How To Clean RGB Desk Mat, Keyboard Mat, Or Mousepad?

How To Clean RGB Desk Mat, Keyboard Mat, Or Mousepad?

RGB desk mats are famous for displaying colorful lights through the edges. It’s a spectacular and must-have accessory for every gamer. But all these new features still can’t make it immune to dirt. Yes, even your RGB desk mats need cleaning. But cleaning a mousepad definitely needs a different approach considering its relationship with the mouse sensors.

Applying a lint roller is the quickest and most efficient way to clean up a mousepad. It will pick up the lint, dust, or any hair. If you need a deep cleansing, try wiping the mousepad with soap and water. It can be regular dish soap or hand soap.

 Before you start washing your RGB mousepad like a regular tablecloth and get it damaged, check out this whole article. You will definitely find some good tips on how to do a deep cleaning as well as regular cleaning.

 Is It OK To Wash RGB Mousepad?

RGM desk mats have the perfect shape to be used both as a keyboard mat and mousepad. It almost covers the entire area in front of your monitor.

And, yes, it is absolutely okay to wash your RGB mousepad or desk mat. People assume mousepads are vulnerable to water. So, they only stick with the dry cleaning methods. However, there are times when you have no other option but to wash it. for example, your child spills ketchup on the desk. Those stains are hard to remove without washing.

However, many users misinterpret the term “wash.” It doesn’t mean you can throw it into a washing machine with other clothes. The machine won’t be forgiving to your precious RGB mat and its microfibers.

By “wash,” we simply mean you can wipe away the dirt with a wet cloth. Just let it dry up completely before you start running the mouse again.

3 Problems You Can Face Due To A Dirty Mousepad

Some might argue why you even need to clean a dirty mousepad. Yes, it might not be instructed in the manual, but smart users know better than to work with a dirty mousepad.

We are only using the term “mousepad” because the cleaning process is exactly the same whether you use it as a desk mat or keyboard mat. Now, here are the issues you might face due to the dirt or dust build-up within the mat.

1. Damage Your Mouse

The ball responsible for moving the mouse around can pick up the dirt within your mousepad. It can be a hair or some food crumbs. The result is obvious. The dirty mousepad is causing the mouse to build up its own dirt bundle slowly. But cleaning the inner compartments of a mouse isn’t as easy as the pad itself.

2. Affect The Performance

Even if the mousepad doesn’t accumulate dirt, it can still affect your gaming performance. A clean mousepad helps your mouse’s sensors to react faster. As a result, you will be able to game faster. On the other hand, a dirty mousepad makes the mouse lag.

3. Looks Bad

Your dirty mousepad will look extremely bad under a camera. Do you live stream a lot from your gaming room? Or, you might like talking to your virtual friends or clients through the screen. Remember that the camera is very unforgiving when it comes to hiding dirt or flaws.

A dirty mousepad will definitely bring your entire setup down.

How Do You Clean A RGB Gaming Pad?

 So, there are two ways to clean an RGB gaming pad. Don’t worry. Both are pretty easy. Just because this mousepad displays colorful lights on the edges doesn’t mean you will have a different cleaning formula. You just have to be a bit careful with the corners, and that’s all.

1. Lint Roller

If you like maintaining your sofa’s upholstery, you might already own a lint roller. It picks up lint or crumbs from the pieces of cloth pretty easily. That means it can also remove the small debris, hair, and food crumbs stuck in your mousepad.

To start the process, get a lint roller and start rolling it on the pad. Instead of going in all directions, choose one. You can go up & down or side by side. Either way, repeat the process multiple times before you become sure that every part has been covered.

It’s a lifesaver if you have pets who love jumping on the desk as you play games or work. We all know how crazily their hair sheds. So, it’s a must for you to invest in a lint roller.

How To Clean RGB Desk Mat, Keyboard Mat, Or Mousepad?

2. A Quick Wipe

The second method is a quick wipe. We suggest it when you spill something on the mousepad accidentally. For example, you were playing and drinking coffee at the same time. Your mouse hits the cup, and now everything is a mess. How do you clean up the mat now?

Well, if you follow the upper technique using a roller, there’s a chance your mousepad is actually clean. So you don’t have to deep clean it. Just get rid of the spillage with a wet cloth. Make sure the cloth is not dirty, as it can infuse more dirt into the microfiber cloth.

Dip the cloth inside a bowl of clean water. Now, give a quick wipe to your mousepad. If you react immediately, there won’t be a single coffee stain on the pad afterward. After you are done, give the mousepad enough time to dry itself before

How Do I Deep Clean My RGB Mousepad?

