4 Places To Buy Japanese Style Home Office Desks

4 Places To Buy Japanese Style Home Office Desks

There are different styles of desks available on the market. For many, a common choice is Japanese-style office desks.

The best way to buy a Japanese-style office desk is through a local furniture shop that provides these types of desks, or to order one online.

So here is what you need to know before you buy your Japanese-style desks and where to buy them.

Why Choose Japanese Style Desks?

Japanese-style desks are the perfect combination of traditional and modern. These desks use traditional materials such as bamboo, fine silk, rice straw mats, etc. along with the prime materials.

Japanese-style desks are known for their flexibility and comfort. When you are working long hours, the benefits of these desks catch the eye.

Another significant reason for choosing these desks is their sheer aesthetics. These desks are not limited to the mainstream dimensions of a desk. Japanese-style desks and supporting furniture are made with unique concepts and creativity.

At the hands of skilled craftsmen, these desks become works of art. That is why so many people want to incorporate a Japanese-style desk into their work setting.

Japanese style doesn’t necessarily mean it is produced in Japan, but the concepts applied are the same.

Places To Buy Japanese Style Home Office Desks

If you are thinking of buying a Japanese-style home office desk for yourself, here is a brief guide to help you out.

Look For Local Sellers

Whether you are somewhere that has a lot of Asian furniture stores or so few that you don’t know about, your first choice should be to look for local sellers. You can use Google Maps to help you with the process.

Simply go to Google Maps and search for related terms such as “Japanese furniture shops” or similar terms. You are most likely to find a few shops here and there.

Even if there are no dedicated Japanese shops, you can consider talking to the available sellers to see if they can arrange one for you. The advantage of this method is that you will have a face-to-face connection with the people accountable for the furniture.

Search Online

If your local shops are not good, you need not worry. There are plenty of online commercial sites that will provide you with your desk of choice right at your doorstep. Here are some websites of my choice to help you with the process.

1. Amazon.com/Japanese desk

Amazon is popular for its services and availability of many types of items. You will find many options for the Japanese-style desk of your choice here.

They provide furniture from famous brands such as “Nnewvante”. There are more than 20 departments of furniture available on the platform. They have price ranges starting from under a hundred dollars to more than five thousand dollars. This lets you choose the Japanese desk that suits your budget.

Customer reviews also help to navigate the best of the available desks. There are other filters available on the site that make your search more customized, such as the furniture finish and the table base types.

Amazon provides tables of different heights, shapes, widths, and depths. You can decide your custom height, weight, depth, and shape of the desk and find out what the available options are. There is also an option to pick whichever color you like.

Their page provides products from verified sellers and manufacturers, which ensures quality. If you want to buy a used table, then there is an option for that as well. Overall, Amazon is the first place to go to for getting a Japanese-style desk.

Click here to go to Amazon and view Japanese-style home desks available.

2. Alibaba.com/Japanese tables

Another great option to look for Japanese desks is Alibaba.com. Here, you will find 5000+ types of available Japanese desks.

There are different categories available, such as office desks, computer desks, laptop desks, gaming tables, etc. They provide different supplier types for products.

You can set your minimum price and maximum price range on the page. This makes it so much easier to find your desk within a fixed budget. You can also select the country where you want the product to be manufactured.

For example, it will give you more peace of mind if you know that your Japanese-style desk is coming from Japan. You can choose that with the available options. Not to mention, you get to see all the different regions and countries available, which makes it easier to select from.

You will find desks with different features, such as height-adjustable, expandable, or convertible. Different materials, such as wood, glass, or metal, are also available. Furthermore, if you select metal, then you get to pick what type of metallic desk you want.

They also provide color and application options for your customization. Click here to visit the collection of Japanese-style desks available on Alibaba.com.

3. Wayfair.com/Japanese Desks

Wayfair claims more than 60,000 available products in the Japanese desks and furniture section. This is certainly a large collection.

There are different categories to figure out exactly what type of desk you need. There are three width types: small desks, medium desks, and long desks. They also provide six different shapes for the desks.

Moreover, you can select desks according to your use. For example, if you are a writer and need a Japanese-style desk for writing, then you can simply select writing desks from the filters.

At Wayfair, the price range starts at $50 and goes up to $500 and above. For availability, you can choose the products that are already in stock. Click here to view their collection of stylish Japanese-style desks.

4. Etsy.Com

Etsy also has a moderately sized collection of Japanese-style desks. However, I found the site to be less organized than the big names like Amazon or Alibaba.

However, their collection is decent. They also provide product reviews, and the price range is also wide. You will find desks from 150+ to 1000+ available on the site.

Click here to visit the Japanese style desk collection on etsy.com.

There are other online sites available on the internet. If you are picking another site, then always check the region where they are based. If you find one in your region, then that is the best option for you because it means fewer shipping charges and faster delivery.

Final Words

Always consider the specifications such as height, width, and depth before you order your Japanese-style office desk. If you are ordering online, then be patient because, in most cases, it will take from 15 days to a month for your desk to reach you. This is especially true if the desk is being shifted from a different region than yours.

All the above ways combined, the sheer number of options available is more than enough to please all types of customers. Pay attention, and you will find a desk that matches your aesthetics. Don’t forget to check the quality beforehand.

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