Should You Have A Light Behind Your Monitor?

Should You Have A Light Behind Your Monitor?

If you spend a handful amount of your time working on your monitor, then you should ensure that you are working in a healthy comfortable place. Getting headaches or eye strain is becoming more common these days while your eyes are on a monitor or any desk screen. Good lighting setup and placement can give you the right comfortable place, whether you are working on a screen or taking a rest at home.

The backlighting of the monitor is called bias lightning. It works by placing a light behind the monitor screens. It increases the overall surroundings lighting and helps you reduce the side effects of working for long hours. So, yes you should have a light behind your monitor.

There is a good chance that you might work in front of a brightly lit monitor, or simply watch television at home. Placing a light behind your monitor helps you with less eye strain and gives you a more comfortable space for working.

Keep reading as we are here to tell if you should have a light behind your monitor or not. And we will also tell you how you can do that to save your eyes and how you can light up behind your monitor.

So, let’s get started.

Why Do Screens Strain Our Eyes?

It is important to understand that our eyes have a system to function. Our eyes receive light from our surroundings. When you are watching anything whatever it is, our pupils dilate to regulate how much light is entering our eyes. Whenever you are looking at screens our eyes are not blinking that much, blinking is important to keep our moisture.

When you are looking at a bright monitor screen in a half-lit room, your eyes don’t only focus on the bright screen. It focuses on the overall surrounding lights that you have. With an extended period of exposure to this kind of light, you will experience watery eyes, pain, and headache. Watery eyes are the defense system of your eyes to protect you from dry eyes and discomfort.

Screens emit blue light that is harmful to our eyes to see and focus. Without ambient surrounding light, our eyes can not perceive a comfortable light and it only focuses on the bright screen making your eyes dry. You might also experience irritation or burning eyes.

Lack of sufficient surrounding light for a longer period of time can lead you to light sensitivity, meaning you can no longer tolerate bright light, and exposure to bright light can trigger your headache.

So, it is very important for you to ensure your surrounding light.

Should Light Be In Front Or Behind Monitor?

When we work on a monitor or watch television in a completely dark or half-lit room, it creates a distressful environment. Our eyes focus on a small window of the screen with bright light coming toward us. These overly bright screens strain our eyes.

You might be wondering why the light should be behind the monitor and not in front. Well, you have to be careful about the light placement. As it is directly connected to our eyes, and it also affects our wellbeing.

If the light is in front of the monitor, it will not create an ambient environment for you. Meaning, think about this, you already have a bright monitor screen looking at you, and now if you add more light in front of you it will make everything extra bright. Extra bright harms your eyes, you might wonder why. Can you look at the sun? No, right? So, you have your answer.

The light behind the monitor creates an optical illusion for you, this lighting creates the perfect ambient environment for you to work. It creates the illusion that the overall lighting is healthy for you without brightening the whole room. Creates the perfect balance between the monitor screen and the surrounding without straining your eyes.

Does Light Behind Monitor Reduce Eye Strain?

Yes, the light behind monitors or television screens does reduce eye strain. But the question remains how does that work? The key to bias lighting is that it gives your eyes the signal that the total surrounding lights have increased, and your eyes are at a resting position with the light.

Our eyes function by receiving light that enters from the surrounding. And this has to be gentle and blue light free in order for us to work comfortably. When you are working in a half-lit room, your eyes get strained because of the constant staring at the brightly lit screen. Constant staring at a brightly lit screen causes fatal damage to your eyes. It can even lead to short-sightedness.

The light behind a monitor helps us in various ways. Unlike regular lighting, bias lighting or light behind a monitor levels the surrounding light of your working area. It raises and balances the overall lighting and helps shine a light from harming your eyes.

This bias light originates outside of your viewing sight, and it doesn’t get a reflection from the screen thus it helps you reduce eye strains, watery eyes, headaches, etc.

Bias Light For Brightening Up Your Desk

Lights are not just helpful for us to see, it also helps to motivate and inspire people. The light behind a monitor can help you in many ways. It will brighten up your desk area for free.