Deep cleaning is necessary when you wait too long to remove a stain. Then, a quick wipe using clean water doesn’t work. However, that doesn’t mean you can never bring the sleek black look of your RGB mousepad again. Here’s how to remove the rough stain without damaging the mat.

  • The first step is applying a lint roller all over the mousepad. It will get rid of the excess dirt quickly.
  • Once you are done with the roller, unplug the cable responsible for turning on the LED lights around the edges. That way, water won’t be able to damage the electronic components. Do the same thing with other electronic gadgets sitting on your desk. take the cables as far away from the mat as possible.
  • Finally, you are ready for deep cleaning. Get yourself a bowl of lukewarm water and a clean cloth. Wet the cloth and give a thorough rub to the mousepad. It will get the mat ready for deep cleaning.
  • Next, pour some detergent or dish soap in the bowl. Give a stir to the mixture. Stop when it comes foamy. Get yourself a sponge and dip it inside the mixture. Now, start rubbing the sponge slowly on the mousepad. Keep dipping it into the soap if the sponge becomes dry. As long as you see white foam extracted from the sponge, you are good.
  • Finally, let the mousepad soak everything for a while. wait for 3 to 4 minutes and move on to the next process. Get another bowl of clean water and a wet cloth. Start wiping away all the soap slowly. Repeat it until the water comes clean.
  • If you believe the first round wasn’t enough, you can also try it multiple times. When you think the mat is fully clean, let it air dry. We strongly recommend you stick with the traditional way of drying. Plus, don’t squeeze the mat to get rid of the water drops.

What Not-To-Do While Cleaning Your RGB Mousepad

We have described the cleaning details to you. Now, it’s time to emphasize on what not-to-do while cleaning your RGB mousepad or keypad.

1. Using Hairdryer

Remember the stage where we instructed you to let the desk mat air dry? Well, air drying usually takes some time. And, if you are a busy gamer, you might not like to wait so long. That’s when the idea of using a hairdryer comes in. It looks pretty harmless. Plus, the heat coming from the dryer helps to fasten the mat drying process.

But there’s a catch. The heat if not used carefully, can damage the microfiber within the mousepad. That means you will notice the mat getting warped or brittle a bit. so, to avoid damage, say no to hairdryers. Trust the old-fashioned way.

2. Rubbing Harshly

 Just because your mousepad is too dirty doesn’t mean you should rub it harshly. It can damage the cloth forever. Hence, the mat will lose its shine and smooth feeling. Instead, try to be as gentle as possible. Use the softer side of the sponge as well.

3. Avoid The Wires

 It’s a no-brainer, but we would still like to clarify. You see, a work desk or gaming desk is supposed to have a lot of wire/cable laying around. That happens when you require a lot of gadgets for gaming. So, don’t sprinkle water on those electronic cables or equipment while cleaning up the mousepad. It can severely damage those expensive devices.

The biggest fear we have is for the USB ports situated on the edge of your RGB mousepad. Make sure you don’t touch it with a wet towel.

How To Clean RGB Desk Mat, Keyboard Mat, Or Mousepad?

4. Applying Hot Water

We told you to use lukewarm water. Some users might mix it up with “hot’ water, which is a big no. Hot water can damage the fibers within the pad. However, having a slightly higher temperature than normal enables the detergent or cleaning agent to fully activate.

But at the same time, it shouldn’t be unbearable for the mousepad. Always check the water temperature on your hand first before applying to the desk mat.

5. Being Too Quick

Finally, you might be too quick while wiping the soap off the mousepad. The instruction tells us to take our sweet time while cleaning. That way, you get to ensure no more residue is left on the mousepad anymore. you see, any soap residue will get harden within no time and ruin the smoothness of the surface. If you don’t want that, make sure there’s no trace of soap afterward. 

For that, do as many water changes as you like. Slowly wipe the soap off with gentle strokes.

How Often Should You Clean The RGB Mousepad

The truth is, there’s no specific answer to that. It entirely depends on how frequently you are on the desk. If you spend several hours using the pad, it might get dirty quickly. Sometimes, your pets won’t follow the rules even if you are careful. So, make sure you are deep cleaning like the steps we mentioned earlier, at least every 2 to 3 months.

Apart from that, make sure to clean up as soon as you spill anything on top of it. In that case, don’t wait for your next cleaning schedule. It would be hard to remove the rough stain later.

Before You Go!

We hope you are extremely happy with the vibrant RGB desk mat. But what about your floor? If you need a desk mat to protect your desk from scratches, wouldn’t you do the same for your floor as well?  Especially if it’s an ergonomic desk, the legs will leave dents on your wooden floor after a point. In that case, we would recommend getting a nice office mat to avoid the consequences.

 If you are wondering whether you really need a mat for your standing desk or not, here’s our take on it. Please check it out.

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