How To Brighten Home Office Without A Window?

How To Brighten Home Office Without A Window?

Making the best use of any space is deeply related to business and economy. If you have a home office without a window and considering its lighting, then you’ve come to the right place, my friend.

Bright wall paints can help reflect the light more than darker ones. Mirrors are effective to reflect light in a windowless home office, try installing a few in corners where they can reflect the light well. Install warmer lights with lamps, so that you can control the brightness as your need.

Even though you don’t have natural light in your workspace, you can still mimic it with artificial light. And if you are still wondering how you can do it, worry no more. We are here to save your day.

So, without wasting our time, let’s jump right in on how to brighten the home office without a window.

Understanding The Light Scheme

The percentage of light falling downward and upward from the installations is used to classify the lighting scheme. You might wonder why you need to learn the light scheme, it’s important when you don’t have enough ambient natural light. Plus, light plays an important role in our minds.

Some of the important lightning schemes are down below.

1. Direct Lightning

It is the most popular kind of lighting design. With the help of deep reflectors, this lighting arrangement causes more than 90% of the total light flux to fall directly on the test surface. Despite being quite effective, it produces harsh shadows and glare. It is mostly used for general and industrial outdoor illumination.

2. Semi-Direct Lighting

Semi-direct reflectors are used in semi-direct lighting schemes to direct 60 to 90% of the total flux or lumen. Rooms with high ceilings are a good fit for this kind of design. Additionally appropriate for spaces requiring a strong, homogeneous illumination.

3. Indirect Lighting Scheme

Over 90% of the total light flux or lumen is directed upward toward ceilings for diffuse reflection in an indirect lighting scheme.

4. Semi-indirect Lighting

As the name suggests, for the defused reflection, 60 to 90 percent of the total light flux or lumen is directed directly upward to the ceilings.

It is mostly used for decoration purposes.

5. General Lighting

In this scheme, lamps or lights are used to distribute light equally in every corner direction.

You can keep these schemes in mind while setting up your home office with artificial lights.

How Do You Mimic Natural Light In Office With No Windows?

When you don’t have access to natural light, mimicking natural light is the best solution to brighten up your home office. There are some amazing tricks that you might love doing.

Use of Mirrors

If you place some mirrors, they can reflect light from corner to corner. They can brighten up the atmosphere without any high effort. Plus, you can add it as decorations, adding more depth to your home office. For us to control the lighting in our office without limitation, it is worthwhile to install mirrors in key spots.

Install Bright Lights And Lamps

Use bright lights that can provide you with an ample number of lights, also look out for the quality and the intensity of the lights.

Use lamps to create optical illusions.

Colors of Walls and Floors

Light also reflects through walls and floors. But first, you have to understand the science behind this. Darker shades like black and grey, they absorb light instead of emitting it. While lighter shades emit light, that’s why they are called lighter shades. Using brighter shades of wall painting will reflect light easily.

It will also highlight the decorations, representing your taste and class.

Use Glass

You can use glass partitions or just use glass as decoration. This will naturally increase the amount of light in your home office. When used properly, high light transmittance can optically widen and brighten even the darkest office.


You have to choose decorations wisely to enhance the light. Make sure to not use heavy decorations as they can create optical illusions to make everything look cavy. Heavy decorations can also create unnecessary shadows.

Try avoiding those, and choose moderate decorations according to your taste.

Optical Illusion

Ever wondered why those horror movies make us scream at certain scenes? Yes, my friend you guessed it, the optical illusion is the key to doing those. With optical illusion, you can control the light in your office as well as you can control how others see your office.

 With the power of optical illusion, you can change the total outlook of your windowless home office. Also, this can help you attract more clients if you can use it wisely.

Add Greenery

Brightening a windowless home office is a total mind game. But you are not cheating anyone. We are just trying to create peace of mind with everything we can use.

Plants brighten and open up a place by exuding a warm, natural appearance and appeal. Additionally, they are renowned for assisting individuals in feeling happier and more motivated at work.

Window Illusion

You might think if we have added mirrors then why do need window illusions when we don’t have any? As I have mentioned before that we are working here with more mind games, window illusion can help you win a big game.

Fake window illusions can give you the actual window feeling. Plus, it can create more interior designs, making it ideal for productivity and work. More productivity, more work done easily.

Furniture, Accessories

Choose furniture, and accessories related to work wisely. They can add heavy depths and unnecessary shadowing, making it hard for the light to reach.

How To Simulate Natural Light In An Office?

In the corporate world, you have to make the best use of everything you have in your hand. Here are some great tips to simulate natural light in an office.

Adding LEDs

LED lights can assist create the color, temperature, and brightness levels that can mimic natural light. This can be a very effective way to help lighten up a windowless office if you can install them recessed into the ceiling simulating skylights.

They will be a workable substitute for a natural skylight effect in this circumstance.

Sunlight Desk Lamp

Sunlight desk lamps can come in handy for you, they can add more depth and designs. Choose them according to your taste. Install a few in corners or desks, also they can add more class to your office.

