Why Mesh Chair Sags? [Solutions]

Why Mesh Chair Sags? [Solutions]

Nothing is permanent. So is your office mesh chair. Once it has lived its life, it will show the signs of aging. That’s when you have to let it go.

But, what if the chair is not that old? You invested in a good-quality mesh chair and thought it would last at least five years. Then suddenly, you notice the seat doesn’t feel as firm anymore. Instead of the “cloudy” feeling, the seat tends to sink in a bit.

Mesh chair mainly sags because of the cheap quality padding. Besides, how long you sit on it and how much weight it has to support determine whether the chair will sag or not. The lack of maintenance surely adds to the fuel.

Today we will dive into the core of this issue. We will go through the reasons behind such early sagging of an office mesh chair. And, what we can do to solve this problem from the root.

Sounds interesting? Then, buckle-up tight because we are about to jump in.

Do Mesh Chairs Sag? And Why?

Although many people love the lower price tag on a basic mesh chair, it has its downsides. After a particular time, you will notice the saggy seat. Now, where does the sag come from? And, how long does it stay firm and intact?

Well, that depends on how frequently you use it. If you sit on the mesh chair every day for a long time, it will sag quickly. The lack of maintenance can add fuel to this issue too.

Another reason is the quality of the fabric. Some mesh chairs come with a padded seat while the others don’t. A padded seat gets constantly expanded and contracted as someone uses it. This movement slowly causes it to lose the firmness it had before.

That being said, you don’t need to go and buy a mesh chair without soft padding. Sitting on a hard seat doesn’t work for everybody. Especially when you have to do a lot of desk work. It is comfortable to have a foamy seat underneath.

Besides, the price range affects how long the chair can prevent sagginess. For example, a cheaper option will provide you with plastic armrests. No doubt these plastics tend to become brittle over time and get super uncomfortable.

 But, a little pricier ones can easily overcome these issues. The same thing goes for padding and what type of foam is being used in the chair. The more you like to pay the better is the sag resistance.

Apart from this, a high-quality mesh chair can also show signs of age. That’s when you know, it’s time to get a new one. Mesh chairs don’t usually last more than five years. If your chair has crossed that age, then you shouldn’t blame the quality or price range anymore.

You must expect a lifespan of around 1 to 5 years for an average mesh chair. If you keep using the chair after that, be prepared to deal with extreme sagging, and snapping.

Why Mesh Chair Sags? [Solutions]

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What’s The Solution?

Now, that’s the main part of today’s discussion. We have two solutions here for you.

Go For A Mesh Chair Without Padding

Prevention is better than any cure. Yes, that rule applies here too. The sagging is caused by the cheap memory foam inside the mesh cover. No matter how careful you are with the chair, those flimsy foams are not gonna keep up with you for so long. And the next thing you know is a sagging chair.

 It’s better to think about the long-term result while buying a squishy mesh chair.

If you want a chair to sit in front of the desk, you will do without a foamy seat. Plus, those traditional Aeron mesh chairs have a reputation for keeping their firmness for decades.

However, you can follow this solution when there is no hope for the current one. If you still want to reshape the mesh chair and continue using it, we have two suggestions for you.

Replace The Foam Inside

First of all, you can try to take out the thin and cheap foam provided by the manufacturers. Then, replace it with some quality foam. You will easily find some high-quality and sturdy foam at a low cost for your chair.

 Finally, just staple everything up. If you don’t want to get rid of your squishy mesh chair, this is the perfect solution for you.

Now, let’s look at this process in more detail.

  • First, you will need to turn the chair upside down and remove the bolts that are connecting to the seat. We highly recommend writing down where each bolt belongs. Because as soon as you finish un-bolting the chair, you will have a hard time guessing which one goes where.

You are lucky if the bolts are already color-coded. In that case, you can skip the writing part.

  • In the next stage, we have separated the seat cushion from the stem and the backrest. All you have to do is remove the staples from the sides of the seat. It will be a meticulous job. So, be careful. It’s great if you own a tool that can staple.

Another tip is to, always use some utility gloves while using such tools. It ensures that you have a better grip on the handles and don’t end up with blisters.

  • Use the staple remover to uncover the foam underneath. It might take some time. After that, we have three separate pieces of the seat alone. We have a wooden piece with all the holes that were connected to the bolts before.
  •  Then, we have a thin layer of foam. And, lastly, you will see the top mesh cover laying there.
  • Next up, we have to do some measuring. Layout the foam you got from the chair on top of the replacement foam. Then, mark the area around the first foam. Make sure to also measure the overhanging part. That part goes into supporting our thighs. So that, we won’t feel the hardwood.

