What Size Shed Is Suitable For Home Office?

What Size Shed Is Suitable For Home Office?

After the pandemic hit, every job slowly opened “remote working” facilities for the employees. And, the tradition is still very much alive if not increasing. But behind all the buzz, there is a group who misses working from an office. Shed offices are a gateway for them to enjoy an office experience. But people often get confused regarding what size shed is suitable for a home office. 

Normally, 8’x8’ or 8’x10’ is ideal to build a small working shed. You can put a small desk and attach shelves to the wall for accommodating the supplies. However, if you want a studio or work-shop, having 10’x10’ or 10’x12’ would be a better option.

A wrong choice in shed size can affect the total cost and maintenance. so, go through this article before you order a specific one.

3 Different Shed Styles To Build A Home Office

Not just the size, but style is also extremely important. Depending on your work type, you might prefer different shed styles. Check out the most sought-after shed styles below.

1. A-Line Sheds

A-line sheds are the most popular shed design we come across. It has a rooftop imitating the shape of an “A.” The biggest advantage is that you have a special storage facility over the ceiling. It’s not available in the newer styles.

We would recommend this shed-style if you need a lot of equipment while working. It’s perfect for a workshop. You can store the less used items over the ceiling. 

Another advantage of this “A-line” roof is durable it is. Raindrops always slip through the steep roof design. So, you never have to worry about damaging the ceiling due to heavy rain.

2. Saltbox

The second popular shed style is actually known as a saltbox. It has a unique architectural form. The rooftop is similar to the “A-Line” style. However, a saltbox has unequal front and rear roofs. The front side is much smaller in size than the rear one. At the same time, the rear roof covers a large area of the shed.

It allows you to enjoy a higher entry space. Also, the unequal roof shape helps you cover a larger shed than a traditional barn-style roof. And, let’s not forget how aesthetically pleasing it looks. In a sense, saltboxes are A-line sheds but better. 

3. Studio Style

Last but not the least, we have studio-style sheds. The design looks more modern. It has all the amenities you can expect from a professional studio. The roof isn’t steeped at all. To be more specific, the whole shed looks like a giant box. You can customize the doors and windows however you see fit. 

If you are ordering a shed, you can ask for various materials including metal or wood. The biggest advantage of a studio shed is how modern and professional it looks. It doesn’t give the old-world vibe like the previous options we mentioned. 

What Are The Most Common Shed Sizes?

Apart from the differences in style, you get to pick a specific size for the shed. That way, you don’t have to worry whether the shed will fit in your backyard or not. Here are some popular sizes, people usually go for.

1. Small Sheds (within 80 sq ft)

If you have a small backyard, you probably have no other choice but to get a small shed. In that case, some popular sizes are 6’x8’, 8’x8’, and 8’x10’. Let’s see, what you can fit inside each of these sheds.


The overall area of this shed would be 48 sq ft. That’s pretty small. You can use it to store a medium working desk or a chair. It would be best to attach wall shelves since you have a tight space. That way, you can establish a functioning office. 

What Size Shed Is Suitable For Home Office?


Having a 64 sq ft area dedicated to a home office is better than the previous option. You have more space to go for a bigger desk and a comfortable chair. It might be possible to bring a small cabinet inside. Make sure the desk has sufficient storage facilities like drawers. So that, you don’t require more furniture inside the office.


80 sq ft is enough for a nice home office. Apart from the basics, you can bring other office essentials inside the shed. Finally, the office doesn’t look too compact. You can move easily without bumping into anything.

2. Medium Sheds (within 120 sq ft)

If you want to be more comfortable in your office, you should check out the medium shed sizes. Here they are.


With an area of 100 sq ft, you can establish a separate printing station. To relax a bit, you might bring a sofa beside the desk. You also have ample room for getting a big cabinet to store all your paperwork. 


Next, we have a shed with 120 sq ft. That’s pretty decent considering you work on a computer most of the time. You can use the extra space to build a snack corner. You also have enough space to think about the office interior. 

3. Large Sheds (within 288 sq ft)

Most people don’t have enough backyard space to go for the larger sheds. If you have the privilege, here are the sizes you can also explore.

12’ x 12’

This 12’x12’ shed will give you a huge 144 sq ft to play with. It enables you to bring your full-blown office vision to life. You don’t have to restrict yourself to a desk and a chair. Go all the way out and bring in your favorite office furniture. 


Next, we have the 12’x16’ sheds giving us 192 sq ft. It can be easily turned into a small studio with all the facilities you need. You can establish a hobby corner to relieve stress from work. It would be a good idea to turn it into a painting or editing studio. 


Finally, we have 12’x20’ sheds. You can establish a spacious office with this much space. But people usually choose it for building a workshop. It can accommodate a workbench, samples, tools, raw materials, etc. 

