Can You Use A Storage Shed As An Office?

Can You Use A Storage Shed As An Office?

Since the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has been inventing and originating newfangled ideas for the home office. Now we are trying to create an environment of home-based work in an official ambiance. 

The most cost-effective and proactive way to convert a home space into an office is the use of a shed. If you have a storage shed that is jam-packed with unnecessary junk, you can convert it to an office. 

If you have a pre-existing shed, you can easily convert them into a shed for an office. Interested in this idea? Keep reading to learn in detail.

Can You Use A Storage Shed As An Office?

If you can convert the shed into an office and make the shed a viable space, you can prominently use the shed as an office. You need to consider whether the location and the shed are in a feasible and advantageous position or not. 

If the storage shed is moldy, timeworn, and not suitable to withstand for several years, it would be a waste of time and energy to convert it into an office. But if the position and location are in favor of you and your workspace, it is wise to convert it rather than build a new shed for office purposes only. 

How To Use A Storage Shed As An Office? 

Conversion from storage to an office is not a hasty job. Before you move into your newly refurbished office shed, you must make the shed a livable and viable space. So, all the living conditions must be met. How can you convert a storage shed into an office? Let’s find out. 

1. Scrutinizing And Planning 

First, your storage shed must go through a thorough diagnosis. You have to identify the condition your shed is in, how much damage it has sustained, and what type of renovation you have to do. 

Also, take a thorough look and try to have a general idea about the prospected office space and whether the shed is ideal for it or not. Scrutinizing and diagnosing the shed, you have to sketch a rough plan. The cost of the conversion, the design, period, labor, and materials should be part of your planning. 

2. Damp-Proofing 

When you originally created the shed for only storage purposes, you probably didn’t give much thought to the dampness or mold. Even if you did, the shed is sure to sustain some injuries as time has passed. 

Check the quality of the roof to have a general idea of the dampness. If there are tree branches and shrubs spread out against the shed, your shed is infected with moisture content. If the damage is not too bad, you can paint over the shed with preservation to prevent the spreading. 

If the base of the shed is solid concrete, invest in a damp-proof layer to protect the base. Make necessary adjustments so that your shed gets proper ventilation and heat flow. You can also use a dehumidifier.

3. Insulation Of The Shed 

Insulation is the ideal way to sustain the heat flow inside the shed. It also works wonders in deterring extra moisture and acts as a secondary damp eraser. There are lots of inexpensive and sturdy insulation materials. 

Before you insulate the shed, use a vapor barrier or breathable membrane to fight off the excessive heat.  You can use any materials, such as fiberglass, mineral Rockwool, foam, or foil to insulate the shed. With a proactive insulator, you won’t need any cooler or heater for the shed. 

4. Make Required Arrangements

A storage shed and an office shed have some structural differences. the basic philosophy of a storage shed is to enclose the whole structure so that you can’t see what’s happening inside the shed or how clustered the shed is. 

Meanwhile, for breathable office space, you need maximum air and natural lighting. So, four opaque walls with no windows and a small door won’t qualify as an office space. You have to build windows or transparent, glass slides so that ventilation and light penetration are not hindered. 

5. Flooring 

The floor of an office should be made of tiles, carpet, or of good material that is easy to clean and easy for maintenance. If the floor of the office shed is in dilapidated condition, you may have to rip off the entire flooring and install a new material incorporated with the base.

Can You Use A Storage Shed As An Office?

6. Paint The Shed 

To disperse the office vibe, you should opt for neutral or pastel colors for your office paint. Make sure that the furniture and other materials match the tone of the wall color. Use plastic paint as they are quite economical, long-lasting, and doesn’t spread any bad odor. 

7. Move The Furniture In

When your shed is ready to promote itself from a storage facility to an office, you can move your necessary, official furniture into the shed aka your new office. Be mindful of the number of furniture you want to shift in them. 

