Are Ring Lights Good For Video Calls?

Are Ring Lights Good For Video Calls?

Ring lights are becoming more popular day by day. You might see people using it everywhere from influencers to business tycoons and even students. Ring lights are also known as halo lights, they are circular in shape and have a cut-out in the middle. These lord-of-the-ring lights can save your face from being cloudy and dim while you are presenting that hard-working presentation you have been working for.

Ring lights are real-life savers. They are great for video calls. Ring lights can help you focus more on your meetings and presentation by reducing the extra hassle that you do for finding a good spot for video calling. They save time and extra energy to focus more on the important stuff. So, yes ring lights are good for video calls.

While you are working on an amazing presentation or meeting that can boost your image in front of your colleagues, it’s pretty important that you work at ease, right? Video calling and zoom meetings have become really popular in recent years. They have also created multiple job opportunities worldwide that you can do from home.

Working from home or normal video calling with your loved ones, both require great attention to your image. The image that you are portraying to them virtually, lack of proper lighting can disturb and distract both parties. And you might be wondering if ring lights are good or not.

Worry not, in this article we will tell you more about if ring lights are good for video calls or not and we will also answer your other queries that come along with buying a ring light.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is The Best Lighting For Video Calls?

Video calls are pretty important. If you are living away from your parents or moved away from close friends, video calls are one way that can help you stay connected visually. An uninterrupted video call requires good lighting, that helps you focus more on the person than thinking if your face is visible or not.

Best lighting for video calls should at least have this feature they can give you an ample amount of illumination. An ample amount of illumination will help you talk on video calls without worrying about dark shadows. This lighting can be anything, it can be the default lights on your rooms or other extra lights, LED desk lamps, smart bulbs, ring lights etc.

The best lighting for video calls is those that can be set up pretty quickly whenever you need them. It should be done without any cables messing around that can be visible on the video, this can ruin your impression.

For visible and clear illumination people have been using ring lights for a while now. For spreading an equal amount of lighting everywhere, right lights are pretty popular. From YouTubers, Tiktokers, and office workers, everyone is considering this ring light.

The ring light is the best lighting for video calls since it can be easily managed and used. They are user-friendly as you don’t need to learn rocket science for them. Plus, they don’t have lots of cables that can create a mess, so they keep surrounding neat and clean.

Is A Ring Light Worth It For Video Calls?

Imagine talking to a friend where you have to constantly ask them if they can see your face clearly or not. In that situation, you have to move in every direction to find the right spot to make sure your face is visible to them. Trust me, we have all been in this situation in our life.

And this keeps happening again and again because we now have to video call more often than usual. And the rate has increased since the Corona pandemic worldwide, as we had to stay home for a long time. And modern apartments these days don’t have that many windows that can provide free natural light.

Just with a ring light, you can easily take less hassle while doing that video call with your mom or dad, or friends. Set up the ring light in a suitable spot, place your phone in the middle of the ring light and boom. Talk without worrying if they can see your face clearly or not.

Ring lights don’t come with heavy cables, so you don’t have to worry about cable management and the surrounding. With this, you can focus more on interior designs than cable management. You can even dim their illumination so that will create no dark shadows.

So, yes ring lights are worth a go. You will be amazed to see how this round-shaped light can actually become your lord of the ring lights!!

Is A Ring Light Worth It For Zoom Meetings?

Remember this saying? The first impression is everything. Zoom meetings became really popular in recent times. People are becoming more interested in working from home as it is safe. Imagine being in a zoom meeting with your clients and colleagues and your face is not visible at all.

Embarrassing and image ruining, right? Whenever you are in a zoom meeting, your first impression always counts. When you meet new people, they treat you depending on your first impression.

With a ring light, you can have a good set-up for your zoom meetings. Ring light emits an equal amount of light on your face and your surroundings. Making everything pleasantly visible to the eyes of other persons. Also having a good setup makes you look more professional, and it will also help you gain more clients.

A ring light is the best solution for you if you are thinking about your zoom meeting lighting set-up. Just one ring light will instantly solve everything for you.

Make your setup look neat, clean and more professional looking. And when you are not worrying about your lighting anymore you can focus more confidently on handling clients or giving that amazing presentation you made with hard work. So, the ring light is really worth it for the zoom meeting.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Ring Light In Video Calls And Zoom Meetings?

For your convenience, I have kept these two categories together to discuss the benefits of the ring light. Here are some of the benefits of using ring lights.

Makes you look more professional

Ring lights give you the ultimate lighting solution. This light focuses on your face by spreading light equally on every portion. This makes everything looks clearly visible. And you can focus on other stuff while on zoom meetings or virtual meetings.

Removes distractions from the background

Ring lights focus more on your face making it clearly visible and highlighted. This way it removes distractions from the background making you the centre of everything. Other lights can focus on other unimportant stuff in the background but with a ring light, you are the centre of the universe!

Makes your face more focused

Other lights focus on here and there making the face look more shadowy and darker. Ring lights can help you focus on your face giving it more importance.