Full Spectrum Lamp

Full spectrum lamps have been increasingly popular in recent years, and they are often utilized in windowless office settings to mimic natural light. They can help you a lot if you can get your hands on them.

Light colored wallpapers

Install light-colored wallpapers as they can give your eyes the signal that there’s real sunlight. You can even buy generic wallpaper and use it on the walls. Even if your office has plaster walls, introducing a pop of color with actual wallpaper can brighten up the space.

Avoid Darker colors

Compared to lighter-colored hues, dark tones absorb more heat and light. Therefore, adding dark furniture and fabrics will actually make a room that is already dim appear much darker. So, try avoiding those.

Minimalistic Approach For More Lighting

Taking a minimalistic approach can help you a lot in this case. To mimic natural sunlight, we need fewer obstacles that can block light. Also, this can help you keep everything organized. You need fewer things in this approach, plus these days this is becoming really popular among interior designers.

You might love heavy furnishing and think it’s good for storing stuff. But trust me after going minimalistic, you will be amazed how light-shouldered you feel. There are more benefits for taking a minimalistic approach.

Heavy furnishing can block light from traveling from here to there. It will be a barrier for you to see and work. These heavy furnishing will create shadows by blocking light.

How To Do Healthy Lighting For Home Office Without A Window?

Brightening your home office is not just about seeing everything, you need to consider your health and overall expenses. Having a good-lit workspace can affect a worker’s well-being. Depending on the environment, it can enhance the productivity and ability of the worker.

Some of the fundamentals of healthy lighting in a home office are down below.


Lumens are used to quantify this significant aspect of lighting. The brightness of a 60-watt incandescent bulb is 800 lumens.

In addition to the room’s size and design, you should think about the type of lighting you’ll use, the height of the ceiling, and your needs and preferences. Generally speaking, the lighting should be brighter, the larger the room. My suggestion would be, there are several cheap lighting options available on the market look through them.

Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is measured in Kelvin.

  • Extra Warm White – 2800k color temperature
  • Warm White – 3000k color temperature
  • Cool White – 4000k color temperature
  • Daylight – 5000k colour temperature

You can choose between these temperatures for a brighter atmosphere in your office. Or find lamps or bulbs that can provide these. Several lights can provide those such as LED, Incandescent Light Bulbs, Halogen Light Bulbs, etc.

Which Light Bulbs Are Ideal For Home Office Without A Window?

Light is the very reason why human beings are alive on planet Earth. You cannot even imagine the anime Death Note without Light Yagami, after all, he is the protagonist. Just like that, light is the protagonist of our world.

 Yet this is not the only thing light can do. It can play tricks on the human mind. It can inspire you, motivate you, lull to sleep, or even torture you! Yes, harsh or very warm light can make you tired and dull all day. In the name of productivity, it’s very important to choose light bulbs wisely.

Technology is evolving day by day making human life more comfortable. Productivity comes easily when you can work in a peaceful, well-lit, ambient environment. My suggestion would be to choose light bulbs wisely. Some of the best light bulbs that can lit your day and can lift your mood are down below.

1. LED lights

LED lights have gained popularity in recent years as an energy-saving alternative to fluorescent lights. Although LED lights are slightly more expensive than other bulbs, they save help save money in the long run as they consume less energy, meaning they are energy efficient. Also, they have a longer lifespan than any other bulbs.

2. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

CFL is also energy sufficient and if you need a place with really cool light, CFL can help you with that. There are several varieties of CFL light bulbs on the market.

3. Halogen Lamps

The bulb gets its name from the addition of inert gas to a tiny portion of Halogen. The inert gas improves the bulb’s brightness and lifespan, resulting in higher luminous efficiency.

Comfortable Light Setup For Home Office Without A Window

You might think you can just buy some energy-saving light bulbs and be done with it, but it’s not just it. Wrong lighting can strain your eyes, make you uncomfortable while working, and can make you feel tired all day.

A wise decision would be that you focus more on comfort to increase productivity. After all, who wants to work in a hell like environment, right?

Here are some of the tips to make the lighting more comfortable.

  • You can set up LED bulbs in the corners of your office to brighten the wall
  • Use bulbs that can offer daylight, in the middle of the office, so that the light is distributed equally.
  • Use more lights in the presentation room, everyone needs more focus there.
  • Use shady lamps to make everything more stylish and well-lit.
  • Use light bulbs in front of glass doors so that they can reflect free lights for you.
  • Do not install light bulbs directly facing people, this can strain eyes, and can even affect eyesight.

Final verdict

As we have said before, light is the protagonist of our life. Life on earth wouldn’t even exist without light. Light helps us grow crops, and our foods, help all the animal forms. As humans, we have the power to control and even mimic light for our comfort. No other animal can do that. Proves enough how smart we are.

So as smart human beings, we have to choose wisely lightings for our home offices without a window. So, let’s make the best use of it, shall we?

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