As a shed is not a big space per se, excessive items will clutter the ambiance and make it look like a storage room again. Add a separate internet connection and a phone line for your office. But if the distance between the home and the shed is less than 30 meters, you can use the same internet line with some extender. 

8. Decorate The Shed 

Once the formalities are over, it is time to unleash your creative instinct and let your playful mind hop over the shed. As the shed is very minimal and small, utilize the walls to hang most of your necessary items. In addition, add some minimal decorative pieces that go well with the office atmosphere. 

What Factors Should You Keep In Mind?

When you are converting your shed from a storage facility to an actual office space, you must keep some host of factors in mind. Before taking the final decision about the conversion, consider each of the points thoroughly and meticulously. 

1. Size

How spacious one small shed should be? There is no definitive answer to determine how small is too small when it comes to shed building, but for viable office space, you must have 8 feet by 6 feet space at least. 

For me, I think 10 feet by 12 feet will be the most optimal option. If your storage unit is so small that you can’t even fit a computer table, you may not want to use so much energy and money in converting the shed that won’t be fruitful at the end of the day. 

2. Material

What is your storage shed made of? Did you use wood, steel, metal, or glass? What’s the current condition of that material? If you have to spend so much money on rejuvenating the ill condition of the shed, it is wise to tear down the shed and invest in a new one. 

3. Pest Control 

Even Monica from the Tv series Friends failed to keep her storage room organized. So, we are not expecting a comprehensively neat and clean shed either. And it would be foolish to deny the existence of any creatures or pests. So, You must have professional pest control to eliminate any unnecessary habitants of the shed.

Can You Use A Storage Shed As An Office?

4. Electricity 

Your storage shed may have only one single line and outlet for an energy bulb. But needless to say, for your office shed, you need more than a bulb light. Before you take the initiative of converting, ensure that there are proper electric lines and outlets to power up the entire office. 

5. Network 

Whether your office is for any computer or IT job or for any other job, in this age, you must have a strong internet connection and mobile phone signal. If the location of your shed is so remote that you can’t even catch a signal for your cellphone device, abort the mission. 

6. Insulation 

I can’t stress enough how important proper insulation is. It is understandable that you didn’t give much thought to the heat flow when you built the shed for storage purposes only. But now that you are willing to spend a few hours of your day in that shed, you must install proper insulation in your shed to control the heat flow. 

7. Proper Air Circulation 

Unless of utmost necessity, you should avoid an artificial heater or cooler for your office shed. As the shed is not barred by any other rooms or walls, you must take full advantage of nature and unleash the path of natural air circulation and ventilation. 

8. Windows And Doors

An office shed must have windows and a wide door to insert large furniture in there. A storage shed must feel so closeted and claustrophobic. Even if you have to demolish the base structure or cut through the walls, it is wise to do so. Without windows and doors, there will be very little scope for air ventilation, and you will eventually feel suffocated. 

How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Storage Shed Into An Office? 

The concern about the cost can’t be determined objectively. The prominent factor that will decide the actual cost is the shed itself. The current condition of the shed, the material for its base and pilers, and the damages will determine how much will it cost you. 

If the shed is in suitable condition and only needs some basic changes like electrical wiring, plumbing, damp-proofing, and painting, you can finish the job for under $1000. You need to hire professionals to do their separate jobs and fix the issues. 

However, if you need to make some structural changes, the cost and period will extend to a high extent. Depending on the condition of the shed and your desire, the cost may be from $1,500 to $20,000.  

If the condition is so dilapidated that you have to uproot the flooring, break off the ceiling and make high changes on the base and pilers, the cost will probably be around $2,500 to $30,000. In such a case, consider demolishing and reconstructing the shed. 

Final Words 

You can rest assured that you can use the storage shed as an office if the condition and the circumstances of the current shed permit. Not sure whether your storage shed is the right size to use as an office?  Learn more about the shed size here, What Size Shed Is Suitable For Home Office?

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