Desk$299
Triple-Motor Electric Desk$399Triple-Motor Electric Desk$799
Dual-Motor Three-Stage Electric Desk$339Single-Motor Electric Desk$219

 Winner: Topsky

5. Travel Speed

As far as speed is concerned, Topsky will definitely beat Vivo. As we can see, none of Topsky’s electric desks go slower than 1” per second. The dual-motor electric desk with three-stage legs goes as fast as 1.37” per second. That means it doesn’t take half a minute to fully transform from sitting to standing. Isn’t that amazing?

 But we can’t say the same thing for Vivo. Even though the Triple-motor desk is faster than its Topsky counterpart, the other two options slightly lack. They are designed to move 25mm every second. It’s not bad, considering the chances of wobbling/shaking if the desk moves too fast. However, if you plan to switch positions several times per hour, you might prefer a faster setting above anything.

TOPSKYSpeed Per SecondVIVOSpeed Per Second
Dual-Motor Electric Desk1”Dual-Motor Electric Desk25mm
Triple-Motor Electric Desk1”Triple-Motor Electric Desk1.5”
Dual-Motor Three-Stage Electric Desk1.37”Single-Motor Electric Desk25mm

 Winner: Topsky

6. Warranty

Warranty is the easiest way to identify how confident the manufacturer is regarding the electric desk. Usually, a long warranty coverage signals the buyers that the desk is going to last. and, even if it doesn’t, you can get a replacement thanks to the warranty card. That’s why we also can’t neglect warranty terms in this comparison.

 Luckily, it was not too difficult to identify which brand has better warranty terms. Vivo offers an impressive 3-year warranty for every desk in their collection. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a single or dual-motor desk. On the other hand, Topsky really beats the game with its 5-year long warranty coverage for the premium three-stage standing desk.

You must have noticed by now that this particular model is built slightly differently (with better features). So, it only makes sense for the company to offer longer warranty coverage. However, if we look at the other mid-range models, the warranty ends within 1 year. That’s not nice, considering you are paying over $300 for this furniture. We will give the trophy to Vivo for this one.

TOPSKYWarranty CoverageVIVOWarranty Coverage
Dual-Motor Electric Desk1-yearDual-Motor Electric Desk3-year
Triple-Motor Electric Desk1-yearTriple-Motor Electric Desk3-year
Dual-Motor Three-Stage Electric Desk5-yearSingle-Motor Electric Desk3-year

 Even thoughboth Topsky and Vivo offer a 30-day return policy, it’s not that simple. You have to pay for the shipping. In case you don’t have a FedEx account, they will charge you even higher. It can be close to $250 to $300, depending on where you live currently. So, make sure to read the terms of the return policy thoroughly before committing to a particular model.

Winner: Vivo.

Battle Of Standing Desks: Topsky VS Vivo

7. Build Difficulty

Both Vivo & Topsky frames are lightweight. So, you wouldn’t have any difficulty handling the frames during installation. However, we have found the process slightly complicated for the Vivo models. You can blame the manufacturer’s instructions for that. It’s not easy to understand which part of the desk they are referring to (if you are not tech-savvy).

For example, it’s not clearly mentioned how tight the screws should be. If it’s your first time doing such tasks, you might overtighten some parts and end up breaking it.

On this basis, Topsky has a straightforward installation process. everything you need is included in the package. And most of the job is already done in the factory. All you have to do is, figure out the desktop’s width and attach the columns accordingly. There’s a low chance of messing anything up, even if you are a newbie. Plus, the frame is not too heavy as well (only 21 to 24.5 kg) .

Another problem we faced with the Vivo sit-stand desk is its lack of screwing options for versatile desktops. For example, the manufacturers kind of assume the desktop you choose would have a thickness of 1” (at least). The bolts provided in the package only work if the desktop is thicker than 1”. If it’s 5/8” or ¾,” you are in trouble.

You will soon notice that the table isn’t securely adjusted to the frame (might feel loose and wobbly). There’s a chance you have to visit the nearest home depot for help. Luckily, Topsky frames come with necessary tools that are suitable for thinner desktops as well. So, that’s your winner for sure when it comes to ease of installation.

Winner: Topsky

Before You Leave!

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