You will notice a huge difference between both the foams. The latter one will be more bouncy. As you compress and release the foam, it will instantly return to its original shape. That’s the foam you want to sit on.

  • Now that you have a new foam, it’s time to insert it. it’s okay to use two layers instead of one. You might feel that the mesh cover is not enough to cover the whole foam. But, don’t give up. Mesh is a stretchable material. But, be careful so you don’t rip it anywhere.
  • Now, it’s stapling time again. You see, it’s important to have a heavy-duty stapling gun. because you need the tight seal. Take as much time as you need during this process.
  • Once, the sealing is complete, you will need to go reverse and connect the seat to the rest of the chair’s body. Remember we told you to mark the bolts? That will come in handy right now. Follow the notes or signs to connect the bolts where they belong.

And, that’s how you get rid of the saggy chair without spending much.

Re-upholster Service

If the process seems overwhelming to you, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. After all, it would be a foolish decision to DIY something that you are not confident about. There are chances that you won’t be able to staple the seat properly. It might damage the chair completely. Then, you would have no other option but to spend on a new one.

On the other hand, the experts will take only an hour or less to fix this thing up. You will only have to pay for the extra “foam” and a minimum hourly labor charge. The charge is on average $40 to $50 per hour depending on where you stay.

How To Choose The Right Padding?

If you have made up your mind about replacing the foam of your sagging chair, you need some bonus tips. Because no matter how successfully replaced the padding, if you are not cautious enough, the history will repeat itself.

By that, we mean you have to select the right kind of foam for your mesh chair.

So, let’s check out the factors that determine the quality and strength of a chair padding.


Density is another name for durability. The more density it has, the longer it will stay firm. Isn’t that what you are looking for?

We don’t need a high density for every type of padding. For example, a sofa cushion will be good with a low-density foam. But the chair padding has to have high density in it.

No doubt, the higher density comes at a higher price. But, the cost is worth it, if it keeps you from worrying about the chair for several years.

When we talk about density, closed-cell foams are a better option. Unlike the open-cell counterparts, the air bubbles are completely sealed. As you squeeze it, it is hard to compress it fully.


The padding must have a softer wrap on it. If the foam is sturdy but doesn’t feel comfy enough, what’s the point of getting a chair padding? You can do great with an Aeron mesh chair as well.

The most comfortable ones come with a Dacron fiberfill wrapper on the core foam. Having this top cover will smooth out the edges of the core foam. So, you can sit without feeling those cuts and edges.


The foam must be sturdy enough to support your weight. Sadly, not many luxurious office chairs are manufactured using such foams. That’s the reason, why you end up with a sagging chair even though you spent decent money on it.

To check the foam strength, try compressing it hard and then release it. Then examine the time it takes to return to its pre-compression shape. You must test different foams at the same time. otherwise, it would be hard to compare them.

The more weight you put on the foam, the better support you would require.

Do Mesh Chairs Wear Out?

It entirely depends on the quality of the mesh chair. For example, you should be happy if the $40 mesh chair can stay strong for 2 years. As the sagging starts, you must know that their ending is near.

On the other hand, if you get a $500 premium quality padded mesh chair, you can expect it to last more than 5 years. We have seen the luxury ones keeping up with their use for as long as 10 years. You see, you get what you pay for. With some extra money, you can choose to erase the worry of replacing a chair for many years.

Does Aeron Mesh Sag?

Aeron Mesh chairs provide the best support to our spine and lower back. It lives up to the name of an “office chair.” Even after a 12-hour long shift, you don’t have to worry about the chair at all. Although it is a bit pricier than other cheap options you see in the store, it is truly worth it.

We mean, there are customers already in their 6th year and still going strong with this chair.

However, the question is, do you face any sagging issues here? Absolutely, no. The best thing about the Aeron mesh chair is the “no padding” rule. Padding can get saggy after several years of use and it requires more cleaning.

No office worker has time for this, right? And, nor can they invest in a chair from time to time.

That’s why the Aeron mesh chair comes with a mesh fabric stretched across the chair body. You can pay a little money to get some stuffing under the seat. But, an average Aeron chair is a pure mesh chair without causing any sag over time.

Wrapping Up

Mesh chairs are famous for being durable and comfortable at the same time. It would be a shame if you need to replace the chair before its time.

We found that you should ask about the foam too while buying a mesh chair for yourself. Don’t fall for the “squishy” seat. If the seat is not high-quality, the seat will soon turn rock hard.

Check for the factors we mentioned in our short guide. However, if you are already dealing with a sagging chair, follow our “foam replacing” tutorial to save yourself the trouble of handing it over to a professional.

So, that was our take on the mesh chairs’ sagging issue. Hope you found a useful solution to apply.

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