Standing Desk vs Under Desk Elliptical [Choose Smartly]

Standing Desk vs Under Desk Elliptical [Choose Smartly]

Balancing between work life and leading a healthy lifestyle is getting easier day by day as we can now work out while working. Standing desk and under-desk ellipticals are perfect for having some workout while you work. But you might wonder which one is better suited for you. Let’s find out.

Standing desks and under-desk ellipticals serve different purposes. Standing desks doesn’t require a lot of movement while you work, as they are specifically made for working while you are standing. Under desk ellipticals on the other hand are used to use with desks. Meaning you can even use it with a standing desk. You can even use it with your sitting desk.

Standing desks has revolutionized the conventional sitting position that is used to work. You burn some calories while using it and it helps you stay away from all kinds of diseases that are connected to sitting all day. But the question remains, should you use an under desk elliptical or just the regular standing desk?

In today’s article, we will discuss about standing desks and under desk ellipticals.

So, let’s get started.

Can You Stand While Using An Under Desk Elliptical?

Most of the under-desk ellipticals are designed to use with typically seated desks but some under-desk ellipticals can be used with standing desks.

Using an under-desk elliptical requires a lot of body movement. Meaning your body will get a lot of momentum while using it. So, you must need some supporting objects to keep you stay balanced.

Standing desks can help you a lot with balancing and giving your body the support needed to focus on your work. To stand while using an under-desk elliptical, you must have to use a supporting desk.

Without any supporting desk, you won’t be able to stand while using a desk elliptical. So, yes you can stand while using an under desk elliptical, but you will need a supporting standing desk.

Standing Desk vs Under Desk Elliptical [Choose Smartly]

Are Under Desk Ellipticals Good For Cardio?

Under desk ellipticals are better known for use while you are working to give your body mild cardio. Ellipticals can be used with typically seated desks and even with standing desks.

Under the desk, ellipticals make a person pedal while they are working, so eventually, your heart rate will increase. Constant increasing heart rate will help you give you the benefits of doing cardio.

Using an under desk elliptical can decrease your chances of getting type-2 diabetes, heart disease, coronary blockage, etc. So, under desk ellipticals are good for cardio.

Do Under Desk Ellipticals Burn Belly Fat?

Regular use of under desk ellipticals is certainly good for living a healthy lifestyle. Under desk ellipticals have many health benefits, they help us to stay away from obesity and type-2 diabetes.

If you use the under desk elliptical regularly, vigorously for 10-15 minutes, then you will certainly burn belly fat day by day. If you can use the under desk elliptical with a standing desk then you can expect to see the best outcomes of using an under desk elliptical.

Standing desks are really good for our health as it enables us to work without harming our body. If you can use an under desk elliptical with a standing desk then you will get the full benefit of using them both.

But you should not always pedal it while you are working, use it when you don’t have that much work that requires vigorous concentration.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Under Desk Ellipticals

Under the desk ellipticals are really good for mild exercise while you work or take a break. Here are some of the advantages of using an under desk elliptical.

  1. Strengthens leg muscles.
  2. Burns calories while working.
  3. Reduces the chances of getting obese.
  4. Helps people to maintain a healthy weight.
  5. Increases the micro movement of legs.
  6. Increases reflex action.

There are no unmixed blessings on Earth. While under desk ellipticals are really good for doing cardio there are some disadvantages too. Here are some of them.

  1. Might harm your ability to focus.
  2. Increases motion, which makes it hard to concentrate on work.
  3. You have to provide your body with extra support while using it.
  4. Extensive use can really harm your work.
Standing Desk vs Under Desk Elliptical [Choose Smartly]

How Long Should You Do Under Desk Elliptical?

Under desk ellipticals can benefit you if you can manage it well while working. Even though it is really beneficial for our health, you should not use it extensively or vigorously.

Extensive use of the under desk elliptical can harm your ability to focus on the work. Using an under desk makes your heart pump faster than usual, so you should use it moderately when you are not doing any complex work that does not require vigorous attention.

You should try to use it for 5-10 minutes per hour when you are working. You should not pedal really fast as it will ruin your attention and concentration on your work.

You can use the under desk elliptical vigorously when you are taking a break or have some free time between working. This will help you stay concentrated and focused while having the health benefits of using an under desk elliptical.

Final Words

Using an under desk elliptical with a standing desk can help you unlock the full potential of them both. Both can come in handy if you use them regularly in your busy schedule. While you can use your under desk elliptical with seated desks, it is better to use it with a standing desk to give your body support.

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