What Does ASR Mean On Flexispot Desk?

What Does ASR Mean On Flexispot Desk?

Flexispot sit-stand desks have saved our spines from a sedentary lifestyle. We are becoming more dependent on it for an active workstyle. That’s why all hell breaks loose when the desk stops responding to our commands. For example, we see the term “ASR” on the LED screen. Now, why does it happen? And, most importantly, what does ASR mean on the Flexispot desk?

The term “ASR” is a kind of error indicating the desk is confused or stuck. It might happen due to a loose cable connection, uneven legs, and so on. You have to perform a manual reset to fix this error.

Of course, no ergonomic furniture comes without random errors like this one. It only takes a few minutes to solve it if you know how to. In this article, we will go deeper into this topic. Keep reading if you want to fix it by yourself.

What Does ASR Mean On Flexispot Desk?

The screen on the Flexispot desk showcases the desk’s current height. Not just that, it also displays error codes for specific issues. One such type of error is the “ASR.” It simply means the desk is stuck in its position. No matter how much you try, the desk won’t rise.

If your motorized desk stops responding to you, it doesn’t mean you need a new one. If you see the “ASR” symbol on the display, the problem can be easily solved by a hard reset (according to the manual). Just like we reboot our phones when it doesn’t work properly. There’s nothing to worry about.

Why Do You See The ASR Error On Flexispot Desks?

Before we jump into the solution, let’s see why you see this error in the first place. You have to know this to avoid such a situation in the future. 

Inconsistent Power Supply

If you are experiencing inconsistent electricity supply in your home, that could be the reason. Because sit-stand desks require a continuous power supply for the standby mode. 

Don’t notice any power outage in the house? Check the main power cord. This cord is responsible for supplying electricity to the desk. There are chances that the cord is loose leading to an ASR error.

Loose Connection

Another big reason is loosely connected cables under the desk. As you already know, a lot of cables are used to connect the control box to the legs/motors. If the cables are not tightly secured, certain parts of the table won’t receive the signals sent from the control box. As a result, your desk is stuck in one position.

What Does ASR Mean On Flexispot Desk?

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Excess Weight

Depending on which Flexispot desk you bought, you have to consider a max weight limit. You will find the range inside the manual. It is instructed to not go above that limit at any cost. Otherwise, your Flexispot desk might wobble radically causing the items to fall. It’s dangerous if you have computers and other expensive gadgets like printers on the table.

That’s why the desk doesn’t go up or down with an excess amount of weight. The setting protects your precious items from an inevitable accident.

Uneven Legs

As the name sounds, uneven legs are quite risky. You can’t expect a smooth transition when both legs are not equal. We all know what the ultimate consequence is. Now, an uneven leg is the result of miscalculated installation. Especially if you are a newbie or first-timer, it’s easy to get confused. Manufacturers advise users to complete the assembly with a partner.

Blocked Path

Most Flexispot ergonomic desks come with a scanning feature. It enables the desk to look for any object blocking its transition path. If the desk assumes an object to be too close, it won’t go up or down. This mechanism helps to avoid any clashing and further damage.

But it’s all good until you notice there’s no such object blocking the path. It might be a miscalculation or software error. Hence, the desk is stuck in a level even though the path is clear.

How To Fix It

We already know how you can fix the issue. Like many other error codes, the ASR to requires a manual reset. Check out the step-by-step process below.

Clean The Area

First of all, remove all the items placed on top of the table. There are cases where standing desks start shaking abnormally during a reset. If you want your belongings to be safe, keep them somewhere else for the time being.

Once the surface is empty, it’s time to clean underneath the desk. We have mentioned how the desk might be assuming it will clash against a certain object. Make sure no such thing is present.

Once you have dealt with this stage, it’s time to move to the next step.

Check For Loose Connection

The next step is to look for the cables. start by inspecting the cables within the tray. It is located under the desk. First, pull the cables out of the socket. Wait a while. Then, plug them in. 

 After that, go to the main power outlet. Follow the same method. Plug the cord out and then, put it in again. Make sure the connection is tight. Also, check whether the switch is turned on or not.

Reset The Desk

It’s time to perform the reset. Don’t worry. All you have to do is push some buttons. Start by pressing the “down” button (arrow symbol). Keep your hold until the desk reaches its final height. Once it is at the lowest height, release your fingers from the button. 

After that, press the same “down” button again and keep your hold for at least 10 seconds. Within this time, you will notice the desk slightly rises and gets to the original position again. That’s your cue to leave the button.

And, that’s it. Your desk is fully reset and ready to work.

Final Words 

Is there any ergonomic furniture that never faults? We all know the answer. Then, it shouldn’t be a big deal if you see random errors like the ASR on your Flexispot desk, right?

In a sense, seeing the “ASR” sign is a relief. Imagine, how much money you would have to pay to the repairer if you didn’t know what was happening. By giving you a hint along with a fixing instruction, Flexispot has saved you a lot of time and money. 

Now, all you have to do is, follow the reset procedure step-by-step. Boom! Your desk is back to normal. Hope that you have found the article helpful. Thank you for staying with us.

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