What Size Shed Is Suitable For Home Office?

You have already seen the most popular shed sizes people ask for. The first thing you need to consider while choosing yours is the backyard size. Yes, if you have a small backyard, the feasible options are limited. However, if your backyard is spacious enough to hold a 12’x20’, you have more freedom. 

Remember one thing though. Just because the backyard has space, doesn’t necessarily mean you should go for the biggest size. It would be a total waste to invest in a shed, that’s too big for your requirement. Not to mention the extra effort to maintain it.

If you ask us, we would recommend sticking with a 10’x10’ to 10’x12’ for usual office work. It’s perfect for workers who spend most of their time at a desk. The space is not too big or too small. Plus, it has enough space to fit a small sofa corner and a fridge. So, you’ll be entertained as well.

On the other hand, if your aim is to build a full-fledged studio with lots of electronic equipment and furniture, 12’x20’ seems to be the best option. Not just that, it has enough space for you to just walk or roam around whenever you feel low. You can incorporate every element you need to have a little “me” time.

However, some people might want something even bigger. Usually, when you are turning the shed into a workshop for your business, you need to store a lot of bulky items. In that case, you should definitely consider a 12’x32’ shed.

What You Need To Consider While Choosing The Shed Size

The backyard size is the only factor that restricts your choices. If the backyard has an area of 120 sq ft, the shed’s size must be lower than that. So, instead of going for a 10’x12’ shed (120 sq ft), choose 10’x10’. That would fit the backyard perfectly.

Another thing to remember is that sellers measure the outer length and width while describing the shed. So, a shed with 10’x12’ dimensions actually has a 9’x11’ area inside it. The go-to formula is to subtract one ft while calculating the inner area or the actual space of a shed. Now, if your requirement for an office is 10’x10’, you have to look for a shed with slightly higher dimensions on each side.

Do You Need A Permit To Build A Shed?

Yes, if the shed is too big, you would probably need a permit. It’s a major turn-off for most homeowners. In that case, our suggestion is to stay within the limit of 100 sq ft. The shed sizes available within this threshold are 6’x8’, 8’x8’, 8’x10’, and 10’x10’. You don’t need a permit if you are building a backyard shed within 100 sq ft. For some states, it can be 120 sq ft. So, kindly check the limit within your state before you make a decision.

What Size Shed Is Suitable For Home Office?

Can You Write Off The Shed Used As A Home Office?

Writing the shed off while submitting tax returns, is an ultimate flex. According to the Tax authorities, any part of the house used for office work would be eligible to get a tax deduction. So, that qualifies your office shed for a tax write-off.

It doesn’t matter whether you own the house or give rent. The problem with regular remote working is that you tend to use bedroom or living room space most of the time. So, it’s hard to point out an office space that you can show the auditor. That’s another cue as to why you should have a shed for work. 

5 Major Benefits Of Using Shed For A Home Office

People always talk about how flexible it is to work from your home. Then, why is the idea of having a shed became suddenly so popular? Well, to understand that, you have to check out the 5 major benefits of having a shed office. 

1. Designated Workspace

The first and most important benefit is the designated workspace. You don’t have to roam the entire house every day to look for a suitable working space. Every morning, when it’s “work” time, leave the house and enter your shed. 

It gives you the feeling of still working from an office. It also allows you to cut off worldly distractions as you try to focus on a single task.

2. Natural Light

Lack of natural light is one big problem we have seen with typical home offices. People usually don’t have a separate office room with a big window. They tend to use any spare corner or closet they find useful. So, the idea of having enough sunlight is nothing but a luxury. Well, not anymore. Sheds are famous for letting lots of sunlight inside. You can even ask for an extra window if that’s your biggest priority.

3. Customized Décor

You barely have the chance to change your office décor while remote working. Mostly because the office is attached to another room. So, having a different light, and wall color would affect the aesthetics of the mother room. 

However, you can customize the shed office however you wish. Want to paint the walls green? Go ahead and do that. It’s your office and you can play with its interior however you see fit.

4. Professionalism

Just because you are remote working doesn’t mean you will never meet clients or guests. Having a separate office is much more professional in such cases. If not anything, it gives off a positive vibe to your first-time clients.

5. Work-Life Balance

Any employee working from home can relate to the tragedy of overlapping work and personal life. It’s a huge struggle every day. But, you can overcome this situation by choosing to work from a shed outside the home. That way, you will see yourself commuting to work every day and coming back home in the evening. That’s way better than constantly leaving the desk and getting yourself involved in home tasks.

Before You Go!

Sheds are definitely the best way to work from home. But how you use the space inside it, makes it functional. Even the best of us have trouble fitting everything inside an office efficiently. That’s why we have some special tips on how you can make use of the neglected home office space. Who knows you might get away with a smaller shed size.

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