Standing Desk Vs Treadmill Desk [Which One's Better]

Standing Desk Vs Treadmill Desk [Which One’s Better]

Balancing our work life and leading a healthy life can seem pretty hard. But nowadays, you can easily combine them with the help of your desk. Standing desks has revolutionized the typical sitting position without harming our health.

Now, there are other options such as treadmill desks, which offers some health benefits like a standing desk. But which one is actually better, the standing desk or the treadmill desk?

Standing desks are best known for reducing health issues without hampering our work life. With standing desks, you can burn some calories and reduce the chances of getting sick from sitting all day. Treadmill desks are also designed in such a way as to add exercise to your daily work life. But compared to standing desks, treadmill desks require more hard work which will increase your heartbeat. This can hamper your concentration on work. So, standing desks are definitely better for work.

Both treadmill desks and standing desks are unique and have their potential. It depends on the user to decide which one is better.

In today’s article, we will discuss standing desks and treadmill desks, and which one is better suited for you.

So, let’s get started.

Is A Treadmill Desk Good For You?

Treadmill desks certainly have some health benefits, and they are really good for you if you want to use them in work which doesn’t require that much concentration.

Treadmill desks allow you to walk on the treadmill while you work. So, it can be pretty beneficial for you if you know how to use it or combine it with your work.

Treadmill desks require a little bit more hard work than standing desks. You can work while you are walking on the treadmill ramp. But you have to be careful in using it. If you walk too hard then it will hamper your concentration.

One thing you can do is, if you have the opportunity to use them both then you can use the treadmill desk to do light to moderate work. This will enable you to focus more on the workout without harming your work.

Standing Desk Vs Treadmill Desk [Which One's Better]

What Are The Disadvantages Of Treadmill Desk?

Mixing some exercise in our work life can benefit us in a lot of ways. It saves us from all unwanted diseases. Over time these diseases can become deadly but with a few steps, we can easily avoid them.

But what kind of exercise is good for us to do while we work? Without harming our concentration? While treadmill desks are fun let us learn about the disadvantages that come with them.

  • It will take you more time to figure out which walking speed is right for you that doesn’t harm your concentration.
  • It can increase your heartbeat too much that you will feel exhausted.
  • It will become hard for you to concentrate on your work.
  • Some people may suffer from motion sickness.
  • You might even become demotivated to use the treadmill desk.

Does Treadmill Desk Damage Knees?

Some people may think using a treadmill desk might their knees but that’s not actually true. Unless you use it at a very fast speed and cannot balance your legs. Sitting for too long is harmful to our body but using a treadmill will not damage your knees.

But it can be harmful if you use it for too long. This can put a strain on your joints and muscles which will eventually make your legs sore. Let us look at some of the benefits of using a treadmill desk.

  • Increases productivity.
  • Boosts mood.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Helps with weight loss.
  • Reduces joint stiffness.
  • Helps us lead a healthy life.
  • Helps us stay active.

Is It Worth Having A Treadmill Desk At Home?

Yes, it is worth it if you know exactly how to use it and utilize it. Treadmill desks can help you stay active during the day but they can also ruin your concentration.

So, we would recommend you use it when you are doing light to moderate work, which does not require any heavy focus or concentration.

Also, you can use the treadmill desk when you are feeling bored or exhausted doing your work, this will surely cheer you up. But do not use it for a longer period in these situations as using a treadmill desk increases your heartbeat constantly.

You can use the treadmill desk whenever you are free or want to look at some documents that do not require extensive focusing. Try to use your treadmill desk in your leisure time to get the most out of your treadmill desk.

Standing Desk Vs Treadmill Desk [Which One's Better]

Standing Desk Or Treadmill Desk?

As you can see, both of these desks have unique characteristics and both can benefit you in different ways. While standing desks are productivity boosters, treadmill desks are heart rate boosters! Yes, this should sum it all up about these too.

Standing desks help us to stay alert during the day while we work, without harming our focus and concentration. Standing desks has numerous health benefits which help us to keep a balance between work and health.

Standing desks are made in such a way that you will get a mild workout while you work but the treadmill desk is all about working out while you do mild work.

But you can always combine these two if you want. You can use a standing desk when you are working and use the treadmill desk when you are free and have some mild works to look at.

Before you Go!

Standing desk and treadmill desk both can benefit you if you can utilize how to use them properly. Do not let yourself become confused when choosing a desk for yourself. Know what you want and choose according to that.

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