These behind-the-monitor lights are designed in such ways that they will help you clearly see your desk, keyboard, and such without any hassle. So, are a great source for lighting up your desk and giving you enormous health benefits at the same time.

Adding these lights or simply having a light behind your monitor adds enormous benefits to your workstation. They can add a new dimension to your desk. They add interior designer value to your desk for free, making the desk look classier.

Light Behind A Monitor For Improving Productivity

If you have read through everything now, you know that the light behind a monitor helps you reduce eye strain. It improves the environment, helps you concentrate and work more productively.

Because there is better lighting and less eyestrain, you will be more productive. And because of the increased lighting, you will be able to work harder because your concentration will be improved.

Remember this, you can work more productively when you are in a comfortable situation. Office owners nowadays are focusing more on providing a comfortable office for their employees. So, the light behind a monitor is pretty productive without any high effort.

Selecting Color Temperature For Bias Lightning

When selecting a bias light for your monitor, be sure to take into account the color temperature. Any kind of bias lightning is better than not having them because they help you with reducing eye strain and headache.

You should also think about the light temperature because it is going to help you a lot, as different lighting temperature has different effect on the human body.

Light bulbs come in a variety of colors, with each having a specific Kelvin temperature. The lower the number, the warmer and redder the light; the higher the number, the cooler and bluer the light.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin.

  • Extra Warm White – 2800k-3000k color temperature
  • Warm White – 3000k-4000k color temperature
  • Cool White – 4000k-5000k color temperature
  • Daylight – 5000k-6000k color temperature

You might want to choose something close to 6000k or something close to that range. The bulbs inside your HDTV or monitor are set to a Kelvin temperature of 6500K. The film and digital video are adjusted to have a white reference point at 6500K.

The editing suites where content is edited and worked on have a 6000K light bias. If you want the best quality image on your screen, you will want a monitor with a color temperature close to 6500K.

Selecting A Bias Light

You might wonder at this point that bias lights are great, and you can just buy something and install it and be done with it. But trust me, if you want to spend your money on anything my suggestion would be to spend it wisely. There are various options available on the market for you. Some of them are down below.

Simple DIY Solutions

If your monitor is set back from the wall, a standard lamp assembly can be easily installed behind the screen. Or you can simply buy RGB lights and install them on your monitor.

Commercial Bias Lighting

If you simply want a solution that you can buy, connect in, and go to without having to worry about searching for bulbs or purchasing your lamp pieces, there are several options available at very affordable prices.

Should You Have A Light Behind Your Monitor?Should You Have A Light Behind Your Monitor?

If you want a good bias light with a dimmer and remote, I would recommend the one from Luminoodle. There are lots of size options, so you can choose according to your monitor. The lights emit 6500k True White, which is known for reducing eye strain. Also, you can choose between 15 different colors, 10 brightness levels, and 1 fade mode.

Check out the latest price here on Amazon!

Built-In Lights For The Monitor

This is another great solution for you if you are looking for something that you can use without any hassle. Built-in behind light can save you a lot of time plus gives you enormous health benefits.

How Do I Light Up Behind My Monitor?

Setting up the light behind a monitor is an easy task. If you think it’s hard then we are here to tell you how you can do that.

  1. If you buy RGB strip lights they come with glues, that you can stick on your monitor.
  2. You can buy small table lamps and set them behind your monitor to light up the behind.
  3. You can also customize the lamps, and buy different light bulbs to meet your needs.
  4. Manage your cables behind the monitor to make room to install the light.
  5. You can use one strip of RGB light horizontally.
  6. You can use those strips in a square shape to light up more space.

Wrapping Up

Whether you use RGB strips or a built-in monitor, you can use them easily to light up the behind of your monitor. Lighting up the behind of your monitor can give enormous health benefits. They can reduce your eye strain, and help you with migraine or headaches.

It is amazing how these small things can help you with greater goods, you just have to utilize them wisely. One thing I will suggest you do is, spend money wisely by looking at things carefully before buying.

Hope you can set up the light behind your computer easily now. Thank you for staying with us.

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