Makes you stay hassle-free

Rings lights are great for keeping your room neat and clean. They don’t need too many cables to keep them going. Makes them user-friendly and causes you less hassle.

Helps you focus on the important stuff

With ring lights you don’t have to worry about lighting that much, so you will get more time to focus on other important stuff without annoying both parties.

Do Ring Light Size Matter?

Ring lights come in a variety of sizes, but the average size on the market is 18”. This size is user-friendly. It gives you an ample amount of light without being too tall. If you buy a tall ring light the height will not be too handy.

So, you should buy something that can adjust the height for you. Our recommended light comes with an 18” height that is also adjustable, so it is perfect for you to use. You can adjust the height according to your needs.

Do Ring Lights Hurt Your Eyes?

When using a ring light, it sits in front of a person to illuminate their face properly, so there might be some chances that it can harm and strain your eyes if not used with caution.

Look, ring lights are getting better with their technology. Some even have that dimmable feature, that can help you not strain your eyes. So, you have to choose that kind of ring light that lets you control the illumination. Also, choose the colour temperature wisely when buying the ring light.

Avoid buying too white coloured LED ring lights, as they flicker too often and emit blue light. Choose between cool white to daylight range with a dimmable option for protecting your eyes.

Can Ring Lights Burn Out?

Ring lights do burn out after a while at the end of their life span. That actually depends on the material that is used to make the ring light. Fluorescent ring lights burn out way before LED ring lights.

So, for durability, you should choose LED ring lights. LED ring lights are durable and offer more variety than others.

Are Ring Lights Rechargeable?

This is something you should always consider while buying ring lights. Some ring lights run on batteries, these batteries are only usable once. Meaning you have to keep on buying batteries for your ring light.

Our recommended ring light comes with a charger, so it is rechargeable. Don’t get scammed as some sellers might try to sell you non-rechargeable ones.

Are Ring Lights Expensive?

Ring lights come in a variety of prices. Prices actually vary with features. If your ring light is providing more with the accessories, then it might cause you more bucks.

My suggestion would be, to get yourself a good ring light regardless of the price. Cause once you bought it, it can help you in so many ways. Plus, very cheap ones might burn out very easily. So, get yourself something that’s durable and good. You can always look out for cheaper options too.

Best Ring Light For Video Conferencing

Are Ring Lights Good For Video Calls?Are Ring Lights Good For Video Calls?

Best ring light video conferencing are those that let you control the light according to your needs. Plus, that will not strain your eyes, no matter how long you use it.

If you want a good dimmable LED ring light with a remote control option that is also good in colour temperature, then I recommend this ring light from Neewer. It is 18” in height. Neewer ring light kit has 5500k colour temperature. It comes with a remote control that lets you dim it according to your comfort.

Want to know more about it? Click here.

Best Ring Light For Laptop

Are Ring Lights Good For Video Calls?Are Ring Lights Good For Video Calls?

If you use your laptop for video calls and conferences, then there are some ring lights for laptops too. They can fit in properly while you are giving your presentation.

If you want a good ring light for your laptop then I suggest this one from Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit for your laptop. It is multifunctional, you can also use it on a desktop too.

Here is why I recommend this product.

Adjustable Temperature And Brightness

This feature lets you control it according to your needs. Because you can control the temperature and brightness, it will not harm your eyes.

Stable And Flexible, Easy To Carry

It’s user friendly and you can carry it with you for convenience. Stability lets you work peacefully without distraction.

USB Powered

It uses USB power options that let you charge it with any port you have.

Click here to know more about that.

How Do You Use A Ring Light For Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is pretty important for all the people present in it. Uninterrupted video conferencing lets you work peacefully. Here is how you can use a ring light for video conferencing and some great tips to improve your set-up.

  • First, decide where you want to sit for the video conference. Choose a spot that is noise free, without people walking here and there.
  • Choose the best-looking spot for video conferencing, as the first impression is everything.
  • Sit in a steady and comfortable chair or sofa or whatever you prefer.
  • If you are using your mobile, then first place the ring light in a steady place and place your mobile phone in the middle.
  • Keep the distance suitable so that you can reach your phone with your hand if any technical error occurs.
  • Don’t sit too close to the ring light or your device. Make your video look more professional by showing some interior designs.
  • If you are using your laptop, then first set the ring light in it and adjust the height according to your needs. Place the laptop in a steady position.
  • To improve the overall video conferencing quality, consider using the age-old 3-point lighting technique.
  • 3-point lighting means, one light on the subject, one on the whole room and one in the background.

Final Touch

Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions. Ring lights are time savers. They give you the chance to focus on other stuff. Ring light solves the lighting problem by lessening your worries.

Video conferencing is becoming more popular every day and ring lights can allow you to sit for the conference at ease. We tried to cover everything in this article regarding ring lights.

Hope you found this article helpful, now smile and sit for that presentation without worrying about the lighting, ring lights will handle everything for you.

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